Freshman Scholarships

Selected by: Admissions and Financial Aid

Key Bank Annual Scholarship

Scholarships to outstanding freshmen who are in good standing at Geneseo with a minimum 2.5 GPA.  Other criteria include permanent New York State residency, as well as enrollment as a full time student pursuing a four year or five year baccalaureate and a history of community involvement.  These scholarships are generously supported by KeyBank, one of the oldest and most long-standing corporate supporters of scholarships at Geneseo. 

Selected by: Admissions

Michelle (Schuler) Bewley Memorial Endowed Scholarship

A scholarship to an incoming freshman enrolling in the School of Business who demonstrates good character and involvement in community service projects.  The recipient will be selected by the Admissions Office.  Michelle Schuler Bewley was a 1998 graduate of Geneseo, this scholarship in her memory is generously supported by her family, friends and co-workers.

Dr. Julia A. Delehanty Memorial Endowed Scholarship

$2,500 renewable scholarship to outstanding undergraduate majoring in the sciences or pre-medical studies. Recipient chosen as entering freshmen and scholarship is renewable for four years if criteria are met. Supported by Dr. Julia Delehanty estate.

Dr. Donald Innis Memorial Annual Minority Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship to an exceptional minority student as selected by the Admissions Office.  Dr. Innis was professor and chairman of the geography department; his specialty was agriculture in underdeveloped countries.  He was an outstanding and dedicated teacher; respected by colleagues and students alike.  This scholarship is generously supported by friends and family of Dr. Donald Innis. 

James & Julia Lockhart Endowed Scholarship

A scholarship to an outstanding entering freshman; the recipient will be selected by the Admissions Office.  This scholarship was established through a generous endowment gift to the Foundation by Dr. Lockhart.

Presidential Merit Annual Scholarship

Four-year $3,000 renewable scholarships to outstanding entering students selected by Admissions. Recipients are chosen as freshmen and scholarships are renewable for four years if criteria are met. Supported by gifts to the Foundation from alumni and friends.

Dr. Spencer J. Roemer Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Four-year, $2,500 scholarships based on outstanding academic achievement. Endowed by the late Dr. Spencer J. Roemer, Emeritus Dean of Admissions. Recipient chosen by Admissions staff.

Larry Scoville Endowed Scholarship

A scholarship to an entering student from Livingston County.  The selection for this award is based on financial need and the recipient is chosen by the Admissions Office.  This scholarship is generously supported by Larry Scoville, friend of the College. 

James and Arleen Somerville First Generation Endowed Scholarship

A scholarship for a first generation college student who is a United States resident demonstrating financial need.  The scholarship is renewable for a maximum of four years providing a minimum 2.85 GPA is maintained each semester.  The recipient is chosen by the Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid.  This scholarship is supported by an endowment established by Dr. James K. Somerville, Emeritus Professor of History at SUNY Geneseo, and his wife, Arleen Somerville.

Mary Judith Smith Endowed Scholarship for Horseheads High School Seniors

A scholarship to a Horseheads High School graduating senior who has been accepted to SUNY Geneseo.  Selection will be based on the student's academic performance, extra-curricular activities, and a personal statement of career interest.  The recipient will be selected by the Admissions Office.  Prior to their deaths, State Senator William Smith and Mrs. Dorothy Nowak Smith '37 established this generous endowment fund as a memorial to their daughter, Mary Judith Smith Keleman, who was killed tragically by a drunk driver.

Selected by: Honors Program Committee

Edgar Fellows Honors Annual Scholarship

Up to fifteen $2,000 scholarships to entering freshmen and sophomores invited to enroll in Geneseo's Honors Program. Scholarships are renewable for four (or three if incoming as a sophomore into the program) years for those students who remain in the program. Recipients selected by Honors Program. Committee. Supported by gifts to the Foundation by alumni and friends.

Selected by: School of Business

Charles VanArsdale Endowed Scholarship

A scholarship to a high school senior from Livingston, Wyoming, Monroe, Ontario or Genesee county who plans to enroll as a full-time freshman pre-major in the SUNY Geneseo School of Business.  The applicant should demonstrate academic excellence and potential for success in business, and an interest in entrepreneurism.  The recipient is selected by the School of Business faculty.

Selected by: Shear School of Education

Helen LiFeber-Rosener Annual Scholarship for Excellence

A $1,500 scholarship given annually to an undergraduate majoring in the Childhood or Childhood Special Education Program, who shows an interest in promoting literacy and diversity, and who plans to teach urban students.  The recipient is chosen by the Dean or Assistant Dean of SUNY Geneseo's Ella Cline Shear School of Education.  This scholarship is generously funded by Helen Lifeber-Rosener, Class of 1960. 

Elaine Smith Pettinella '73 Annual Scholarship for Excellence

Two $1,500 scholarships will be given annually to incoming freshmen who have been admitted into the Ella Cline Shear School of Education and plan to major in Childhood Special Education.  The students who are selected must have an interest in teaching in an inclusion class or academic intervention services classroom with diverse learners from all backgrounds.  The recipients should also have an excellent academic background and demonstrate financial need.  These scholarships are generously supported by Elaine Smith Pettinella '73.

Gustave A. & Geraldine S. Werner Foundation Annual Scholarship

These four-year, full-tuition scholarships are for students majoring in Childhood Education with Special Education.  The selected students must maintain a 2.8 (or better) cumulative GPA in order to continue to be eligible to receive funds.  The recipients are selected by the School of Education.  The scholarships are generously supported by the Gustave A. and Geraldine S. Werner Foundation. 

Selected by: York Central School

Gary Drago '74 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

A scholarship to a graduating senior from York Central School who is an entering freshman to SUNY Geneseo and who demonstrates economic need. In a given year, if no student can be identified who meets this criteria, the scholarship will be awarded to a deserving SUNY Geneseo student majoring in Physics. In this case, selection of a recipient will be made by the Department of Physics. Preference will be given to a student from Livingston County who demonstrates economic need. This scholarship was initiated and supported by Gary's brother Timothy Drago and his wife Sandy.