College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 11
December 17, 2003

Spring 2004 Senate Meeting Schedule
Fall 2003 Elections - Results
Minutes: College Senate Meeting, December 2, 2003
Correction to Senate Bulletins: ENGL 339: American Ways (subtitle)


Happy Holidays… Enjoy your break!

Correspondence: Charlie Freeman, Department of Physics,

Greene 202; e-mail:; phone: 245-5286

Spring 2004 College Senate Meeting Schedule

All Senate Meetings: 4:00 pm, Newton 204
Jan 27
Feb 24 (preceded by the All-College Meeting)
Mar 23
April 20

Fall 2003 Elections

Voting for the fall elections closed at 4:00 pm Friday, November 21, 2003. Congratulations to the following newly elected members:

Newly Elected Members of Faculty Personnel Committee:

R. Chierici, C. Filice, and D. Marozas

Newly Elected Members of Nominations Committee:

D. McPherson, J. Morse, A. Sheldon

Newly Elected University Faculty Senator:

Terry Browne

50% of eligible voters submitted ballots in this election. Thanks to all of those who ran for elections and to those who voted.

Minutes: Senate Meeting on December 2, 2003

Attending: D. Anderson, C. Annala, S. Bailey, J. Bearden, D. Bicket, E. Bock, J. Boiani, S. Brainard, R. Coloccia, J. Cope, K. Cunningham, C. Dahl, L. Dance, A. Eisenberg, M. Esch, T. Everett, C. Faulkner, C. Freeman, C. Geiger, E. Gillin, J. Giordano, B. Gohlman, D. Gordon, G. Gouvernet, D. Granger, K. Hannam, G. Hartvigsen, A. Hatton, T. Hon, H. Hoops, K. Hursh, S. Iyer, A. Jassawalla, D. Johnson, S. Kirsh, C. Klima, A. Kline, S. Landes, M. Lima, M. Lynch, D. McPherson, B. Nash, O. Nicodemi, B. Owens, R. Pretzer, J. Principe, E. Putman, C. Reilly, J. Remy, C. Rowley, E. Savellos, A. Shenoy, A. Stanley, D. Sullivan, M. Sutherland, Y. Tamura, B. Tartick, G. Towsley, C. Truglia, J. VanRemmen, A. Weibel, C. Woidat, C. Youssef. GUESTS: J. Rogers, E. Spicka, S. Burwood

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda -- adopted

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting--approved

p. 91 -93, Senate Bulletin 8; plus corrections p. 97-98, Senate Bulletin 9

Senate Reports

President Christopher Dahl: 1. Happy to announce that 2004 SEFA campaign, chaired by Ed Spicka, raised $42,296.20—117.49% of goal. Number of contributors up to 285; expresses gratitude to volunteers and those who pledged. 2. Today, SUNY trustees are discussing umbrella policy for regular tuition increases, or convention that would permit tuition increases. Step in right direction toward rational tuition policy. All state agencies were requested to submit flat budget requests. Thinks trustees will request flat budget, but it is still early in the budget process. 3. Provost search committee working hard. The committee has received approximately 75 applications—are screening down to a dozen or so for airport interviews in early January; after that, will further screen down for campus visits. 4. Demolition of Blake D and E will occur after last final exam has ended—most people should be gone. After demolition, route into Newton should be more direct and open. Construction company has quiet periods for reading days and final exams built in to its two year construction schedule. Asbestos removal will be completed before building is knocked down. 5. Reminder of due date for nominations for supported professorships and other campus awards: Dec 15. Two supported professorships open. Also awards for part time faculty excellence, mentoring, and advising. Encourage everyone to nominate people for these honors. A full listing of the awards is available in this week’s Senate Bulletin.

Provost David Gordon: 1. Created technology planning committee—has been a few years since we had organized group looking at tech campus-wide. Time to start discussion again. Steering committee chaired by Steve Padalino, and will have two student reps. Three tasks: to develop goals, recommendations for meeting goals, and assessment plan. 2. Appointing Becky Glass from acting director to director of Teaching Learning Center. Her position will be full-time beginning in January. 3. The new associate dean position in division of student and campus life now filled by Celia Easton. She has already been heavily involved in first year programming through Intd 105. She will coordinate first year orientation activities and serve as a go-between for student life and academic affairs.

Chair Charles Freeman: 1. Fall elections results are in--balloting ended Nov. 21. 50% turnout. Newly elected members of Faculty Personnel committee are: R. Chierici, C. Filice, and D. Marozas. New members of the nominations committee are: D. McPherson, J. Morse, A. Sheldon. New University Faculty Senator is Terry Browne 2. Schedule for spring senate meetings published in bulletin 10. Now on Jan, Feb, March, April schedule b/c of new calendar

Vice chair Gregg Hartvigesen: No report.

Treasurer Errol Putman: No report.

University Senator William Gohlman: please read bulletin p. 108-109, the response of Chancellor King to Faculty Senate’s proposal in October. His response raises concern. Wants advice from University Faculty Senate in early January.

Central Council Liz Dance: Annual college bowl on Nov. 15 was a huge success—8 teams competed and the winning team going to regional competition. Inter-residence council recently held a coffee talk. They are also raising money for John Kaczorowski, a student undergoing cancer treatment. Today, four students are in Albany protesting current situation of SUNY. Tomorrow final meeting of central council

Reports of the Standing Committees

Undergraduate Curricula Cynthia Klima

Second Reading New Courses: Anth 313, Arth 173 (F/Core), Arth 378, Arth 379, Biol 307, Chem 315, Econ 345, Engl 239, Engl 339, Geog 382, Geog 386, Hist 214, Hist 232, Hist 362 (M/Core), Hist 369, Span 314, Socl 376, Socl 377, Socl 378, Socl 379, Thea 347. Motion Carries.

Second Reading Course Revisions: Anth 201, Anth 204, Anth 232, Anth 301, Anth 304, Anth 309, Anth 208, Anth 393, Arth 172, Arth 201, Arth 202, Arts 235, Arts 335, Arts 365, Danc 211 (F/Core), Envr 124, Envr 395, Geog 375, Gsci 333, Hist 352, Phys 362, Phys 363, Phys 372, Psyc 340, Psyc 360, Span 313, Span 325, Span 326, Thea 290, Thea 100, Thea 140, Thea 200, Thea 203, Thea 221, Thea 305, Thea 311, Thea 320, Thea 330, Thea 340, Thea 204, Danc 211. Motion carries.

Second Reading Course Deletions: Biol 370, Biol 373, Chem 210, Educ 338, Educ 381, Geog 260, H&PE 103, H&PE 109, H&PE 115, H&PE 121, H&PE 122, H&PE 136, H&PE 138, H&PE 206, H&PE 215, H&PE 218, H&PE 221, H&PE 222, H&PE 223, H&PE 224, H&PE 242, Hist 201, Hist 317, Musc 230, Phil 102, Phil 103, Phil 105, Phil 206, Socl 375, Thea 244. Motion carries.

Second Reading Revisions of Major: BA in Art History, BA in Biology, BS in Biology, Early Childhood, Childhood, Childhood w/ Special Education, Education BS, Spanish Concentration, BA in Geography, International Relations Major, BA in Spanish, BA in Theatre. Motion carries.

Second Reading Revisions of Minor: Asian Studies, Conflict Studies, Environmental Studies, Geography, Latin American Studies, Urban Studies. Motion carries.

Second Reading Revised Major-Deleting Option: Pre-professional option in the Geography Major. Motion carries.

Second Reading Concentration Revision: Theatre, Dance. Motion carries.

Next semester will be meeting on additional courses.

Undergraduate Policies Harold Hoops

Second Reading: Proposal for Midterm Grade Reports for First Semester Transfer Students (p. 99, Bulletin 9). Motion carries.

Graduate Academic Affairs Dale Metz (Melissa Sutherland filling in):

First Reading:

Revised Program Description: MSED Secondary Education Spanish Specialization (p. 106)—Motion carries.

New Course Description: Span 414 (p. 107)--Carries

Revised Courses: Span 413 (p. 107), Span 425 (p. 108), Span 426 (p. 108)--Carries

Second Reading:

Revision of Major Program: Master of Science in Education-Adolescence Education (French) (P. 64); MS in Education-Adolescence Education (Spanish) (p. 65); MS in Education-Adolescence Education (Mathematics) (p. 66). Motion Carries.

New Course: Intd 510 Seminar on Secondary School Mathematics and Pedagogy (p. 66). Motion Carries

Student Affairs Michael Lynch: Minutes are in bulletin on p. 105. Health and Safety working group meeting on Thursday. SAC final meeting also Thursday

Faculty Affairs Rosanne Hartman: Next meeting Tues. Dec. 9, 4-5:00. Apologies for meeting on study day.

Old Business

New Business


Correction to Senate Bulletins: ENGL 339: American Ways (subtitle)

Pages 53, 72, 77, and 102 of the College Senate Bulletin list the course number for American Ways (subtitle) as ENGL 336. This course should be numbered ENGL 339.