College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 16
March 18, 2004

Agenda for Senate Meeting on March 23, 2004
Spring 2004 Senate Meeting Schedule
Spring Elections
Call for Nominations - 2003-2004 Richard Roark Award
Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, March 16, 2004
Proposed Addition to the By-Laws of the Faculty Constitution

Correspondence: Charlie Freeman, Department of Physics,

Greene 202; e-mail:; phone: 245-5286

Agenda: Senate Meeting on March 23, 2004

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

p. 156, Senate Bulletin 15

Senate Reports

President Christopher Dahl

Provost David Gordon

Chair Charles Freeman

Vice Chair Gregg Hartvigsen

Treasurer Errol Putman

University Senator William Gohlman

Central Council Liz Dance

Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula Cynthia Klima

Second Readings

New Courses:

COMN 391, Seminar: Issues in Communication (p. 150)

Course Revisions:

CDSC 310 Literacy Development (p. 149)

CDSC 330 Clinical Intervention I (p. 149)

CDSC 331 Clinical Intervention II (p. 149)

GEOG 371 Synoptic Climatology (p. 151)

GEOG 250 American Landscapes, add U/ Core (p. 151)

Course Deletions:

COMN 301 Topics in Journalism: (subtitle) (p. 151)

COMN 351 Issues in Political Communication: (subtitle) (p. 151)

COMN 364 Seminar: Issues & Problems in Broadcasting (p. 151)

Major Revisions:

Communication BA (p. 150)

Geography BA (p. 151)

International Relations BA proposal 1 (p. 152)

International Relations BA proposal 2 (p. 152)


Undergraduate Policies Harold Hoops

Graduate Academic Affairs Dale Metz

Second Reading:

New Course: ACCT 510 (p. 125)

Student Affairs Michael Lynch

Faculty Affairs Rosanne Hartman

Old Business

Resolution on Senate Response to Swastikas found on Campus (see Executive Committee Minutes, Bulletin 14, p. 147)

New Business


Spring 2004 College Senate Meeting Schedule

All Senate Meetings: 4:00 pm, Newton 204
March 23
April 20

Spring Elections

Ballots for the Spring 2004 elections were distributed over Spring Break to members of the teaching faculty and the administrative faculty via intercampus mail. As has been done in recent years, votes can be cast electronically via the web. Detailed instructions for casting votes will be included with the ballots. The deadline for submitting ballots will be 5 pm on March 26, 2004. The positions to be elected and the nominees for each position were printed on page 154 of Senate Bulletin 15. As specified in the Constitution, members of the teaching faculty are eligible to vote for all of these positions; members of the administrative faculty are only eligible to vote for the senate officers (vice chair, secretary, and treasurer).

Call for Nominations - 2003-2004 Richard Roark Award

Shortly after Richard Roark's untimely death in 1970, a group of his friends established an award to honor his memory. Richard's friends described him this way: "Richard was a special kind of human being who valued the humane and ethical above all else. He was a scholar and intellectual who treasured learning and especially books with which, he though, ever person could access the accumulated knowledge of all previous civilizations."

The Richard Roark Award is given to a graduating senior whose scholarship and community service exemplify the qualities that were so important to Richard. The recipient is given a stipend to purchase books, and the recipient's name will be inscribed on a plaque displayed in the MacVittie College Union. Please submit letters of nominations by April 1, 2004 to Charlie Freeman, Department of Physics, Greene 202.

Minutes of the UCC Meeting, March 16, 2004

Due to inclement weather, our UCC meeting on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 did not have a quorum. Those brave souls who did show are to be commended for their bravery: Steve Swift, Anna Klein, Anneliese Weibel, Olympia Nicodemi, Ed Spicka, Sid Bosch, Xiao Chen and guests Jeff Koch and Jack Johnston. We will meet at another time in the near future.


Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia Klima

Foreign Languages

UCC Chair

Proposed Addition to the By-Laws of the Faculty Constitution

On April 29, 2003 the SUNY Board of Trustees adopted new guidelines for Auxiliary Services Corporations such as CAS. One of these guidelines states that faculty members on the CAS Board "shall be appointed by the campus faculty governance organization." Currently, faculty members on the CAS Board are chosen by an election process operated by the CAS Board. In order to come into compliance with the BOT guidelines, the Senate Executive Committee, after consultation with the chair of the Governance Committee (Janice Lovett) and the CAS Board President (Jim Boiani), voted at its meeting on March 16, 2004 to propose the following addition to the By-Laws of the Faculty Constitution:

Elected Faculty Representation on the Campus Auxiliary Services Board of Directors

Three full time teaching faculty members shall serve on the CAS Board of Directors. The length of the term shall be 3 years. Re election to the Board is permitted. The terms of the elected representatives to the CAS board shall be staggered, so that each year one new member will be elected.

Eligibility: Members of the full time teaching faculty are eligible to serve as faculty representative on the CAS Board of Directors.

Procedures: Each year, the CAS Board will produce a slate of at least two nominees for the open faculty representative on the CAS Board. The slate of nominees will be presented at an All-College meeting in the Spring semester. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor. All members of the teaching faculty are eligible to vote. The elections will be carried out under the direction of the Senate Chair and Senate Executive Committee. The winner of the election will be recommended to the Senate Chair for appointment to the CAS Board. Terms begin on Graduation day following the election.

Vacancies: In the event of a vacancy, the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes in the election in which the person needing to be replaced was elected will be recommended to the Senate Chair for appointment to the CAS Board. If this person is unwilling to serve, then the replacement will be selected by the Senate Executive Committee. Replacement will be for the remainder of the term only.

Background information regarding this issue can be found in a Memo sent to the College Senate Chair by the CAS Board President (printed on p. 138 of Senate Bulletin 13) and also in the Executive Committee Minutes of the February 10, 2004 meeting (printed on p. 146, Senate Bulletin 14) and the March 16, 2004 meeting, to be published in an upcoming bulletin. A copy of the existing Faculty Constitution is available on the Senate web page at

Ballots will be distributed to all members of the teaching and administrative faculty during the week of April 5, 2004. Voting will be conducted electronically, using the web-based interface. A majority vote (subject to a 1/3 quorum requirement) is needed to enact the proposed addition to the By-Laws. Elections will close at 5 pm on Friday, April 23, 2004.