College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 2

September 11th, 2003
Agenda for Senate Meeting on September 16, 2003
Senate Secretary Position Filled

Call for Chancellor's Awards Nominations

Call for Nominations

Committee on Nominations

Faculty Personnel Committee

University Faculty Senator

Deadline for Professional Leave Requests

Fall 2003 College Senate Meeting Schedule

Welcome Undergraduate Student Senators

Department Senators Named

Message from UCC Chair

Minutes from Executive Committee Meeting, September 9, 2003

Statement on Diversity and Community

Correspondence: Charlie Freeman, Department of Physics,

Greene 202; e-mail:; phone: 245-5286

Agenda for Senate Meeting on September 16, 2003

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meetings

p. 6-15, Senate Bulletin 1

Senate Reports

President Christopher Dahl

Provost David Gordon

Chair Charlie Freeman

Vice Chair Gregg Hartvigsen

Treasurer Errol Putman

University Senator William Gohlman

Central Council Liz Dance

Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula Cyndy Klima

Undergraduate Policies Harold Hoops

Graduate Academic Affairs Dale Metz

Student Affairs Michael Lynch

Faculty Affairs Rosanne Hartman

Old Business

Statement on Community and Diversity, see this bulletin, p. 24, and also Bulletin 1, pp. 6-8.


New Business


Senate Secretary Position Filled

Three cheers for Carol Faulkner (History) who has agreed to be Senate Secretary. Thanks, Carol. Hip Hip Hooray!

Call for Chancellor’s Awards Nominations:

Nominations are now being accepted from the college community; faculty, students and staff for the following awards and ranks:

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

Distinguished Teaching Professor
Distinguished Service Professor
Distinguished Professor
Distinguished Librarian

These nominations should consist of a one to two page letter specifically describing the nominee's qualifications for the award or rank. Nominations for these awards and ranks must be submitted in writing by Friday, September 19th to Gregg Hartvigsen, College Senate Vice Chair, Department of Biology, Bailey 4. Nominees will be requested to submit a vita, letters of recommendation, and other pertinent information shortly after the close of nominations.

Information about the criteria for each award and rank is available from Gregg Hartvigsen and is available at:

If you have any questions, please contact Gregg Hartvigsen at extension 5448, or by e-mail at

Calls for Nominations for Committee on Nominations, Faculty Personnel Committee, and University Faculty Senator

Nominations are being accepted for three positions on the Committee on Nominations. Terms for the positions currently held by Anne Eisenberg , Ed Pogozelski, and Kathryn Rommel-Esham will begin December 1st and last for two years. Nominations can be sent to any of the current nominations committee members: Anne Eisenberg, Rachel Hall, Edward Pogozelski, Kathryn Rommel-Esham, Melissa Sutherland, or Jasmine Tang.

The Committee on Nominations is also soliciting candidates for the Faculty Personnel Committee. Four members of the Faculty Personnel Committee will be elected to two-year terms beginning December 1st. These positions are currently held by Becky Glass, Don Marozas, and Harold Hoops. Gary Towsley, Dan Strang, Celia Easton, and Jeffrey Over (taking over for Dave Geiger) are the continuing members of the Faculty Personnel Committee. Please, respond promptly and positively to the call for candidates.

The Committee on Nominations is also soliciting nominations for University Faculty Senator. Bill Gohlman's term as UFS expires on May 31, 2004. Terms for this position last 3 years. Nominations for this position can be sent to the nominations committee members.


Deadline for Professional Leave Requests

Proposals for Sabbatical Leave and Title F Leave should be submitted to departments on September 15th .

Fall 2003 College Senate Meeting Schedule

September 16
October 7 (Preceded by the All College Meeting at which the Committee on Nominations will report.)
November 4
December 2

Welcome Undergraduate Student Senators

The following list contains the names of the undergraduate student senators, and the committees to which they were assigned.

Sanjar Enam, Emilie Bock, Josh Hyman, Jenn Principe, Lacey Zoller, Brian Nash

Craig Truglia, Aarti Shenoy, Lauren Chatterton

Janine Giordano, Maria Levis, Katie O'Neill

Christina Youssef, Mariel Esch

Department Senators Named

The second department senators for Psychology and History have been named, they are Steve Kirsh (Psychology) who will serve on the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee, and Tze-Ki Hon (History) who will serve on the Faculty Affairs Committee. A full listing of the entire membership of the senate will be published in a later bulletin.

Message from UCC Chair

UCC will be having its first meeting on September 23 at 4pm in Welles 111. We will be discussing the first batch of proposals during this time. The list of meeting dates and times are as follows:

September 23 at 4pm in Welles 111.

October 21 at 4pm in South 110

October 28 at 4pm in Welles 111

Proposals can be viewed by faculty at the following address:

One can click on the link "Senators" to reach the proposals, which are PDF files. Proposal summaries will be in the Senate newsletter; however, complete proposals are only available at the aforementioned site.


Respectfully submitted by Cynthia A. Klima, UCC Chair

Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, September 9, 2003

Attending: D. Gordon, C. Freeman, C. Faulkner, R. Hartman, T. Bazzett, D. Metz, B. Gohlman, H. Hoops, G. Hartvigsen, L. Dance, E. Putman, M. Lynch, C. Klima

Approval of Minutes

Last Meeting (April 22, 2003), p 172-176, Bulletin 16--approved


… Chair's Report: Approval of C. Faulkner as secretary. We have fall elections in 3 areas: faculty personnel committee for 2 year terms beginning 12/1, nominations committee for 2 year terms, and University Faculty Senator; Dr. Ted Marchese will meet w/ Executive Committee this Thursday from 2:30-3:00 in the President’s Conference room regarding the Provost search. List of Senators almost complete. We need 3 graduate student senators. Graduate Director Stephen Burwood looking for volunteers.

… President's Report: No report.

… Provost's Report: Recent changes in Provost’s office. David Gordon is interim Provost. D. Geiger is interim Associate Provost doing personnel work and liason with the Teaching and Learning Center. Paul Schacht is now assistant to the Provost for assessment, and Stephen Burwood is the new Director of Graduate Studies. The President’s Committee on Faculty Roles and Rewards is now in second year. Last year spent on information gathering, this year the committee will bring in rest of college community into discussion. Four subcommittees are working on recommendations, which they will bring in consultation with campus community. New project: American Democracy, cosponsored by American Association of State Colleges and Universities and the New York Times. American Democracy Project is an umbrella group for campus exchange, with goal to promote student civic engagement. On Thursday, D. Gordon will be starting discussion with interested members of campus. This project falls within college’s mission of developing socially responsible citizens.

… Vice Chair – G. Hartvigsen: He is working on nominations for excellence awards with a committee of 12. Gave notice to Lamron, but has not seen it published yet. Nominations close Sept. 19.

… Past Chair – T. Bazzett: no report

… Secretary – C. Faulkner: no report

… Treasurer – E. Putnam: Hasn’t received or dispersed any money.

… University Faculty Senator – B. Gohlman: University Faculty Senate meeting at Oswego October 23-24.

… Central Council – L. Dance: First Student Association meeting held last week, second meeting tomorrow with Dr. Ted Marchese. She encourages people to attend and hear what students have to say.

Committee Reports

… Faculty Affairs Committee – R. Hartman: no report

… Graduate Affairs – D. Metz: no report

… Policy Committee – H. Hoops: no report

… UCC – C. Klima: getting proposals in for new and revised courses. The UCC meetings will be Sept. 23 in Welles 111, Oct. 21 TBA, Oct. 28 Welles 111. This year proposals will be on web in pdf files—no printouts!

… Student Affairs Committee – M. Lynch: first meeting will be late in Sept. with issues carrying over from last year. First issue is promoting student health and safety. They want to propose first year seminar on student health and safety, but won’t make deadline. Second issue will be discussion of services for students with disabilities.

Old Business

At Senate next week: Statement of Diversity and Community. Approved by Executive Committee last year. Senate approved first reading last year. The fifth paragraph has been edited to make it more clear. No open forums planned.

New Business


Professional Leave Review Committee: Need to replace Ray Lougeay (retirement) from Social Sciences, need also to replace Avan Jassawalla (not eligible for committee) from School of Business/Library representative. These replacements not covered in constitution, and both Lougeay and Jassawalla ran un-opposed.

Chair: Contact school of Business/library to see if they are willing to put forward someone else so they can have representation. If they don’t nominate someone they will not be represented. Does everyone agree? Consensus yes.

No precedent in minutes for replacing retirees. Chair: also contact social sciences to put up replacement? T. Bazzett: did other social scientists run against Ray for the position? Chair will check. If more than one nominee, executive committee will collect brief statements from nominees and select one.

Chair will discuss with Jan Lovett and Faculty Governance Committee re: procedures for replacements.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Carol Faulkner

Statement on Community and Diversity

Geneseo holds among its core values the ideals of community and diversity.

Our community is defined as a group of faculty, students and staff who live and work together at Geneseo because they share common goals that are based on the ideals of higher education rooted in the liberal arts.

Although they share common goals, the members of the Geneseo community also differ in many ways. Diversity at Geneseo is defined in part as differences in individuals that are manifested in their race, ethnicity, national origin, language heritage, world-view, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class, physical ability, learning style, geographic background, mental health, age, and relationship status.

Geneseo recognizes that the individuals who make up our community bring to it unique perspectives and knowledge that contribute to its richness and vibrancy.

Because Geneseo also holds educational excellence among its core values, it recognizes that its progress as a community toward such excellence is predicated on its ability to embrace both the diversity of its members and the vigorous exchange of their ideas.

Geneseo calls all members of our community to share responsibility for the ongoing work of continually recreating a sense of inclusion, belonging, and empowerment, so that together we will achieve our individual and collective aims, and experience the intellectual liberation that is at the heart of the educational enterprise.


President's Commission on

Diversity and Community

Spring Term 2003

(as revised for Senate, 9/9/03)