College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 6
October 24, 2003


Fall 2003 Senate Meeting Schedule
Senate Small Grants Awarded
Fall Elections
Minutes of All College Meeting, October 7, 2003
Minutes of Senate Meeting, October 7, 2003
Minutes of Research Council Meeting, September 11, 2003
Minutes of Research Council Meeting, October 16 and 20, 2003

Correspondence: Charlie Freeman, Department of Physics,

Greene 202; e-mail:; phone: 245-5286

Fall 2003 College Senate Meeting Schedule

November 4

December 2

Senate Small Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the following recipients of the Senate Small Grants:

Russell Judkins, Professor of Anthropology, Nineteenth Century Catturaugus Seneca Images/Tin Type Collection

Steven Kirsh, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Media Violence Book Reference Manager

Helen Myers, Assistant Professor of Performing Arts, Performance of "Broken Garden"

David Robertson, Assistant Professor of Geography, Book Manuscript, Hard as a Rock Itself

Fall Elections

Ballots for the Fall 2003 elections will be distributed during the week of October 27, 2003. Voting will be performed electronically via the web. Detailed instructions for casting votes electronically will be sent out to each member of the teaching faculty. The deadline for submitting ballots will be November 21, 2003. Thanks to Maryann Stopha for setting up the electronic voting this year.

Faculty Personnel Committee (Vote for no more than three candidates)

Lynette Bosch, Associate Professor of Art
Rosemarie Chierici, Associate Professor of Anthropology
William Cook, Distinguished Teaching Professor of History
Carlo Filice, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Savitri Iyer, Associate Professor of Physics
Sonja Landes, Associate Librarian
Donald Marozas, Professor of Education
Michael Oberg, Associate Professor of History
Robert O'Donnell, Professor of Biology
Robert Owens, Professor of Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Dennis Showers, Associate Professor of Education

Committee on Nominations (Vote for no more than three candidates)

Duane McPherson, Associate Professor of Biology
Jane Morse, Associate Professor of Education
Marilynn Board, Professor of Art
Amy Sheldon, Assistant Professor Geological Sciences

University Faculty Senator (Vote for one candidate)

Terry Brown, Professor in the School of Performing Arts

Minutes: All College Meeting October 7, 2003

Attendance: C. Annala, S. Bailey, J. Bearden, D. Bicket, E. Bock, J. Boiani, R. Bonfiglio, S.Bosch, S. Brainard, L. Chatterton, R. Coloccia, J. Cope, K. Cunningham, C. Dahl, E.

Dance, K. Davies, A. Eisenberg, S. Enam, M. Esch, T. Everett, C. Faulkner, W. Freed,

C. Freeman, C. Geiger, J. Giordano, B. Gohlman, D. Gordon, G. Gouvernet, D. Granger

K. Hannam, R. Hartman, G. Hartvigsen, T. Hon, H. Hoops, K. Hursh, J. Hyman, C.

Jadlos, A. Jassawalla, D. Johnson, S. Kirsh, C. Klima, A. Kline, M. Levis, M. Lima,

M. Lynch, B. Nash, D. Norris, K. O'Neill, B. Owens, R. Pretzer, J. Principe, E.

Putman, J. Remy, C. Rowley, E. Savellos, S. Schwartz, A. Shenoy, M. Sutherland, Y.

Tamura, J. Tang, B. Tartick, G. Towsley, C. Truglia, J. VanRemmen, A. Weibel, C.

Woidat, R. Young, C. Youssef, L. Zoller, T. Zollo

GUESTS: S. Frisch, E. Pogozelski, E. Spicka

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda p. 35, Senate Bulletin 4

Nomination Committee Report

E. Pogozelski reports:

Presentation of Nominees for Faculty Personnel Committee:

Lynette Bosch, Associate Professor of Art

Rosemarie Chierici, Associate Professor of Anthropology

William Cook, Distinguished Teaching Professor of History

Carlo Filice, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Savitri Iyer, Associate Professor of Physics

Sonja Landes, Associate Librarian

Donald Marozas, Professor of Education

Michael Oberg, Associate Professor of History

Robert O’Donnell, Professor of Biology

Robert Owens, Professor of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Dennis Showers, Associate Professor of Education

Presentation of Nominees for Committee on Nominations:

Duane McPherson, Biology

Jane Morse, Education

Marilynn Board, Art History

Amy Sheldon, Geological Sciences

Presentation of Nominees for University Faculty Senator:

Terry Brown, SOPA

Call for additional nominations for committee on Nominations: None

Call for additional nominations for University Faculty Senator: None

Chair: asked for motion to close nominations, Nominations closed


Minutes: College Senate Meeting October 7, 2003

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Information for UCC first readings are on p. 41

Approval of the minutes of the Previous Meeting

pp. 26-27, Senate Bulletin #3


Senate Reports

President C. Dahl: Five brief items, mostly announcements. Reminder that Cultural Harmony Week begins Oct. 18; theme this year is the way media shapes or doesn’t shape messages about diversity and the world. The inaugural president’s lecture on diversity will be Oct. 20 at 4 pm in the College Union Ballroom. Speaker will be Prof. Jeffrey Milem of University of Maryland. He is professor of educational leadership, and coordinator of Maryland’s participation in the diverse democracy project. Title: “Why Race Matters: Lessons Learned from the Attack on Affirmative Action”. He will also be meeting with students, faculty, commission on diversity, and taskforce on faculty roles and rewards. Cultural Harmony week nice tradition—also lots of good films. Hopes to see steam shovels and other large equipment in A lot headed toward Blake D and E to work on Integrated Sciences Bldg. Apparently there will be a fence and sign, but doesn’t know whether or not construction will begin before snow. There will be a formal groundbreaking ceremony on Nov. 6 at 11 a.m. with Chancellor King and area legislators, will be a fancy event. This building will be great for education. Phi Beta Kappa will hold an event to install the chapter on January 16-17. Former coach of Buffalo Bills Marv Levy (and PBK member) may be one of the speakers. Tomorrow is kickoff of SEFA campaign. Good way to support agencies in community, also international organizations. Not a corporate style campaign, but good way to express college’s concern for the community. Finally, has received recommendation from general education committee (a college not senate committee) to change committee membership to reflect assessment and other current functions of the committee.

Provost D. Gordon: three announcements. New website for American Democracy project, which Paul Schacht put together: Forum for online discussion of the basic text “Educating Citizens.” But website still under construction. The committee will meet again Tues. Oct. 21 at 3:30 in the President’s conference room. Currently 21 people involved in project—they are undertaking inventory of what promotes civic engagement on campus already—have impressive list of things. TLC sponsoring book discussion of “Educating Citizens” on Oct. 15, 17, 20. Contact Becky Glass if interested. D. Gordon still has copies available--have already given out 65 copies. SUNY Research foundation gives annual research recognition awards, we have two faculty chosen: J. Over and K. Deutsch. They will go to Albany on Oct. 20 for dinner with chancellor. Dean Lenny Sancilio has idea for a new position: assoc. dean of students (as in academic dean’s office)—rotating position.

Bonfiglio: opportunity with departure of Julie Innes to try to do something different. Advancing aim that all members of college community work together to make it good academic experience. Interaction with faculty inside and outside classroom facilitates student success and retention. How better could we accomplish this than by working with faculty on rotating basis? Gordon and Dahl have been very supportive. Department chairs are probably worried about flight to Dean of student’s office, but they are not interested in stealing staff but to exploit talents to benefit students.

D. Gordon: Should be receiving more formal announcement soon. Bonfiglio wants to filled it soon.

Chair C. Freeman: Few items to report. Thank nominations committee for hard work: A. Eisenberg, R. Hall, E. Pogozelski, J. Tang, K. Rommel-Escham. New graduate student senator: C. Reilly. List of senators virtually complete—may add one more grad student. Fall elections—electronic voting. Ballots should go out in late Oct., with deadline at end of Nov. University Faculty Senate Meeting—Oswego Oct. 23. He will be attending faculty governance meeting.

Vice Chair—no report

Treasurer—no report

University Faculty Senator B. Gohlman: University Faculty Senate meeting will address question of value added assessment of general education program. On June 17, trustees passed resolutions re: value added assessment. Now that we have programs in place, we have to show they add value to education of students. C. de Russey wanted statewide standardized tests to show value. Replaced by proposal from Chancellor, which is slightly better. Would like in next senate bulletin the board of trustees resolutions, and a document between faculty government and administration on same topic (dated Sept 26). System administration attempted to answer faculty questions. Email Bill your concerns before Oct. 22.

Dahl: this should go on web and all should be made aware of it

Golhman: Faculty concerned that system wide assessment will lead to inappropriate comparisons between institutions with different missions. System claims they will not report data for publication until its validity can be verified. But suppose a trustee wants to make this public, how will they prevent publication? Faculty concerned that value added assessment will include standardized tests, forcing faculty to teach to test. System administration says they are also concerned. Faculty senate believes assessment should be campus based, but before these plans have had the chance to be implemented, a new level is added. Concern that this is one more unfunded mandate, diverting scarce faculty resources. System claims value added assessment will be paid for by system administration, funding this effort a priority. But what about funding for other priorities? Time table underway: Fall 03 completed memo of understanding, 2003-04 form group of faculty with support from system administration and external consultants to develop assessment evaluations for outcomes. 2004-05 begin pilot process with volunteer campuses—to review validity and reliability. 2006-administration will conduct review of effort. Gohlman and Charlie will report back from University Faculty Senate meeting. But please give Bill concerns before he goes.

J. Hyman: How set in stone is their program? Gohlman: Trustees indicate that it is going to happen. Doesn’t yet say system wide tests. Perhaps it will be campus based. There are provisions for campus suggestions.

J. Hyman: Can students and professors do something? Gohlman thinks so—if SUNY wide outcry they’ll have to modify. But they are convinced—trustees and chancellor—that we have to be responsible to the citizens of NY.

J. Bearden: Value added phrase imply a baseline—pre-test, post-test? Gohlman: Two measurements, before and after.

S. Bailey: thinks most important statement is the impact on good faith effort on part of campuses to implement assessment. Haven’t had time to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system.

Gohlman: is next step statewide curricula?

Dahl: isn’t it true that no system can be imposed without consent of combined faculty and administration taskforce? Faculty have majority of votes? Dahl thinks there will be ways to change trustees plans. Important that people comment on this.

Gohlman: B. Dixon able to modify original assessment plan. There will be a broadly based taskforce. Will agitate for faculty and administrators who are skeptical to work on modifications.

Bailey: has taskforce been appointed yet?

Dahl: appointed by leadership of University of Faculty Senate.

Dahl: we as faculty and students, colleges and universities need to be careful re: assessment. It’s not a good idea to deny accountability for educational outcomes. We are obliged to demonstrate that our education is working. We have had progress in campus based assessment, could lead to proposals for improvement. We don’t want to lose that.

Gohlman: Humanities committee agrees assessment a positive endeavor.

J. Remy: will there be a resolution for our faculty senate?

Gohlman: probably will return with a resolution.

Central Council L. Dance: elections for freshman class officers Oct. 15, on line through Knightweb—trial run with this. Have appointed student court—one chief justice and 4 associate justices. AAC faculty student mixer today went well. Faculty mini lectures Nov. 8, from 1-4 pm in South Hall. 14 faculty members will be participating. SA helping out with voter registration campaign. All academic depts. have registration forms, deadline this friday—have registered over 200 students. Thanks to Josh Hyman who has led campaign and done great job. Email him at with questions.

Reports of Standing Committees of the Senate

UCC C. Klima: met Sept. 23

First Reading:

Revision or modification of a course—Dance minor (p. 41). Carries

Deletion of a course in the core—S/ Anth. 110 (p. 41). Carries

Revision or modification of a course--Biol. 381, 382, 395, 399 (p. 41). Carries

Next meeting Tues. Oct 21 South 110 at 4 pm

Undergraduate Policies H. Hoops—no report

Graduate Academic Affairs—D. Metz sick, but gave C. Freeman his short report. They will be dealing with four proposals from school of education shortly.

Student Affairs M. Lynch—First mtg was Sept. 23. They continue to explore student health and safety. Will create a working group. Goal: formal proposal for first year seminar. Next meeting Oct. 21.

Faculty Affairs R. Hartman—First mtg. Sept. 30. Concern re: fire drills during exams. Sue Chichester and Officer Kenny will address their Oct 21 meeting.

Old Business

New Business


Minutes: Research Council Meeting, September 11, 2003

Members Present: Nader Asgary, Karla Cunningham, Jeff Mounts, Savi Iyer, Ming-Mei Chang, Paul Pacheco, Deborah Suzzane, Doug Baldwin, David Johnson, Michael Rozalski

The meeting was called to order at 12:45pm.

Items on the agenda:

1. Welcoming new RC members.

2. Creating the subcommittees.

3. Discussing goals and areas of activity for RC for this year.

4. Selection of a committee to plan a “Student Research Symposium-A Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship, Creative Work and Performance” in mid April, 2004. This would replace the current November poster session and incorporate other current venues into a campus-wide event. (Doug Harke’s suggestion.)

5. Other New business.

Item # 1:

Asgary welcomed the new RC members. New and incumbent members introduced themselves.

Item # 2:

Asgary announced that programs in several areas have September 19th as the deadline and emphasized the need to form subcommittees soon. A sign-up sheet was circulated for RC members to indicate their preferences and schedules.

Item # 3:

Asgary opened a general discussion as to the goals and new ideas for the research council this year. He suggested that we think about other initiatives besides the usual activities like travel and other research support applications. Should we look into new ways in which the RC could better serve the college community?

Harke pointed out that the RC is involved in reviewing 200-250 different applications. He indicated that last year was very impressive in terms of dollar amount setting a new record of $1.23 million in research monies. He gave examples of specific external grants that were approved last year. He stressed the importance of sustaining these efforts. For instance, the potential to bring in external grants should be an important criterion when hiring new faculty. Tenure-track appointments help raise scholarly profile rather than one-year appointments.

Harke mentioned that a new and exciting project to set up the Survey Research Center in Business to be funded by a Geneseo alumnus and partly by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation beginning 2004-05.

Are there other ways in which we can raise the scholarly activity profile on campus?

Asgary proposed that we look into if our college research endeavors are competitive when “benchmarked” with similar institutions? Should we do better? Whom should we target? Should we encourage more research proposals with smaller dollar amounts? As for motivating sustained efforts, should we introduce more incentives, awards, etc? Is the existing reward system of $200.00 for writing a grant proposal sufficient incentive? Should we organize “grant proposal mini seminars” in each department? Asgary proposed that we create a subcommittee to look in these new directions and present their findings to the provost and the president.

Some discussion ensued with regard to forming this new subcommittee. Should this be a charge added to the existing Reward committee? Doug Baldwin pointed out that the Research Council is sometimes thought of by the college community as one that deals primarily with internal grants. The role of the RC in helping faculty get external funding should be emphasized to (especially the new) faculty. Cunningham suggested that each RC member could take on a few departments and serve as the resource person for them. They could identify tenure-track faculty members and help them with research initiatives.

Harke pointed out that taking new faculty to the CUR meetings in Washington D.C. has been beneficial to them in setting up their research and scholarly activities. This program will be continued and if possible expanded.

Harke would like to do an assessment of programs out of his office. He feels that it should be done by someone other than himself because he says he is “too much a part of all this”. Benchmarking against other COPLAC institutions would be a good idea.

Upon Asgary’s and Harke’s request, Deborah Suzzane, the Director of Institutional Research was available at hand to present her findings of a quick first pass comparison of similar institutions. She is still waiting to hear from other institutions. Members of the RC were able to look at a table of information that compared research data from eight COPLAC institutions including Geneseo. Some of the items on the handout were “Number of proposals in the past 5 years”, “Cost Sharing”, “Departments with Highest Dollar Grants”, etc. More information will become available as soon as she hears from other schools.

Harke pointed out that this could be the first step in this process of self-assessment.

Asgary informed the committee members that he will contact them regarding the subcommittee formation.

Item # 4:

Harke proposed that we combine the many different campus events that show case student research into one campus-wide event in April. This proposal is still in the initial stages.

One possible format is the following:

Thursday afternoon/evening: Humanities paper presentation

USMS style symposium for all disciplines on Friday to be held in the Ballroom with art projects displayed and performances scheduled in adjacent rooms in the union.

Friday night Nobel Laureate public lecture to be funded by the Sells Lecture.

Harke will be consulting with the USMS committee, and other event organizers regarding this event. He will let the RC members know as more details emerge.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Savi Iyer

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Minutes: Research Council Meetings of October 16 and 20 , 2003.

The following is the statistical report of the first round of campus
research grants supported:

Research Travel Grants: 52 faculty supported for a total of $29,984

Undergraduate Research Grants: 32 students funded for a total of $15,000

Incentive Grants: 3 grants awarded for a total of $1500

Senate Small Grants: 4 grants awarded for a total of $900

Research Development Grants: 1 awarded for one course release time for
Spring 2004

Also, the research council has been discussing a questionnaire developed by Nader Asgary to evaluate the following topics:

A. The characteristics of Sponsored Research or like offices in terms of resources and output.

B. The characteristics of submitters/PIs.

C. Reward system for faculty and staff who apply and receive grants.

The aim of this study is to investigate the above issues by surveying three groups of institutions: comparable, regional, and best performers.

Respectfully submitted,

Nader Asgary, Chair of RC