College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 9
November 18, 2003

Fall 2003 Senate Date
Fall Elections
Approval of Actions Taken at November 4, 2003 Senate Meeting
Call for Nominations: Two Supported Professorships, Campus Awards
Correction to Minutes of Senate Meeting, November 4, 2003
Minutes: Executive Committee, November 11, 2003
Revised Policy Statement regarding Mid-Term Grade Reports for First Semester Transfer Students

Correspondence: Charlie Freeman, Department of Physics,

Greene 202; e-mail:; phone: 245-5286

Fall 2003 College Senate Meeting Schedule

December 2

Fall Elections

Ballots for the Fall 2003 elections have been distributed. Detailed instructions for casting votes electronically are included in the ballots, sent out to each member of the teaching faculty. The deadline for submitting ballots is Friday November 21, 2003 at 4 pm. Thanks again to Maryann Stopha for setting up the electronic voting this year.

Approval of Actions Taken at November 4, 2003 Senate Meeting

President Dahl has informed the Senate Chair that he approves the recommendations that resulted from the College Senate actions on November 4, 2003.


Two Supported Professorships


Campus Awards

James and Julia Lockhart Supported Professorship

Geneseo Alumni Association Supported Professorship

President's Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement

President's Award for Excellence in Research and Creativity

Dr. Carol C. Harter Faculty Mentoring Award

Joseph M. O'Brien Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching

Nominations for all of the above listed awards will be accepted from faculty, staff, and students and should consist of a narrative of no more than two pages describing the nominee’s fulfillment of the criteria specific to each award.

Nominations should be submitted to the Campus Awards Selection Committee, c/o Provost’s Office, Erwin 205, by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 15, 2003.

Eligibility and criteria requirements as well as past recipients are listed in Senate Bulletin 8.

Correction to Minutes of Senate Meeting, November 4, 2003

A first draft of President Dahl's report was mistakenly printed in Senate Bulletin number 8. Here is the corrected version:

President's Report: C. Dahl: 1. Dahl invited all Senate members to the groundbreaking for the new Integrated Sciences Building on Thurs. Nov. 6 at 1 pm. The contractor expects to complete the project in 2 ½ years; foundations should be done by end of summer. 2. He has accepted the recommendation of the general education committee, in consultation with senate executive committee, to change the charge and membership of gen ed committee. Will have oversight of gen ed and assessment. Revised membership will consist of 5 elected faculty representatives, plus the area chairs for core requirements. New structure makes clear connections between gen ed and assessment and puts relevant people together. Student and professional staff representation remains same. 3. On Nov. 18 there will be two important events. During the all-college hour is lecture by Sabrina Ramet from Norwegian U. of Science and Technology, an international relations specialist and philosopher. Will discuss Bosnia and Kosovo. Also on Nov. 18, panel presentation and discussion of challenges of promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. 5-6 campus reps. went to American Council on Education conference on diversity in Atalanta. They will be reporting on what they learned at conference and hope to stimulate discussions of ways we can promote diversity at Geneseo.

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting, November 11, 2003

Attending: C. Dahl, L. Dance, C. Faulkner, C. Freeman, D. Gordon, R. Hartman, H. Hoops, C. Klima, D. Metz, E. Putman,

Approval of Minutes

Last Meeting (October 28, 2003), p 88-91, Bulletin 8--approved


Chair's Report - Charlie Freeman: Deadline for ballots for Fall elections due next Friday, Nov. 21. There is a new version of the faculty constitution on the senate web site, with the new changes to gen ed committee.

President's Report - Christopher Dahl: 1. Thanks to exec committee for time switch to accommodate Roemer lecture. Prof. Ramet from Norway specializes in international relations and peacekeeping. Should be interesting lecture, reminding the Geneseo community of the importance of international relations issues. 2. Call for nominations for endowed supported professorships and other local awards. All are funded for next year. Nominations due Dec. 15.

Provost's Report - Dave Gordon: Going to have workshop for non-tenured faculty on Dec. 3 and 4 to discuss portfolio for contract renewal. Also will hold meeting for chairs of dept. personnel committees.

Dahl: these meetings useful, personnel committee find them helpful.

Vice Chair - Gregg Hartvigsen: (Report delivered by C. Freeman) evaluation of candidates for chancellors awards underway

Past Chair - Terry Bazzett: no report

Secretary - Carol Faulkner: no report

Treasurer - Errol Putman: no report

University Faculty Senator - Bill Gohlman: no report

Central Council - Liz Dance: 1. Delegation from Geneseo attended SUNY student assembly conference. She and Jim Collins, SA business affairs director, attended leadership workshops. 2. Last weekend’s mini-lectures were a success. 3. This Saturday at 10 am in the Hunt room—college bowl. 4. Jim Rogers and Jim Collins chairing constitution review committee.

Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs Committee - Rosanne Hartman: Still working on fire drill issue, think we have it worked out w/ Bob Ossont. Will try to complete fire drills in first two weeks of classes, and when that can’t be done during the all college hour. Concerns about all college hour, but still working on it.

Graduate Affairs - Dale Metz: Meeting on Nov. 20 to go over additional course proposals from ed school

Policy Committee - Harold Hoops: no report

UCC - Cyndy Klima: no report

Student Affairs Committee - Michael Lynch: (Report delivered by C. Freeman) Meeting today at 4:00 talking with Kathy Jones from communicative disorders to discuss renewal of sundance contract.

Old Business

New Business


Revised Policy Statement Regarding Mid-Term Grade Reports for First-Semester Transfer Students

To be discussed as a second reading at the Senate Meeting on December 2, 2003.

The subcommittee on undergraduate academic Policies, core and review of college senate has considered a recommendation from Susan Bailey, Dean of the College, to assign midterm grades to first semester transfer students as well as freshman. The policy committee unanimously recommends the following change to the wording in the Undergraduate Bulletin:

Information in [bold] to be added:

At the midpoint of the fall and spring semesters, instructors report the academic achievement of freshmen [and first semester transfer students] to the Director of Records. Freshmen [and first semester transfer students] receive a “Mid-Semester Grade Report” (on the web) and are advised to review their status with their academic advisors. This grade information is distributed to advisors. The Dean sends a warning letter, expressing concern and offering suggestions, to any freshman [or first semester transfer student] earning a grade of less than “C” in any course.