College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 11
February 10, 2003

Agenda: 2002-2003 College Senate Meeting, 11 February, 2003
Spring Senate Meeting Dates
Change in Spring 2003 College Senate membership
Minutes of the Research Council, 13 November, 2002
Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 4 February, 2003
Additional Information on MS Accounting Program.
Proposal Summaries – considered at 4 February, 2003 meeting


Correspondence:  Terence Bazzett, Department of Psychology,

Sturges 34; e-mail:; phone: (245)-5248



College Senate Meeting Agenda

December 3rd, 2002

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meetings

pp. 89-91, Senate Bulletin #9

Senate Reports

President                    Christopher Dahl

Provost                       Barbara Dixon

Chair                           Terence Bazzett           

Vice Chair                  Charles Freeman

Treasurer                   Maryellen Schmidt

University Senator     William Gohlman

Central Council          Joshua Lieberman


Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula                   Joan Zook

Second Reading: (summaries in bulletin #8)

   Course Revision

                Course Revision: PSYC 380 (p. 80)

                Course Revision: ANTH 323 (p. 80)

   New Program

                New Program: Honors Program in Studio Art (p. 80)

First Reading (summaries in this bulletin)

   New Course

New Course – MATH 380 (p. 100)

   Course Deletion

Course Deletion – SOCL 285 (p. 100)

   Concentration Revision

Concentration Revision - SOCL Concentration (p. 100)

   Course Revisions

                Course Revision - ANTH 202 (p. 100­)

                Course Revision - ANTH 207 (p. 100­)

                Course Revision - ANTH 211 (p. 100­)

                Course Revision - ANTH 215 (p. 100­)

                Course Revision - ANTH 229 (p. 100­)

                Course Revision - ANTH 310 (p. 101)

                Course Revision - ANTH 321 (p. 101)

                Course Revision - EDUC 215 (p. 101)

                Course Revision - ECED 333 (p. 101)

                Course Revision - ECED 331 (p. 101)

                Course Revision - COMN 363 (p. 101)

                Course Revision - THEA 225 (p. 101)

Course Revision - THEA 320 (p. 101)

Course Revision - THEA 333 (p. 101)

Course Revision - THEA 342 (p. 101)

Course Revision - THEA 344 (p. 101)

Course Revision - THEA 346 (p. 101)

Course Revision - THEA 311 (p. 101)

Course Revision - THEA 340 (p. 101)

                Course Revision - THEA 330 (p. 101)


Undergraduate Policies                     Edward Gillin


Graduate Academic Affairs   Dale Metz

Second Reading: (summaries in bulletin #7)

   New Course

New Course ACCT 502: Advanced Financial Accounting (p. 70)

New Course ACCT 503: Strategic Management Accounting (p. 70)

New Course ACCT 520: Advanced Auditing Theory (p. 71)

New Course ACCT 530: Accounting Theory and Research (p. 71)

New Course ECON 525: Managerial Economic Analysis (p. 71)

New Course MGMT 500: Leadership in Organizations (p. 71)

New Course MGMT 511: Financial Management (p. 71)

New Course MGMT 522: Quantitative Analysis (p. 71)

New Course MGMT 550: Information Systems Theory and Practice  (p. 71)

New Course ENGL 406/306 Writing for Teachers (p. 72)

   Course Revisions

Course Revision: CDSc 541  Adult Language Disorders (p. 72)

Course Revision: CDSc 522  Neurogenic Speech Disorders (p. 72)

Course Revision: CDSc 445 Language Intervention w/ Persons w/ Severe Impairment (p. 72)

   Program Revision

Program Revision: Communicative Disorders and Sciences Program (p. 72)

   New Program

MS in Accounting (p. 70, p. 100 - this bulletin)

First Reading: (summary in bulletin #10).

The revised M.S. in Education: Special Education program (p. 94)


Student Affairs                                   Michael Lynch


Faculty Affairs                                   Rosanne Hartman


Old Business

New Business




Spring 2003 College Senate Meeting Schedule: All meetings will begin at 4:00 P.M. and will be held in Newton 204.

·        February 11th  

·        March 11th - Preceded by the All College Meeting

·        April 8th

·         May 6th


Change in Spring 2003 College Senate Membership

Retirements of Judy Bushnell and Terrel Book have resulted in several changes in the structure of the College Senate and Executive Committee.  Joan Zook (PSYC) was appointed to finish out the semester as Chair of UCC, replacing Judy Bushnell.  Judy's spot as Senator at Large was filled by Elias Savellos (PHIL) who was the nonelected faculty member receiving the greatest number of votes in that election.  Elias' Department Senator spot (left open by his move to Senator at large) has been filled by Walter Soffer.  Kathy Jones was selected by the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences to serve as Department Senator for Terrel Book who retired last month.  Thank you Joan, Kathy and Walt for helping us fill in the holes.


Research Council Minutes

January 22, 2003

Present: Ganie DeHart (chair), Doug Baldwin, Ming-Mei Chang, Liz Hall, Doug Harke, Dave Johnson, Roxanne Johnston, Anne-Marie Reynolds


The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. in South 309.


The committee reviewed 12 proposals for faculty summer fellowships, including input from council members who were unable to attend. The committee was pleased with the high number of proposals and impressed with their quality. Unfortunately, funding available for the fellowships was down this year, due to lower than usual income to the Geneseo Foundation.


Four proposals for Presidential Summer Fellowships were reviewed and three recommended for funding. Five proposals for Mid-Career Fellowships were reviewed, one determined to be ineligible because not enough time had passed since a previous summer fellowship, and three recommended for funding. Three proposals for the Roemer Fellowship were reviewed and one recommended for funding.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m., setting a record for efficiency in a Research Council review meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Ganie DeHart


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

February 4, 2003

Members attending: Joan Zook (Chair), Sue Ann Brainard, Liz Hall, Anna Kline, Walt Soffer, Amy Stanley , Denise Sullivan, Gary Towsley, Barbara Welker, Joshua Winkler, Pei Lin Wong, 

Visitors:Terry Brown, Ed Spicka,

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 in Sturges 112.


The committee has a new member, Walt Soffer, who replaces Judy Bushnell.


Action on Courses and Programs

1. New Course – MATH 380

    Passed unanimously.


2. Course Deletion – SOCL 285

     Passed unanimously.


3.  Concentration Revision - SOCL Concentration

   Passed unanimously.


4.  Course Revisions

                 ANTH 202 - Passed unanimously

                ANTH 207 - Passed unanimously

                ANTH 211 - Passed unanimously

                ANTH 215 - Passed unanimously

                ANTH 229 - Passed unanimously

                ANTH 310 - Passed unanimously

                ANTH 321 - Passed unanimously

                EDUC 215 - Passed unanimously

                ECED 333 - Passed unanimously

                ECED 331 - Passed unanimously

                COMN 363 - Passed unanimously

                THEA 225 - Passed unanimously

THEA 320 - Passed unanimously

THEA 333 - Passed unanimously

THEA 342 - Passed unanimously

THEA 344 - Passed unanimously

THEA 346 - Passed unanimously

THEA 311 - Passed unanimously

THEA 340 - Passed unanimously

                THEA 330 - Passed unanimously

5. Other actions.  The course THEA 260 was returned to the department for a clarification of the proposed revision.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted – Gary Towsley


Additional Information on MS Accounting Program.

The rationale for proposal for the MS in Accounting was printed in Bulletin No. 7, pages 60-73.  The Office of the Dean asked that the following additional information be made available for Senators:


Faculty/Staff Resources:

The minimal resource requirements to operate the program will be one additional faculty line and 1/2 professional staff position. Until the program is full established it may be possible to employ additional adjunct faculty to teach undergraduate level courses, which will free up full-time faculty to teach graduate courses. Once the program is fully established (the point at which 24 students are enrolled in the program or the first student cohort required to complete 150 credit hours start taking graduate classes in the summer 2008), the new permanent resources will be required.


Supporting services in the amount of approximately $2,500 per year include computer software and new library holdings. It is expected that the funding for the support services will be contributed by the accounting firms that employ our graduates.


UCC Proposal Summaries – considered at the February 4, 2003 meeting

(Full text proposals are available for review by contacting the office of the Dean of the College.)


New Course: Math 380, Topics in Mathemetics (subtitle).  Rationale:  The Mathematics department is committed to providing capable students with experiences that supplement the normal coursework leading to a degree in mathematics -- department colloquia, research weekend, math club, etc. This slot course will challenge students to explore an aspect of the vast world of mathematics not otherwise introduced to them as undergraduates. Various instructors have offered similar courses in the past, as experimental courses, and, subsequently, have conducted student research projects leading to presentations in various forums.   The formal establishment of this course will make the possibility of faculty/student collaboration more visible to students.  The new course will not have interdepartmental impact or require the addition of new faculty or staff. 


Course Deletion:  Socl 285 (Sociology of Sex and Gender Diversity) Rationale for deletion:  Faculty member who had taught this course has left the college


Concentration Revision:  Sociology – Replace Socl 242 with Socl 314 (“Illness, Self, and Society).  Rationale:  Socl 242 is no longer an existing course. 


Course Revisions:  Anth 202, 207, 211, 215, 229 – Drop the prerequisite of Anth 100.  Rationale:  It is not needed for these courses.


Course Revisions:  Anth 310, 321, Classical Theory in Anthropology, Contemporary Theories in Anthropology.  Add Anth 208 or Anth 229 as a prerequisite. Rationale:  These prerequisite courses cover necessary material that will be addressed in the theory courses


Course Revision: Educ 215 – Changes are proposed to the title, prerequisite, and course rotation.  Rationale:  An existing course, Educ 435, is already titled “Foundations of Reading.”  The new title, “Foundations of Literacy in the Secondary School,” will reflect the course’s focus on secondary school levels.  We have had elementary education students signing up for the course inappropriately.  The prerequisite Intd 203 should be dropped because there is no educational reason for it, as the content of Educ 215 can be learned without it.  Secondary students need the maximum flexibility in their schedules.  This is especially true of transfer students.  Eliminating the prerequisite gives some degree of additional flexibility.  The course will need to be offered each semester in order to provide needed flexibility, especially to transfer students, and in order to handle the large number of students.


Course Revisions:  Eced 333, Eced 331, Student Teaching – Early Childhood and Student Teaching – Primary.  Changes proposed to course descriptions.  Rationale:  The new course descriptions flush out the course outline and clarify the nature of the student teaching seminars.  They are aligned with Early Childhood NCATE Standards and the early childhood student teaching evaluation forms.  Proposals would go into effect Fall semester 2003.


Course Revision: Comn 363, Advanced Television Production.  Change credit designation from 3(3-0) to 3(2-2).  Rationale:  The change will accurately reflect the manner in which the course is taught.  It is a course with a lecture component and lab (production practicum) component.  This course listing will also become consistent with the credit description of COMN 267, the prerequisite course for COMN 363.


Course Revisions:  Thea 225, 320, 333, 342, 344, 346.  Delete Thea 100 as a prerequisite.  Rationale:  Thea 100, which is aimed at the general ed population, lacks the depth to serve as an appropriate prerequisite for upper-level major courses.


Course Revisions:  Thea 311, Directing I.  Add Thea 140 as a prerequisite.  Rationale:  Thea 140  is a prerequisite of Thea 221, which, in turn, is a prerequisite of Thea 311.  Its addition to the current prerequisites of Thea 311 merely is precautionary.


Course Revisions:  Thea 330, Acting III Contemporary Styles.  Change title to include “(subtitles).”  Add to description, “May be repeated once for credit.”  Rationale:  Subtitles allow focus on different contemporary styles of acting.  Regarding repeatability, the theatre faculty believes that acting students may benefit from the study of more than one contemporary style.


Course Revisions:  Thea 340, Acting IV Period Styles: (subtitles).  Add, “May be repeated once for credit.”  Rationale:  The theatre faculty believes that acting students may benefit from the study of more than one period style.