College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 17
May 5th, 2003



Agenda College Senate Meeting -8 April, 2003
Agenda 2003-2004 College Senate Meeting - 8 April, 2003
Spring Senate Meeting Date
Spring Election News
Applications for Professional Leave



Correspondence:  Terence Bazzett, Department of Psychology,

Sturges 34; e-mail:; phone: (245)-5248



College Senate Meeting Agenda

May 6th, 2003

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meetings

Senate Bulletin  #16 (pp. 165-172)

Senate Reports

President                    Christopher Dahl

Provost                       Barbara Dixon

Chair                           Terence Bazzett           

Vice Chair                  Charles Freeman

Treasurer                   Maryellen Schmidt

University Senator     William Gohlman

Central Council          Joshua Lieberman


Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula                   Joan Zook

Second Reading (summaries in Bulletin #14)

   New Course

Engl 242 – Literature of the African (p. 150)

CDSC 201 - Oral Communication Lab for Non-Native Speakers of English (p. 150)
CDSC 243 - Fluency Intervention (p. 150)

CDSC 244 - Voice Intervention (p. 151)

Engl 332 – Early American Literature (p. 153)

Anth 396 – Teaching Practicum in Anthropology (p. 153)

Anth 325 – International Fieldwork: (region) (p. 153)

Mgmt 268 – Management Law and New Technologies (p. 153)

Geog 365 – The Geography of Islam (p. 153)

Math 228 – Calculus II for Biologists  (p. 153)

Biol 202 – Biological Issues (p. 153)

Biol 264 – Human Physiology (p. 153)

Biol 305 – Conservation Biology (p. 154)

   Course Revision

Thea 260 – Theatre Practicum (p. 149)
CDSC 100 – Functional Communication for Non-Native Speakers of English (p. 151)

CDSC 200 – Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers of English (p. 151)

CDSC 300 – Advanced Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers of English (p. 151)

                CDSC 238 – Clinical Observation and Management in Communicative Disorders (p. 152

CDSC 240 – Language Intervention (p. 152)

CSCI 241 - Principles of Computer Organization (p. 152)
CSCI 242 - Analysis of Algorithms (p. 152

Biol 306 – Evolutionary Biology (p. 154)

Plsc 228 – Title  “Politics in the Third World” to “Developing World Politics.” (p. 154)

Dance 240 – Stage Movement – Change prefix to Thea 240. (p. 154)

    Course Deletion

CDSC 202 – Remediation of Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders (p. 151)

CDSC 368 – Advanced Speech Science (p. 151)

Mgmt 261 – Legal Environment of the Economy (p. 154)

    Revisions of Majors

Black Studies (p. 149)

Communicative Disorders & Sciences (p. 150)

Speech and Hearing Handicapped (p. 150)

Revision of a Major - International Relations (p. 152)

Revision of a Major- Business Administration (p. 152)

Revision of a Major– Biology (p. 152)

    Revision of a Minor

Africana Studies (p. 150)

    Revision of a Concentration
               History (p. 150)


Undergraduate Policies                     Edward Gillin

     Second Reading

Proposal to revise Academic Policy Appeal (Review) of Grades (Bulletin #14 - pp. 144-146)

Proposals to revise SOE requirements for admission and student teaching (Bulletin  #14 - pp. 146-147)


Graduate Academic Affairs   Dale Metz


Student Affairs                                   Michael Lynch


Faculty Affairs                                   Rosanne Hartman


Old Business

Senate Resolution Opposing System-wide Assessment

(pp. 164-165, Bulletin #16)


New Business

Statement on Community and Diversity

(p. 164, Bulletin #16)




2003-2004 College Senate Meeting Agenda

May 6th 2003

Call to Order


Chair's Report

Charles Freeman


New Business





Spring 2003 College Senate Meeting Schedule: All meetings will begin at 4:00 P.M. and will be held in Newton 204.

·         May 6th






Spring Election News

Upcoming Elections for General Education and Professional Leave Review Committees

Elections for new members of the General Education Committee and the Professional Leave Review Committee will be held the last week of regularly scheduled classes.  The election will utilize electronic voting similar to the previous two elections.  Ballots should be arriving in the mailboxes of Teaching Faculty within the week.


Applications for Professional Leave

September 15, 2003 Deadline for applicants to submit Sabbatical Leave Requests for the 2004-2005 Academic Year to departments

October 15, 2003 Departments submit recommendations of 2004-2005 Sabbatical Leave Requests to Provost for review by Professional Leave Review Committee

December 2, 2003 Provost submits recommendations for 2004-2005 Sabbatical Leave Requests to President's Office

*Due dates which fall on a weekend shall automatically be effective the following Monday.


In accordance with the Constitution, the Professional Leave Review Committee is charged with publishing the criteria by which they evaluate applications. Here is their statement:


"Sabbatical leave proposals are evaluated on the following criteria: clarity of presentation of proposed objectives (including schedule and planned outcomes), potential contribution of the project to teaching or professional stature, necessity for leave, and evidence of productivity in prior leaves or ongoing scholarly activity. See the Guidelines for the Submission of Proposals for Sabbatical Leaves for further detail and clarification."


The Guidelines for Submission of Proposals for Sabbatical Leaves and Sabbatical Leave Applications can be found under "Forms" on the Office of the Provost's website.