College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin No. 2
Pages 6-12
September 9th 2002

Call for Chancellor's Awards Nominations
Call for Nominations for the Committee on Nominations
Call for Nominations for the Faculty Personnel Committee
Deadline for Professional Leave Request

From the Chair: 
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    Annual Report of the 2001-2002 Personnel Committee:
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Correspondence:  Terence Bazzett, Department of Psychology,

Sturges 34; e-mail:; phone: (245)-5248


Call for Chancellor’s Awards Nominations:

Nominations are now being accepted from the college community; faculty, students and staff for the following awards and ranks:

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

Distinguished Teaching Professor
Distinguished Service Professor
Distinguished Professor
Distinguished Librarian

These nominations are confidential and should consist of a one to two page letter specifically describing the nominee's qualifications for the award or rank. Nominations for these awards and ranks must be submitted in writing by Monday, September 16th to Charlie Freeman, College Senate Vice Chair, Department of Physics, Greene 202. Nominees will be requested to submit a vita, letters of recommendation, and other pertinent information shortly after the close of nominations.

Information about the criteria for each award and rank is available from Charlie Freeman and is available at: /senate/awards_ranks.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlie Freeman at extension 5286, or by e-mail at

Calls for Nominations for the Committee on Nominations and the Faculty Personnel Committee:

Nominations are being accepted for three positions on the Committee on Nominations. Terms for the positions currently held by Dave Aagesen, Ted Everett and Cyndy Klima will begin December 1st  and last for two years. Nominations can be sent to any of the current committee members: Anne Eisenberg, Edward Pogozelski and Kathryn Rommel-Esham.

The Committee on Nominations is also soliciting candidates for the Faculty Personnel Committee. Four members of the Faculty Personnel Committee will be elected to two-year terms beginning December 1st. These positions are currently held by Laura Doan, Dave Geiger, Bill Gohlman and Gary Towsley.  Becky Glass, Don Marozas and Margaret Matlin are the continuing members of the Faculty Personnel Committee. Please, respond promptly and positively to the call for candidates.

Deadline for Professional Leave Requests

Proposals for Sabbatical Leave and Title F Leave should be submitted to departments on September 15th .

Fall 2002 College Senate Meeting Schedule

September 17
October 8 (Preceded by the All College Meeting at which the Committee on Nominations will report.)
November 12
December 3

Senate Bulletin Mailing List

Any member of the College Community may receive an individual copy of the College Senate Bulletin. If you would like to receive a copy please send your name as you like it to appear on the mailing label and your campus address to the Senate Chair, Terry Bazzett at or 34 Sturges.

Visit the NEW Senate Web Site:

Casey Bickle, Mary Ann Stopha and Kirk Anne spent the summer putting together a terrific new College Senate web site (  Casey would like to extend her MANY thanks to Mary Ann, Kirk and their students for all of their efforts.  The page looks great!

College Senate Membership Change

To fill openings that occurred during the summer, the past procedure of inviting the person with the next highest number of votes in the election in which the position was originally filled was followed. The following have agreed to be nominated:

Mary Jensen (Education) will replace Jane Fowler-Morse (Education) as Senator-at-Large over six years for the 2002-2003 year.

The Senate will vote to accept this nominations at the Sept.17 meeting.

Changes to College Senate Committees

Mary Jensen (Education) will replace Jane Fowler-Morse (Education) on the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum.

Annual Report of the 2001-2002 Personnel Committee

The College Personnel Committee consisted of Professors C. Filice,  D. Geiger, B. Glass, W. Gohlman, M. Matlin, D. Marozas, and G. Towsley. During 2001-2002 the Committee

considered candidates for continuing appointment, and promotion. The Committee’s recommendations were as follows:

The Committee considered eight candidates for continuing appointment and recommended the following:


Nader Asgary, School of Business

Terence Bazzett,  Psychology

Lynette Bosch, Art

Emilye Crosby, History

Theodore Everett, Philosophy

Jeffrey Mounts, Psychology

Wendy Pogozelski, Chemistry

Susan Salmon. School of Education

The Committee considered six candidates for promotion to Associate Professor and recommended the following:  

Nader Asgary, School of Business

Emilye Crosby, History

Theodore Everett, Philosophy

Jeffrey Mounts, Psychology

Wendy Pogozelski, Chemistry

The Committee considered six candidates for promotion to Professor and recommended the following:  

Marilynn Board, Art

Gerard Gouvernet, Foreign Language

Jeffrey Koch, Political Science

Christopher Leary, Mathematics

Michael Teres, Art

Annual Report of the 2001-2002 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The committee began the year with one item carried over from 2000/01. A  minor revision to Biol/Chem 385 had been approved by U.C.C. but was overlooked and not presented to Senate in spring 2001.  The proposal was presented for first reading at the Sept. 18, 2001 Senate meeting and passed second reading at the October 16 meeting.

U.C.C. had a busy fall semester because of the deadline for proposals to be included in the biennial revision of the undergraduate bulletin.  The committee met four times during the fall and considered proposals for 10 new courses, 42 course revisions, 22 course deletions, 7 program revisions, and 9 existing courses to count for the SUNY Board of Trustees American history graduation requirement.  Another 13 proposals were for very minor changes that could be handled by the Dean's office without need for Senate action. Two proposals received by the Dean's office were held for spring 2002 consideration, three proposals were withdrawn by their departments before being forwarded to U.C.C., and one proposal remains under discussion in the Dean's office.  The committee approved all proposals it considered, and all except the 9 American history graduation requirement proposals were passed by the full Senate.

Before voting on the 9 American history proposals at its Oct. 30 meeting, U.C.C. discussed the implications of the Policy Committee's spring 2001 discussion of the procedure for handling such proposals. U.C.C. decided to follow the usual procedure for core/graduation requirement-eligible

courses:  consider the recommendations received from the core/graduation requirement committees and present proposals to the full Senate for two readings.  At the November 6 Senate first reading of the 9 American history proposals, a motion for removal from consideration was made based on the Policy Committee's past discussion of the requirement.  The Senate voted to remove the proposals from consideration, and Dean Greenfield stated that since the History Core Courses remain in legislative limbo, the Dean's Office would take the liberty of approving them for core for advisement purposes (Nov. 6, 2001 Senate meeting minutes, College Senate Bulletin, p. 124).

U.C.C. met twice during the spring semester and considered proposals for 6 new courses, 2 course revisions, 2 program revisions, 2 new programs, and 1 existing course to count for the SUNY Board of Trustees American history graduation requirement.  Another 3 courses were received by the Dean's office, where they remain under consideration.  When the American history core course was presented at the March 12 U.C.C. meeting, there was further discussion of how such proposals should be handled, especially in light of the action taken at the Nov. 6 Senate meeting. The Executive Committee discussed the issue and referred it to the Policy Committee.  Because of the pending Policy Committee discussion, I did not present to the full Senate the proposal to make Amst 201 count for the American history requirement.  Policy Committee chair Carlo Filice reported to the Executive Committee that Òthe Policy Commitee thought that it was the intention last have the [Board of Trustees history requirement] courses go through the normal process of Senate approvalÓ (Apr. 23, 2002 Executive Committee meeting minutes, College Senate Bulletin, p. 354).  In light of this decision, the 2002/03 U.C.C. chair should consider presenting to the full Senate the 10 courses U.C.C. approved for American history graduation credit during 2001/02.

U.C.C. passed all the proposals it considered during spring 2002, and all proposals other than Amst 201 were presented to the full Senate and approved except for one new program, the Early Childhood Education Major with Childhood Education added, which was defeated on second reading at the April 30 Senate meeting.  Concerns were raised about possible problems with the paper balloting process on second reading, and the Senate Chair with the advice of the Executive Committee decided to set aside the vote and reschedule second reading for the first fall 2002 Senate meeting.

I thank the committee members for their hard work and close attention to the many proposals.  Special thanks go to Susan Bailey, the Dean's office liaison to U.C.C. for the past several years.

Judy Bushnell, Chair

Fall 2001 Proposals Considered and Passed by U.C.C.

New Courses - all approved by Senate

Anth 323 Primate Behavior Field Methods (page 88)

Anth 324 Primate Behavior Lab Methods (page 89)

Danc 105 Methods in Body Conditioning: (subtitle) (page 90)

Danc 340 Studies in Dance: (subtitle) (page 91)

GSci 105 Environmental Science (page 147)

GSci 348 Practical Hydrogeology (page 92)

Hist 230 Modern Ireland, 1550 to the Present (page 71)

Hist 337 The British Isles, 1485-1714 (page 75)

Intd 250 - Study Abroad (with subtitle) (page 31)

Intd 250 Study Abroad Intermediate slot course (page 152)

Course Revisions - all approved by Senate

Anth 209 M/Ethnography of the Iroquois (formerly M/Iroquois Culture) (page 34)

Anth 211 M/Ethnography of North American Indians (formerly M/Indians of North America) (page 34)

Anth 214 M/Ethnography of Southeast Asia (formerly M/Peoples of Southeast Asia) (page 34)

Anth 224 Ethnography of Gender in Latin America (formerly Men, Women and Culture in Latin

America) (page 34)

Anth 301 M/Ethnography of Religion (formerly M/Religion, Culture and Society) (page 34)

ArtS 365 Junior Portfolio Review (page 78)

Biol 342 Parasitology (formerly Principles of Parasitology) (page 79)

Chem 320 Physical Chemistry I (page 79)

Chem 334 Bioinorganic Chemistry (page 79)

Danc 101 Ballet I (page 94)

Danc 102 Modern I (page 94)

Danc 103 Jazz I (page 94)

Danc 104 Cultural Dance I: (subtitle) (page 94)

Danc 201 Ballet II (page 94)

Danc 202 Modern II (page 94)

Danc 203 Jazz II (page 95)

Danc 204 Cultural Dance II: (subtitle) (page 95)

Danc 250 Classical Ballet (page 95)

Danc 301 Ballet III (page 95)

Danc 302 Modern III (page 95)

Danc 303 Jazz III (page 95)

Danc 331 Dance Composition I (page 95)

Danc 332 Dance Composition II (page 96)

Econ 301 Econometrics (page 96)

Econ 330 Government Finance (page 96)

Intd 105 Writing Seminar: (subtitle) (page 96)

Math 140 Math Concepts for Elementary Education I (page 79)

Math 237 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (page 79)

Math 345 Numerical Analysis I (page 33)

Math 346 Numerical Analysis II (page 34)

Math 366 Foundations of Actuarial Science (page 79)

Musc 100 Understanding Music (page 96)

Musc 315 Studies in Music Technique: (subtitle) (page 97)

Phil/Educ 305 Philosophy of Education (page 97)

Phil 393 Honors Thesis (page 80)

Socl 211 Statistics for Social Research (page 97)

Socl 213 Sociology of Medicine (page 80)

Socl 215 Women and Law (page 80)

Socl 220 Inequality, Class and Poverty (page 80)

Socl 230 Race and Ethnicity (page 80)

Socl 325 Global Social Change (formerly Social Change) (page 80)

Socl 347 Criminology (page 80)

Course Deletions - all approved by Senate

Anth 225 Ethno-nonverbal Communication (page 146)

Anth 247 Cultural Resource Management (page 34)

Anth 308 Field Methods in Paleoanthropology (page 146)

Anth 315 Iroquois Field School (page 147)

Biol 313 Horticultural Science (page 147)

Danc 304 Cultural Dance III (page 95)

Econ/Mgmt 322 Managerial Economics (page 147)

Engl 334 American Literature of the Depression Era (page 147)

Geog 360 M/Asian Field Course: (subtitle) (page 147)

Geog 372 Physical Environmental Hazards (page 147)

Hist 327 Transforming Russia and China (page 147)

Intd 260 The Heritage of Jewish Civilization (page 147)

Intd 270 Topics in History of Science I (page 147)

Intd 271 Topics in History of Science II (page 147)

Intd 292 Race in the Americas (page 147)

Mgmt 353 Intermediate Statistics (page 147)

Mgmt 381 Independent Research in Management I (page 147)

Musc 316 Form and Analysis (page 97)

Phil 333 The Artificial Intelligence Problem (page 147)

Plsc 312 Government and Budgetary Priorities (page 147)

Plsc 323 Politics of Revolution (page 147)

Psyc 379 Human Factors and Ergonomics (page 147)

Program Revisions - all approved by Senate

B.A. in Art Studio (page 68)

B.A. in Economics (page 86)

B.A. in Mathematics (page 70)

B.S. in Accounting (page 86)

B.S. in Business Administration (page 86)

Minor in Asian Studies (page 78)

Minor in Dance (page 86)

Existing Courses Proposed for American History Credit (page 97) - approved by U.C.C., removed from consideration at Nov. 6, 2001 Senate meeting

Hist 155 Politics and Power in U.S. History

Hist 161 Issues in American History I

Hist 162 Issues in American History II

Hist 166 African/American History

Hist 250 Work and Workers in American History

Hist 260 Issues in the History of American Women

Hist 261 Native American History

Hist 264 Immigration History

Intd 203 Social Foundations of American Education

Spring 2002 Proposals Considered and Passed by U.C.C.

New Courses - all passed by Senate

Acct/Mgmt 315 Financial Statement Analysis (page 319)

Anth 335 Breaking the Code:  Maya Hieroglyphics (page 283)

ArtH 310 Women and Art (page 298)

ArtH 386 Theories of Art History (page 301)

Intd 210 Topics in Film: (subtitle) (page 305)

Writ 201 English Language and Culture II (page 286)

Course Revisions - all passed by Senate

Anth 310 Classical Theory in Anthropology (page 281)

Anth 321 Contemporary Theory in Anthropology (page 282)

Program Revisions - all passed by Senate

Minor in Economics (page 282)

Minor in Human Development (page 282)

New Programs

Major in Early Childhood Education, with Childhood Education added (page 309) - passed first reading

in Senate.

Minor in Film Studies (page 307) - passed by Senate

Existing Courses Proposed for American History Credit - passed by U.C.C., not presented to full Senate

Amst 201 Topics in American Studies: (subtitle) (page 280)