To recommend to the Executive Committee of the College Senate general policy relating to the professional affairs of the faculty and general policy on criteria for promotion and tenure of teaching Faculty. The Chair shall meet with the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee to consider recommendations affecting both Student Affairs and Faculty Affairs. At the request of either Chair, a joint meeting of the two Committees shall be convened and chaired by the Chair of the Committee requesting the joint meeting. Recommendations approved at the joint meeting of the two Committees shall be referred to the Executive Committee.  [Constitution of the Faculty: Article IX, Section 5]

2015-2016 Academic Year ROSTER

(Quorum: 8)

Teaching Faculty & ChairRichard GiffordSchool of Business
Professional FacultyTamara KenneyStudent Care Services
Teaching FacultyKazushige YokoyamaChemistry
Teaching FacultyDori FarthingGeological Sciences
Teaching FacultyJim AllenPsychology
Teaching FacultyClarice KelleherChemistry
Teaching FacultyTze-ki HonHistory
Teaching FacultyAnne PellerinPhysics & Astronomy
Teaching FacultyEunju KangPol Science & Intern Relations
Teaching FacultyChristine MerrileesPsychology
Teaching FacultyMansokku LeeSchool of Business
Teaching FacultyLarry AdelsonPhysics & Astronomy
Undergraduate StudentAshley Buttice
Undergraduate StudentAlyssa Forbes


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