The functions of the Committee shall be to transmit to the Executive Committee of the College Senate its recommendations relating to the undergraduate academic policies, standards, core policies, and program reviews. The Chair shall meet as needed with the Chair of the Undergraduate Curricula Committee and/or the Chair of the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee to coordinate committee recommendation. At the request of any of the Chairs, a joint meeting of the committees shall be convened and chaired by the Chair of the Committee requesting the joint meeting. Recommendation approved at the joint meeting of the committees shall be referred to the Executive Committee. [Constitution of the Faculty: Article IX, Section II]

2013-2014 roster

Teaching Faculty & ChairMaria LimaEnglish
Administrative FacultyRick ColocciaCIT
Administrative FacultyPaul DotterweichAquatics Director
Teaching FacultyKurt FletcherPhysics
Teaching FacultyDuane McPhersonBiology
Teaching FacultyPaul PachecoAnthropology
Teaching FacultyDori FarthingGeological Sciences
Teaching FacultyJim KernanGeography
Teaching FacultyJonathan GonderMusic
Teaching FacultyJohn HaynieBiology
Teaching FacultyAtsushi TajimaCommunications
Teaching FacultyJeff OverGeological Sciences
Teaching FacultyGary TowsleyMathematics
Teaching FacultyJane MorseSchool of Education
Teaching FacultySteven StubblefieldTheatre & Dance
Undergraduate StudentMarisa Sylvester
Undergraduate StudentJustin Donaldson
Undergraduate StudentGina Villazhinay


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