To consult with students on problems relating to faculty-student relationships, viewed broadly as problems of concern to the Campus Community, to work with other student committees on matters which affect faculty and students and which overlap the boundaries between the specific responsibilities of the Student Affairs and other Committees, and to recommend to the Executive Committee of Senate such policies as it may consider advisable. The Chair shall meet with the Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee to consider recommendations affecting both Faculty Affairs and Student Affairs, to assist in the resolution of any type of student complaint and, in particular, to serve as a source of information, consultation, mediation for students such that, in many cases, formal grievance procedures need not be initiated. At the request of either Chair, a joint meeting of the two Committees shall be convened and chaired by the Chair of the Committee requesting the joint meeting. Recommendations approved at the joint meeting of the two Committees shall be referred to the Executive Committee. [Constitution of the Faculty: Article IX, Section 4]

2015-2016 Academic Year ROSTER

(Quorum: 9)

Teaching Faculty & ChairTravis BaileyBiology
Professional FacultyRick ColocciaComputing & Information Technology
Professional FacultySarah FrankResidence Life
Teaching FacultyKarleen WestPol Science & Intern Relations
Teaching FacultyMelanie MedeirosAnthropology
Teaching FacultyMaria LimaEnglish
Teaching FacultyKyle MatthewsLanguages & Literatures
Teaching FacultyDoug BaldwinMathematics
Teaching FacultyDaniel RossMilne Library
Teaching FacultyPaul McLaughlinSociology
Teaching FacultyVincent MarkowskiPsychology
Undergraduate StudentLuke Bamburoski
Undergraduate StudentEmily Gamello
Undergraduate StudentTanvir Hayat
Undergraduate StudentTaylor Knowles
Undergraduate StudentRachel Osborne
Undergraduate StudentAlexandra Taber
Graduate StudentKate Lomazzo


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