Agenda for Senate Meeting on December 4, 2012

Call to Order                                                                                                                         5 minutes

Adoption of the Agenda (CSB V. 57, n 5; p. 33)

Adoption of the Minutes

Minutes of the Senate meeting of November 11, 2012 (CSB V. 57, n 5; pp. 38-42)


Special Reports

                Faculty Athletic Representative       David Granger                                      5 minutes

                Report on the Budget                         President Dahl                                      20 minutes

                                                                                Vice President Milroy


Senate Reports                                                                                                                     15 minutes

President                                              Christopher Dahl

Provost                                                  Carol Long

Chair                                                      Dennis Showers

Vice Chair                                             Jan Lovett

Past-Chair                                             David Granger

Secretary                                               Cheryl Kreutter

Treasurer                                               Paul Pacheco

University Faculty Senator                  Gregg Hartvigsen

Vice President, Student Assoc.          Justin Shapiro


Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate                                                     30 minutes

Undergraduate Curricula  

Undergraduate Policies                      

Graduate Academic Affairs             

Student Affairs                                   

Faculty Affairs                    


Old Business

New Business