College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 26
20 April 2001



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24 April

Student Affairs Committee

Newton 204

4:00 p.m.

1 May

College Senate

Newton 204

4:00 p.m.



Correspondence: Christopher C. Leary, Department of Mathematics, South 324D
E-mail: Phone: 245-5383


Comments from the Chair
Election Results
Richard Roark Award
Student Affairs Committee Meeting
College Senate--10 April 2001
Executive Committee--17 April 2001 

Comments from the Chair

Election Results

The Spring Election ended last Friday with 40.8% of the electorate having cast ballots. All of the Constitutional Amendments were passed, and the winners of the elections are listed here:

Vice Chair: Terry Bazzett
Secretary: Graham Drake
Treasurer: Charlie Freeman

Professional Leave Committee: Steven Stubblefield, Sharon Peck, and Mark Mitschow

General Education Committee: Michael Teres, Bill Gohlman, and Becky Glass

Senator at large (under 6): Beth McCoy, Sue Ann Brainard, Tze-Ki Hon

Senator at large (6 and over): Bill Cook, Duane McPherson, Ed Gillin, Gary Towsley, Jane Morse, Paul Schacht, and Ray Spear

I would like to thank everyone who was a candidate for election, and I would like to thank Maryann Stopha and Tim Sullivan for their work on the technical half of the voting process.

Richard Roark Award

The deadline for nominations for the Richard Roark Award has been extended to Monday, 23 April. Please consider nominating a graduating student for this award, the only award of the College Senate.

Student Affairs Committee Meeting

At the SAC meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, 24 April in Newton 204, the topic of discussion will be the Wireless/Laptop Proposal. JeeLoo Liu has organized a panel of our colleages to give short presentations and answer questions about the proposal. I urge you to attend and to inform others about this meeting.


College Senate--10 April 2001

Attendance: H.Almubaid, S.Baiely, J.Ballard, T.Bazzett, B.Bonfiglio, B.Briggs, M.Brummel, J.Bushnell, J.Curran, B.Dixon, C.Faulkner, T.Feeley, J.Ferrell, C.Filice, J.Fowler Morse, E.Gillin, T.Greenfield, A.Gu, K.Hahn, E.Hall, A.Happ, D.Hill, T.-K.Hon, H.Howe, T.Hurlburt, K.Jones, B.Joshi, E.Kallin, A.Kline, R.LaFountain, C.Leary, J.Lerch, M.Lima, J.L.Liu, J.Lovett, T.Macula, A.Martucci, R.McEwen, S.McKenna, J.McLean, D.Metz, S.Muench, K.Nichols, O.Nicodemi, J.Over, B.O'Donnell, J.Pacella, P.Pacheco, N.Paternostro, W.Pogozelski, E.Putman, A.-M.Reynolds, S.Salmon, P.Schact, N.Schiavetti, M.E.Schmidt, A.Snyder, E.Spilman, L.Stellrecht, M.Stolee, De.Sullivan, L.Taczak, C.Truglia, E.Wallace, C.Wixson, J.Wrubel, D.Showers, D.Gordon.

Call to Order. C.Leary called the meeting to order at 4:06 p.m.

Adoption of the Agenda. The Agenda as listed in the Bulletin and on the overhead was unanimously adopted.

Approval of the Minutes of 13 March (Bulletin) pp. 302-310. The minutes were unanimously approved with the following addition to the list of proposals from the Policy Committee: "4. That all official College publications referring to the History requirement should label it as a SUNY requirement." Dean Greenfield commented that editorial responsibility for college publications lies elsewhere but that those with the responsibility are or should be open to such suggestions.

Senate Reports

Chair's Report. C.Leary had no report, but gave the floor to T.Hurlburt to announce that an event for Sexual Violence Awareness will be held on 23 April from 8:30 to 10:00 in the college union. A speaker has been invited.

President's Report. No report due to the President meeting with the Academic Standards Committee in New York City.

Provost's Report. Provost Dixon reported that in the Academic Affairs Division of the college, one new professional staffperson has been hired and sixteen new faculty members have been hired. The Provost also encouraged everyone to continue discussions about the proposed laptop program. A few more forums on the issue will be held.

Treasurer's Report. A.-M.Reynolds reported that the Senate Donation Campaign has had thirty contributors. She said that the opportunity to contribute still exists and donations should be sent to her.

Vice-Chair's Report. No report.

University Faculty Senator's Report. No report.

Central Council Report. E.Kallin said that elections will be held Monday and Tuesday, April 16 and 17. Students are encouraged to vote, particularly since the candidates have diverse views on issues.

Committee Reports

Policy Committee. No report.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. On behalf of UCC, T.Bazzett moved for the following:

Second Reading

Minor Course Revision

Honors 393 - Honors Thesis (Bulletin, p. 257)

Course Deletions

Honors 201 - Honors Colloquium (Bulletin), p. 258)
Honors 310 - Critical Exposition (Bulletin, p. 258)

Minor Course Revisions

Philosophy 397 - Senior Seminar: Major Problems (Bulletin, p.259)
Philosophy 398 - Senior Seminar: Major Philosophers (Bulletin, p. 259).

Program Revisions

B.A. in Philosophy (Bulletin, p. 260)
International Relations (Bulletin, p. 264)

U.S. History Requirement Course Listings

(Bulletin, p. 262)

First Reading

Approval for Core Credit (Bulletin ,p. 426)

Social Science Core

Hist 155, Hist 161, Hist 162, Hist 260, Hist 264, Hist 166, Hist 266

Fine Arts Core

Arts 102

New Course

Mathematics 340/Biology 340 Modeling Biological Systems (Bulletin, p. 426).

Minor Course Revisions

INTD 203 Social Foundations of American Education (Bulletin, p. 274)
INTD 301 (Mathematics) Topics in Secondary Education: Mathematics (Bulletin, p. 403)
INTD 302 (Mathematics) Methods and Materials - Secondary Education: Mathematics (Bulletin,, p. 407)

Major Course Revisions

EDUC 204 Dimensions of Teaching (Adolescent Certification) (Bulletin p. 350)
EDUC 340 Student Teaching-Middle School Education (Bulletin, p. 393)
EDUC 350 Student Teaching - High School Education (Bulletin, p. 398)

Major Course Revisions

INTD 300 (Science) Topics in Secondary Education: Science (Bulletin p. 286 and p. 393)
INTD 301 (English) Topics in Secondary Education: English - Literature in the Secondary English Classroom (Bulletin, p. 276)
INTD 301 (Social Studies) Topics in Secondary Education: Social Studies (Bulletin, p. 346)
INTD 302 (English) Methods and Materials in Secondary Education: English (Bulletin, p. 313).
INTD 302 (Social Studies) Methods and Materials in Secondary Education: General Science and Chemistry (Bulletin, p. 363)
INTD 302 (Biology) Methods and Materials in Secondary Education: General Science and Biology (Bulletin, p. 369)
INTD 302 (Physics) Methods and Materials in Secondary Education: General Science and Physics (Bulletin p. 376)
INTD 302 (Earth Science) Methods and Materials in Secondary Education: General Science and Earth Science (Bulletin, p. 382)

Major Course Revisions

SPED 205 Teaching Secondary Learners with Special Needs (Bulletin, p. 335)

New Courses

EDUC 215 Foundations of Literacy (Bulletin, p. 323)
EDUC 303 Field Experience (Bulletin, p. 323)

Program Revision

Secondary Social Studies (Related Requirements) (Bulletin p. 328)

The above motions were unanimously approved without discussion.

First Reading

Program Revision

Adolescent Certification (Bulletin, p. 410)

The motion was made and seconded. When C.Leary called for discussion, O.Nicodemi said she opposed the revision, believing it to be flawed. She said that the last two years have seen a huge increase in the core requirements at Geneseo, and there have been increases in the big programs on campus as well. This revision would increase the general education requirements further for teachers. The school has no policy or guidance to restrain the growth of big programs such as education and unrestrained growth has compromised the quality of education for our students. The motion passed with a few nays and approximately four abstentions.

Faculty Affairs Committee No report.

Student Affairs Committee. J.L.Liu reported that some student representatives had asked that Milne Library open half an hour earlier during final exams so that students can print out their papers before the first exam session. The request was made by K.Davies to the library director and the library agreed to open at 7:30 AM from May 7 to May 11. Secondly, J.L.Liu announced that Student Affairs is going to host an open discussion April 24 at 4 p.m., in Newton 204 on the possible transformation that the Wireless Program might bring to the whole college once the program becomes mandatory as proposed. The following questions will be proposed to panelists:

    1. How will the Wireless Program affect our pedagogy in different disciplines?

    2. How will it affect our admission and the composition of our student body?

    3. How will it affect student-teacher interaction?

    4. What kind of symbolic changes might the program bring to the whole College?

J.L.Liu said that the committee welcomes volunteers to serve as panelists. Interested persons are requested to send her an email as soon as possible.

Graduate Affairs Committee

First Reading

Program Revision

M.A. in Speech Pathology (Bulletin, p. 434)

The motion contained the following:

Admission criteria to the M.A. program in Speech Pathology include minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.85 overall and 3.0 in the major, evidence of potential for clinical success as indicated by such documents as resumes, letters of recommendation and/or evaluation of prior clinical experience and a minimum composite Graduate Record Examination scores of 925 (sum of best two scores among Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Tests).

J.Wrubel asked what the genesis of changing the GRE requirement was. Dean Greenfield replied that he thought that the department had wanted to make certain that admissions requirements set clear standards, yet allowed for discretionary judgment on the part of the Admissions Committee. Discussions with the Provost and the Chair had led to the conclusions that eliminating the minimum score of 400 on the GRE would still ensure quality without being overly prescriptive. N.Schiavetti said that the Dean's statement was accurate. J.Wrubel said that a score under 400 would be in the 30th percentile. Dean Greenfield agreed that such a percentile was low but said that eliminating the minimum of 400 would not be "opening the floodgates to the unqualified." He said that the GRE has some limitations and the change keeps the GRE from being overemphasized in a student's portfolio.

The motion passed with one nay.

New Business none.

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned by C.Leary at 4:29 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Pogozelski

Executive Committee--17 April 2001

Attendance: C.Leary, B.Dixon, B.Glass, W.Pogozelski, J.L.Liu, T.Bazzett, A.-M.Reynolds, J.Lovett, J.Bushnell.

I. Call to Order. The meeting was called to order by C.Leary at 12:54 p.m.

  1. Chair's Report. C.Leary reported that the Senate elections were held last week. The Constitutional Amendments passed with a few nays and positions were filled for Professional Leave Committee, General Education Committee, Senator at Large (Under Six Years) and Senate at Large (Over Six Years). C.Leary reported being pleased with the ease of the election and with the successful participation. He issued another call for nominations for the Richard Roark Award and said that the deadline had been extended to next Monday due to the small number of applications received. A selection committee was formed consisting of the traditional panel of Senate chair and University Faculty Senator, with A.-M. Reynolds taking the position that normally goes to the past Senate Chair.

  2. President's Report. President Dahl was out of town, but C.Leary announced on his behalf that there has been no movement on the state budget. The Provost added that some of the enhancements (for new faculty and program review) have thus far been removed from the budget and that there is significant concern about the cap on student fees proposed by Assemblyman Sullivan. She said that this cap is a bad thing for all the SUNY campuses, not just Geneseo. B.Glass suggested asking people to contact Mr. Sullivan. C.Leary added that the President will be attending the new SUNY Day on April 30, replacing the event that was cancelled due to a snowstorm in Albany.

  3. Provost's Report. Provost Dixon congratulated B.Glass and M.Lima for obtaining a grant to work on issues related to the evaluation of teaching initiative proposed by the Faculty Affairs Committee. The grant involves work not only with Geneseo but with campuses across the country. The Provost said that there would be a college-wide Budget Committee meeting next week. Lastly, she reported that the Middle States draft has been released and she encourages everyone to read it to identify any errors or misconceptions.

  4. Faculty Affairs Committee. M.Lima reported that the committee would be meeting that evening.

  5. Student Affairs Committee. J.L.Liu reported that SAC would be holding a panel discussion next Tuesday (April 24) at 4:00 in Newton 204 regarding the proposed laptop computer/wireless program. The panelists will provide a variety of opinions and afterward audience members may ask questions. The minutes of this meeting will be published in the Bulletin.

  6. The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Pogozelski

Senate secretary