College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 27
Pages 887 - 903
28 April 2000

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  Call for Nominations
888 Excellence Awards and Distinguished Ranks
888 Next Senate Meeting
888 Sabbatical and Professional Leave Deadline
889 Spring Election Results
  Messages from Chair
889 Presidential Approval
890 Welcome to Casey Bickle, Senate Clerical Assistant
890 Remaining Bulletins
890-893 May 2 College Senate Meeting
893 First College Senate Meeting of 2000-2001
894-896 Executive Committee April 20
897-898 Student Affairs Committee April 18
898-903 Input on Foreign Language Requirement


Correspondence: Becky L. Glass, Department of Sociology, Sturges 122C
E-mail: Phone: 245-5336



I. Excellence Awards and Distinguished Ranks

Nominations are now being accepted for the following SUNY Ranks

  Distinguished Teaching Professor
  Distinguished Service Professor
  Distinguished Librarian
  Distinguished Professor

And for the following Chancellor’s Awards:

  Excellence in Teaching
  Excellence in Librarianship
  Excellence in Professional Service

Nominations for these ranks and awards must be submitted in writing by Monday,
September 18, 2000 to Jan Lovett, College Senate Vice Chair, Bailey 210. Confidential nominations should consist of a 1-2 page nomination letter describing the nominee’s qualifications for the award or rank.


Next Senate Meeting

May 2
4:00 pm, Newton 204

Reminder of Deadline for Professional Leave Requests

Proposals for Sabbatical Leaves and Title F Leaves should be submitted to departments by September 15, 2000.

Spring Election Results

Thank you to all who voted, and to all who were willing to run.


Vice-Chair Jan Lovett
Secretary Wendy Pogozelski
Treasurer Anne-Marie Reynolds

Senators At Large Over 6 Years

Joanie Ballard Judy Bushnell
Carlo Filice Harold Hoops
Nan Pollot Meg Stolee

Senators At Large 6 Years and Under
Terry Bazzett
Greg Hartvigsen
Savi Iyer

Professional Leave Review Committee

Social Sciences Ken Kallio
Humanities Laura Doan
Natural Sc/Math/CompSc Bob Beason

General Education Committee

Natural Sc/Math/CompSc Olympia Nicodemi
Professional Programs Harry Howe

The Constitutional amendment to Article III, Section 3a and 3b passed. The new procedure for electing committee members to the Faculty Personnel Committee will be inserted into the Constitution of the Faculty.


Presidential Approval

President Dahl informed the Senate Chair that he approves the recommendations resulting from the College Senate actions on April 11, 2000.

Welcome to the Senate Clerical Assistant

I'm sure I am joined by the entire Senate in offering a warm welcome to Casey Bickle, who will assist the Senate Chair on a part-time basis with the myriad of administrative tasks associated with the Chair position.

Thank you to President Dahl and Provost Dixon who gave the Senate's request for clerical assistance serious consideration, and made the arrangements which led to Casey's position with Senate.

Remaining Bulletins

There will probably be two more Bulletins this semester. The final Bulletin will include the Annual Reports from committees and officers, as well as a printed index.

College Senate Meeting

2 May 2000
4:00 pm


Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
(11 April, Bulletin pp. 874-884)

Senate Reports

Chair's Report B. Glass
President's Report C. Dahl
Provost's Report B. Dixon
Treasurer's Report M. Mohan
University Faculty Senator's Report E. Wallace 
Central Council Report A. Gridley

Reports of the Standing Committees

Undergraduate Curriculum  T. Bazzett
Second Readings  
School of Business  
Revision of Major: Accounting - Add Mgmt 331 & Mgmt 390 and delete
  Csci 104 & 300-level Accounting elective (pp. 821-822)
Revision of Minor: International Relations - Addition and deletion of courses (pp. 823-824)
Honors Program  
New Course: INTR 393 Honors Thesis in International Relations (pp. 825-826)
New Course: INTD 120 Urban Field Experience (pp. 827-828)
Program Revision: Urban Studies - Add INTD 120 as elective (p. 828)
Course Revisions: PHIL 202 World Religions & Contemporary Issues 
  Revised from PHIL 118 M/Comparative Religion and 
  cross-listed as PLSC 202 (pp. 829-833)
Art History  
Course Revisions: ARTH 201 Ancient to Byzantine Art: Religion & 
[Courses are listed by  Philosophy (3000-c.600 BC) (p. 834)
proposed new titles] ARTH 202 Crusaders, Saints and Sinners: Art and 
  Spirituality in Medieval Europe (500-1400) (p. 835)
  ARTH 203 Renaissance Europe: Rebirth of Classical 
  Culture (1300-1480) (p. 836)
  Number, title and description change from ARTH 382
  Northern Renaissance to ARTH 213 High Renaissance and 
  Mannerism in Europe (1480-1600) (p. 837)
  ARTH 284 Asian Art: The Spiritual Traditions of India, 
  China, and Japan (p. 838)
  ARTH 278 F/ Nineteenth Century European Art from the
  French Revolution to the Post-Impressionists: The 
  Spectacle of Modernism (p. 839)
  ARTH 287 F/Avant-Garde Modernism (1900-1950):
  Art on the Edge (p. 840)
  ARTH 300 Major Artists and Issues (subtitle in Art History) (p. 841)
  ARTH 384 The Age of Rembrandt: Baroque Art in 
  Italy, Spain, France, and The Netherlands (1600-1750) (p. 842)
  ARTH 387 Art History Seminar: Methods & Theory (p. 843)
New Courses: ARTH 282 From Spain to the Americas: Hispanic Art and
  Culture (1400-Contemporary) (pp. 844-847)
  ARTH 305 Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in Italian and Northern Renaissance Art (pp. 848-851)
Revision of Minor: Changes in requirements (p. 852)
Revision of Major: Changes in requirements (pp. 853-854)
Art Studio  
New Course: ARTS 387 Senior Studio Seminar (pp. 855-860)
Revision of Major: Add ARTS 387 as requirement (pp. 861-862)
Fine Arts Core  
Proposed for F/ core credit: ARTS 205 Calligraphy (p. 863)
  ARTS 225 Watercolor I (p. 863)
  MUSC 222 Stage Musicals (p. 863)
  THEA 204 Asian Theater Survey (p. 863)
Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core, and Review B. Gohlman

Second Reading


A standard of proficiency in foreign language at Geneseo shall be defined minimally as:

Proficiency through second semester (102), college level of a single language;

Completion of four units (level IV) of NYS high school foreign language or its
out-of-state equivalent;
Other appropriate performance- or competence-based equivalency as approved by the Foreign Language Dept. or other appropriate body.

(See proposal p. 566 and discussion pp. 588-589, 812-816, 875-876)


Graduate Academic Affairs   Judy Bushnell

Faculty Affairs
N. Schiavetti

Second Readings


The College Senate shall renew the present SOFI process for one (1) year using the same form while next year's Faculty Affairs Committee continues to evaluate the form question. (See Bulletin pp. 658, 784, 882)

The present SOFI form shall include in the top section of the front page the following statement: (See Bulletin pp. 658, 785, 882-884)

"Numerical ratings and comments from the SOFI forms provide important feedback for: ** renewal, continuing appointment, and promotion decisions concerning
the instructor
** improvement of the instructor's teaching effectiveness

** student course choices

NB: Instructors do not receive the SOFI numerical ratings or comments until AFTER they turn in the final grades for the course."

Student Affairs E. Crosby

Unfinished Business

New Business
Transferring the gavel


2000-2001 College Senate Meeting

2 May 2000

Call to Order

Chair's Report C. Leary 

Unfinished Business

New Business



But whatever happens to you, you have to keep a slightly comic attitude. In the final analysis, you have got not to forget to laugh.
--Katherine Hepburn

Minutes of Senate Executive Committee

April 20, 2000

Present: B. Glass, C. Leary, J. Ballard, M. Mohan, A. Gridley, N. Schiavetti, B. Gohlman, J. Bushnell, T. Bazzett, E. Crosby, E. Wallace, K. Cylke, C. Dahl, E. Kallin.

Call To Order: Chair B. Glass called the meeting to order at 12:50 p.m. A. Gridley introduced Eric Kallin, who will replace her for next year.

Executive Committee Minutes, April 20 cont'd

Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as printed.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting on April 6, 2000, were approved as printed on pp. 866-871 of College Senate Bulletin #25.

Unfinished Business: B. Glass re-distributed to the committee members a draft of a charge for an Ad Hoc Committee on Sabbatical Leave and asked for comments and questions. C. Leary noted that the charge was fine, but he asked who wrote the current local guidelines. B. Glass reported that Vice-President for Academic Affairs Colahan wrote the current guidelines in the 1970s, with a goal of assuring auditors of the scholarly purpose of leaves. K. Cylke moved to authorize the incoming Senate Chair to form an ad hoc committee to address the charge. J. Bushnell seconded and the motion was approved unanimously. K. Cylke offered some general suggestions to the incoming chair about the composition of the committee. It was agreed that a fairly small committee would be most efficient, but that representatives from across the disciplines should be included. In addition, sensitivity to questions of neutrality would suggest that persons who were currently applying for sabbaticals, as well as persons previously denied a sabbatical, should probably not serve on the committee. C. Leary asked whether information about persons denied a leave was publicly available. C. Dahl suggested that the Provost's office would have the information, although it is not usually made public. N. Schiavetti also suggested including representatives of the Faculty Teaching and Professional Development (FTPD) and Carnegie groups, since both have recently discussed the use of sabbaticals for curriculum development. B. Glass added that past chairs of the Professional Leave Review Committee would be helpful, and K. Cylke suggested including a representative of the non-teaching faculty as well.

Chair’s Report (B. Glass): B. Glass reported that the senates of Binghamton, Fredonia, and Brockport have issued statements protesting the "one-size-fits-all" General Education requirements mandated by the Board of Trustees (BOT), as well as the implementation process. Each senate has taken slightly different stances on the issue, with Binghamton directing their concerns to the PACGE committee chaired by our Provost. All statements seem concerned with the requirement to complete changes by next year, and by the loss of campus control over the curriculum. [Ed. note from the Chair: After this meeting, I received a similar statement from Oswego, which included a caution not to direct protests at "our colleagues on the PACGE."]

President’s Report (C. Dahl): C. Dahl reported that the higher education budget was approved with two significant additions to TAP. First, the maximum income for TAP eligibility was increased. Second, over two years the limit on the proportion of tuition eligible for aid will be increased to 95% (next year) and then to 100%. The original $80 million for higher education remains in the budget, with controversy remaining over the budget formula for allocations. B. Gohlman asked about the legislative move to cap student fees. C. Dahl replied that it was a one-house bill, and it is not clear whether it will go forward in the Senate. He also noted that the Lamron had recently carried an informative article on the subject.

Provost’s Report (B. Dixon): C. Dahl reported that B. Dixon is currently in New York City joining Provost Salins for a meeting of the Academic Standards Committee of the BOT. She sent no other report.

Vice-Chair's Report (C. Leary): No report.

Treasurer’s Report (M. Mohan): No report.

University Faculty Senator (E. Wallace): No report.

Central Council (A. Gridley): A. Gridley reported on three items:

  1. A. Gridley received an email via the all-student list from students conducting a website survey as a class project. The survey concerned attitudes about getting a one-day break during Spring semester. It was unclear to whom the results would be submitted.
  2. Results of the campus wide elections for Student Association / Central Council positions are as follows: President, Nicole Duxbury; Vice-President, Eric Kallin; Director of Public Relations, Sarah Monnat; Director of Inter-Residence Affairs, Brock Buffum; Director of Academic Affairs, Janet Wells; Director of Business Affairs, official results pending a recount; Director of Student Affairs, runoff between Stacey Costigan and Runa Rajagopal.
  3. The last business meeting of the Student Association was April 19. The budget for next year was approved with total expenditures at $1,121,902.04, representing $639,549.78 in Mandatory Student Activity Fee Income, and $428,352.26 in other income generated by funded organizations and services.
Faculty Affairs Committee (N. Schiavetti): Two motions will be presented at Senate for second reading on Tuesday, May 2, 2000. These are printed in the Bulletin. The Promotions/Tenure subcommittee has completed a final report, which also will be printed in the Bulletin. A charge for next year's committee is included in the report. The SOFI subcommittee is completing an annual report that includes appendices of relevant information as well as a charge for next year's committee.

Graduate Affairs (J. Bushnell): No report.

Policy Committee (B. Gohlman): The Policy Committee will present the Foreign Language requirement proposal for second reading at the Senate meeting next Tuesday. B. Glass noted that two position letters were sent for printing in Bulletin 26. B. Gohlman asked if anyone had information about what the BOT would accept for the FL requirement, and about whether 4 years of high school language was considered equivalent to a college graduation requirement. He wondered whether the high school clause should be deleted from the proposal. C. Dahl responded that the feeling is that 4 years of high school is acceptable to the BOT, but he deferred other questions to B. Dixon. The principle has been to have decisions about details of implementation made at the campus level and reviewed by the General Education Task Force.

Student Affairs (E. Crosby): The committee discussed ideas about a pedestrian escort service. Students brought the need for such a service to the committee. The committee will make no recommendation for a specific action. However, two ideas probably merit further discussion. First, the SAFE cars probably cover most of the need for an escort service, but there may be some areas of campus that need more, particularly those with only pedestrian access. Second, one possibility that emerged in the discussion was to use the Public Safety Aides (PSA) to provide escort services. Some concerns about the PSA program emerged based on their relationship to Student Government (who pays their salaries) and to University Police (who provide some training and receive the PSA reports). However, there may be room for PSAs to provide escort services during their regular duties. The PSA program is not well publicized and there is currently no way for students to contact PSAs directly to request an escort. UP communications systems are already over-burdened. One suggestion was to have specific check-in points for PSAs, or to use the Student Union Information desk as a call-in number. The committee suggests discussing these ideas further next year. Both the Central Council and the Personal Safety Committee of the college may also examine these ideas. E. Crosby noted that the need for an escort service may not be large, but it could be important. C. Dahl noted that he could include in the charge for next year's Personal Safety Committee a request for further discussion of these ideas. He also announced that he will join the Personal Safety Committee on Wednesday, April 16th, for an annual "Safety Walk" around campus, and he invited E. Crosby or another representative of SAC to join the walk.

Undergraduate Curriculum (T. Bazzett): No report.

Unfinished Business:

  1. K. Cylke asked whether the summer school / intersession task force will submit a final report. B. Glass replied that she expects one soon.
  2. B. Glass announced that Executive Committee will meet again in May only if needed. Annual reports from each committee will be published in the last Bulletin of the school year. She thanked all members of the Executive Committee for their sage, timely, diplomatic, and tireless contributions during the past year.
Adjournment: The meeting was nostalgically adjourned at 1:35 pm. Respectfully submitted,
Joan C. Ballard,
Secretary of the College Senate