College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 24
Pages 791 - 863
7 April 2000

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792 Senate Meetings
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792 Please Vote!
  Messages from Chair
793 Remember to Ballot in the Buff
793 Return surveys to Nancy Danganan
793 Thank you to Senate secretary J. Ballard
794-798 April 11 College Senate Meeting
798-806 College Senate Meeting (28 March)
806-817 College Senate Meeting (4 April)
817-863 UCC (3 April)

The Second Reading of the motion on a Foreign Language Requirement will appear on the May 2 Senate meeting agenda, due to the length of the April 11 agenda.


Correspondence: Becky L. Glass, Department of Sociology, Sturges 122C
E-mail: Phone: 245-5336



Remaining scheduled Senate Meeting

May 2

4:00 pm, Newton 204

Upcoming Committee Meetings

Executive Committee will meet April 20 and April 27 at 12:45 in South 110.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Both subcommittees will meet April 18 and April 25 at 4:00 pm. For location, contact Chair Nick Schiavetti

Student Affairs Committee will meet April 18 at 4:00 pm. For location, contact Chair Emilye Crosby.

Please Vote!

By now, you should have received your ballots for the Spring Senate elections.

Fulltime and Parttime Term Teaching Faculty & Librarians should have received 4 ballots in one set of envelopes, and 1 (corrected) ballot in another set of envelopes. Please return one each green, yellow, blue, and buff ballot sealed in one or more BALLOT envelopes within one or more SIGNED envelopes, to your department secretary by April 14. (Do whatever you want with the pink ballot -- it will not be counted!)

Administrative Faculty should have received 2 ballots in a set of envelopes. Please return one each green and yellow ballot sealed in the BALLOT envelope within the SIGNED envelope, to the ballot box in Erwin 219 by April 14.


Remember to Ballot in the Buff
The pink ballot is incorrect and will not be counted.

You knew I couldn't resist! Please remember, and share with your colleagues who might not read this Bulletin, that three corrections have been made to the Senator At Large ballot. These corrections are:

  • Elizabeth Hall's (Education) name has been added to the "6 and Under" nominees

  • (it was correctly included in the Bulletin sample ballot but inadvertently omitted from the pink ballot)
  • Barbara Mason's name has been moved from the "Over 6" nominees to the "6 and Under" nominees (it was incorrectly listed in both the sample ballot and pink ballot)
  • Linda Steet's last name is spelled correctly
A BUFF-colored, corrected Senator At Large ballot has been distributed. Be sure to return the buff ballot to have your votes for Senators at Large count.

I'm very sorry for the original errors and the confusion that has resulted.

Please Return Your Surveys to Nancy Danganan

To those who kindly took the doctoral student's surveys at the last two Senate meetings:

Ms. Danganan doesn't have your names to remind you to return your surveys. She is at your mercy! (Remember all the hold-ups involved in finishing your dissertation?!) Please return them in their stamped envelopes ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation, both in taking the survey and returning it.

Thank you to Joanie Ballard for her accurate minutes, fast turn-around time, and good humor, even in the face of back-to-back 2 hour meetings!

College Senate Meeting
7 April 2000
4:00 pm


Call to Order
Adoption of Agenda
Approval of the Minutes of the Two Previous Meetings
(28 March, Bulletin pp. 798-806 and 4 April, Bulletin pp. 806-817)

Senate Reports

Chair's Report B. Glass
President's Report C. Dahl
Provost's Report B. Dixon
Treasurer's Report M. Mohan
University Faculty Senator's Report E. Wallace 
Central Council Report A. Gridley

Reports of the Standing Committees

Undergraduate Curriculum T. Bazzett

Second Readings

Comm. Disorders & Sciences  
Course Revision CDSc 228 title and description change (p. 682)
New Course CDSc 310 Literacy Development (pp. 683-687)
Major Program Revision Add CDSc 310 to major (pp. 688-689)
School of Education (Complete proposals are in Milne, Fraser, & on Senate web site)
New Courses Intd 376 Advanced Mathematics Topics for Early Childhood and Childhood Education (pp. 690-694)
  Curr 320 The Arts and Career Education in the Community (pp. 695-702)
Course Revisions Intd 203 Social Foundations of American Education 
(p. 703)
  Curr 213 Reading and Writing Processes (p. 704)
  Educ 214 Dimensions of Teaching and Inquiry (p. 705)
  Curr 313 Classroom Reading and Literature Programs 
(p. 706)
  Curr 316 Teaching Science and Mathematics to Children (p. 707)
  Curr 317 Social Studies and Curriculum Integration 
(p. 708)
  SpEd 319 Diversity and Inclusion in Classrooms (p. 709)
  Educ 326 Classroom Management in the Elem. School 
(p. 710)
  Educ 354 Family and Community (p. 711)
  SpEd 231 Introduction to Special Education (p. 712)
  SpEd 234 Instructional Strategies and Inquiry in Special Education (p. 713)
  SpEd 382 Assessment Strategies and Prescriptive Teaching for Students with Disabilities (p. 714)
  SpEd 383 Special Education Classroom Management Skills (p. 715)
  SpEd 385 Team Approaches to Education of Students with Disabilities (p. 716)
  ECEd 351 The Teaching of Young Children (p. 717)
  ECEd 352 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 
(p. 718)
  ECEd 353 Curriculum Development for Young Children (p. 719)
  ECEd 355 Diversity and Inclusion in EC Classrooms 
(B-Gr 3) (p. 720)
  H&PE 350 Health and Safety Issues in the Schools 
(p. 721)
  ECEd/Educ 331 Student Teaching-Primary (p. 722)
  Educ 332 Student Teaching-Intermediate (p. 723)
  ECEd 333 Student Teaching-Early Childhood (p. 723)
  SpEd 391 Student Teaching-Spec. Ed. Prim. Or Intermed. 
(p. 723)
Program Revisions Early Childhood Education major (pp. 724-734)
  B.A. or B.S. in Liberal Arts with Certification in Early Childhood Education (pp. 735-739)
  Childhood Education major (pp. 740-749)
  B.A. or B.S. in Liberal Arts with Certification in Childhood Education (pp. 750-754)
  Childhood Education (with Special Education added) major (pp. 755-765)
  Changes in Concentrations (pp. 766-771)
First Readings  
School of Business  
Revision of Major: Accounting - Add Mgmt 331 & Mgmt 390 and delete
  Csci 104 & 300-level Accounting elective (pp. 821-822)
Revision of Minor: International Relations - Addition and deletion of courses
  (pp. 823-824)
Honors Program  
New Course: INTR 393 Honors Thesis in International Relations 
  (pp. 825-826)
New Course: INTD 120 Urban Field Experience (pp. 827-828)
Program Revision: Urban Studies - Add INTD 120 as elective (p. 828)
Course Revisions: PHIL 202 World Religions & Contemporary Issues 
  Revised from PHIL 118 M/Comparative Religion and 
  cross-listed as PLSC 202 (pp. 829-833)
Art History  
Course Revisions: ARTH 201 Ancient to Byzantine Art: Religion & 
[Courses are listed by proposed Philosophy (3000-c.600 BC) (p. 834)
new titles] ARTH 202 Crusaders, Saints and Sinners: Art and 
  Spirituality in Medieval Europe (500-1400) (p. 835)
  ARTH 203 Renaissance Europe: Rebirth of Classical 
  Culture (1300-1480) (p. 836)
  Number, title and description change from ARTH 382
  Northern Renaissance to ARTH 213 High Renaissance and 
  Mannerism in Europe (1480-1600) (p. 837)
  ARTH 284 Asian Art: The Spiritual Traditions of India, 
  China, and Japan (p. 838)
  ARTH 278 F/ Nineteenth Century European Art from the
  French Revolution to the Post-Impressionists: The 
  Spectacle of Modernism (p. 839)
  ARTH 287 F/Avant-Garde Modernism (1900-1950):
  Art on the Edge (p. 840)
  ARTH 300 Major Artists and Issues (subtitle in Art 
  History) (p. 841)
  ARTH 384 The Age of Rembrandt: Baroque Art in 
  Italy, Spain, France, and The Netherlands (1600-1750) (p. 842)
  ARTH 387 Art History Seminar: Methods & Theory (p. 843)
New Courses: ARTH 282 From Spain to the Americas: Hispanic Art and
  Culture (1400-Contemporary) (pp. 844-847)
  ARTH 305 Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in Italian and Northern Renaissance Art (pp. 848-851)
Revision of Minor: Changes in requirements (p. 852)
Revision of Major: Changes in requirements (pp. 853-854)
Art Studio  
New Course: ARTS 387 Senior Studio Seminar (pp. 855-860)
Revision of Major: Add ARTS 387 as requirement (pp. 861-862)
Fine Arts Core  
Proposed for F/ core credit: ARTS 205 Calligraphy (p. 863)
  ARTS 225 Watercolor I (p. 863)
  MUSC 222 Stage Musicals (p. 863)
  THEA 204 Asian Theater Survey (p. 863)
Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core, and Review B. Gohlman

Second Reading

Motion: To accept the Pre-Major Policies for Admission to the E.C. Shear School of Education, as printed in Bulletin p. 811 (See discussions pp. 624-626 and 772-775)

[Chair's Note: The Second Reading of the Foreign Language requirement will be on the agenda for the May 2 Senate meeting.]

Graduate Academic Affairs   Judy Bushnell
Faculty Affairs   N. Schiavetti

First Readings


The College Senate shall renew the present SOFI process for one (1) year using the same form while next year's Faculty Affairs Committee continues to evaluate the form question. (See Bulletin pp. 658 and 784)

The present SOFI form shall include in the top section of the front page the following statement: (See Bulletin pp. 658 and 785)

"Numerical ratings and comments from the SOFI forms provide important feedback for:
  ** renewal, continuing appointment, and promotion decisions concerning 
the instructor

** improvement of the instructor's teaching effectiveness

** student course choices
NB: Instructors do not receive the SOFI numerical ratings or comments until AFTER they turn in the final grades for the course."
Student Affairs E. Crosby

Unfinished Business

New Business