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Bulletin No. 1
31 Aug 2001
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Call for Chancellor’s Awards Nominations
Calls for Nominations for the Committee onNominations and the Faculty Personnel Committee

Fall 2001 College Senate Meeting Schedule
Senate Bulletin Mailing List
UCC Proposals
Deadline for Professional Leave Requests
College Senate Membership Changes
College Senate Committees
Annual Report of the 2000-2001 Faculty Personnel Committee
Annual Report of the 2000-2001 Vice-Chair (Addendum)

Correspondence: Janice A. Lovett,Department of Biology,

Bailey 210; e-mail:; phone:245-5413

Call for Chancellor’s Awards Nominations:

Nominations are now being accepted from the college community;faculty, students and staff for the following awards and ranks:

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship

Distinguished Teaching Professor
Distinguished Service Professor
Distinguished Professor
Distinguished Librarian

These nominations are confidential and should consist of aone to two page letter specifically describing the nominee's qualificationsfor the award or rank. Nominations for these awards and ranksmust be submitted in writing by September 17, 2001 to TerenceBazzett, College Senate Vice Chair, Department of Psychology,Sturges 34. Nominees will be requested to submit a vita, lettersof recommendation, and other pertinent information shortly afterthe close of nominations.

Information about the criteria for each award and rank is availablefrom Terence Bazzett.

If you have any questions, please contact Terence Bazzett at extension5248, or by e-mail at

Calls for Nominations for the Committee on Nominationsand the Faculty Personnel Committee:

Nominations are being accepted for three positions on the Committeeon Nominations. Terms for the positions currently held by PatriciaMurphy, James Allen and Rachel Hall will begin December 1st andlast for two years. Nominations can be sent to any of the currentcommittee members: David Aagesen, James Allen, Theodore Everett,Rachel Hall, Cynthia Klima and Patricia Murphy.

The Committee on Nominations is also soliciting candidates forthe Faculty Personnel Committee. Three members of the FacultyPersonnel Committee will be elected to two-year terms beginningDecember 1. These positions are currently held by Margaret Maitlin,Daniel Strang and Robert O’Donnell. William Gohlman, DavidGeiger, Laura Doan and Gary Towsley are the continuing membersof the Faculty Personnel Committee. Please, respond promptly andpositively to the call for candidates.


Fall 2001College Senate Meeting Schedule

September 18
October 16 (Immediately preceeded by the All College Meetingat which the Committee on Nominations will report.)
November 6
December 4

Senate Bulletin Mailing List

Any member of the College Community may receive an individual copy of the College Senate Bulletin. If you would like to receivea copy please send your name as you like it to appear on the mailinglabel and your campus address to the Senate Chair, Janice Lovett, or 210 Bailey.

UCC Proposals

I have been asked to remind everyone that deadlines forcurricular changes of all kinds which will be included in the2002-2004 College Bulletin must be submitted to the Dean's Officebefore October 5, 2001.

Deadline for Professional Leave Requests

Proposals for Sabbatical Leave and Title F Leave shouldbe submitted to departments by
Sept. 15, 2001.

College Senate Membership Changes

To fill several openings which occurred during the summerthe past procedure of inviting the person with the next highestnumber of votes in the election in which the position was originallyfilled was followed. The following have agreed to be nominatedto serve out terms:

Elizabeth Hall (Education) will replace Beth McCoy (English) as Senator-at-Large inder six years 2001-2003.

Michael Oberg (History) will replace Savi Iyer (Physics)as Senator-at-Large under six years 2000-2001.

Linda Steet (Education) will replace Terence Bazzett (Psychology)as Senator-at-Large under six years 2000-2001.

Rosanne Hartman (Communication) will replace Edward Gillin(English) for the Fall semester.

The Senate will vote to accept these nominations at the Sept.18 meeting.


College Senate Committees

The membership of the Senate Committees as of Aug. 31,2001 are as follows:

Executive Committee

Christopher Dahl President's Office Ex Officio
Barbara Dixion Provost's Office Ex Officio
Christopher Leary Mathematics Past Chair
Janice Lovett Biology Chair
Terence Bazzett Psychology Vice Chair
Joshua Lieberman Student Vice Chair, Central Council
Graham Drake Secretary Secretary
Charles Freeman Physics Treasurer
William Gohlman History University Faculty Senator
Judy Bushnell Library Chair, UCC
James Mclean Physics Chair, FAC
Dale Metz Comm. Dis. & Sc. Chair, GCC
Carlo Filice Philosophy Chair, Policy
Duane McPherson Biology Chair, SAC

Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum

Judy Bushnell, Chair Library Senator-at-large over six
Ming-Mei Chang Biology Department Senator
Debra Hill Alum. &Par. Administrative Senator
Harry Howe Business Department Senator
Anna Kline Admissions Administrative Senator
Patricia McCarthy Education Department Senator
Jane Morse Education Senator-at-large over six
Michael Oberg History Senator-at-large under six
Paul Pacheco Anthropology Department Senator
Margaret Stolee History Senator-at-large over six
Gary Towsley Mathematics Senator-at-large over six
Irina Vasiliev Geography Department Senator
Anneliese Weibel SOPA Department Senator
Christopher Wixson English Department Senator
Joan Zook Psychology Department Senator

Committee on Faculty Affairs

James Mclean, Chair Physics Department Senator
Joan Ballard Psychology Senator-at-large over six
Terrel Book Comm. Dis. &Sc. Department Senator
William R Cook History Senator-at-large over six
Karla Cunningham Political Science Department Senator
Becky Glass Sociology Department Senator
Elizabeth Hall Education Senator-at-large under six
Kriatina Hannam Biology Department Senator
Rosanne Hartman Commun. Senator-at-large over six
Susan McKenna Mathematics Department Senator
Nicholas Paternostro Library Department Senator
Paul Schacht English Senator-at-large over six
Paul Simmons Sports & Rec. Administrative Senator
Caroline Woidat English Department Senator

Committee on Graduate Academic Affairs

Dale Metz, Chair Comm. Dis. &Sc. Department Senator
Sue Ann Brainard Library Senator-at-large under six
Betty Fearn AOP Administrative Senator
Tze-ki Hon History Senator-at-large under six
James Kirkwood SOPA Department Senator
Susan Salmon Education Department Senator
Ray Spear Biology Senator-at-large over six

Committee on Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core and Review

Carlo Filice, Chair Philosophy Senator-at-largeover six
F. Kurt Cylke Sociology Department Senator
Gloria Dingeldein Research Accounting Administrative Senator
Kimberly Ferris Env. Hlth. & Saf. Administrative Senator
David Granger Education Department Senator
Harold Hoops Biology Senator-at-large over six
David Johnson Chemistry Department Senator
Anthony Macula Mathematics Senator-at-large over six
Kathleen Mapes History Department Senator
Jeffrey Mounts Psychology Department Senator
Amy Sheldon Geological Sci. Department Senator
Yu Zhang Communication Department Senator
Douglas Anderson Art Department Senator

Committee on Student Affairs

Duane McPherson, Chair Biology Senator-at-large over six
Katy Farrell Library Department Senator
Joaquin Gomez Foreign Language Department Senator
Anthony Gu Business Department Senator
Maria Lima English Department Senator
JeeLoo Liu Philosophy Department Senator
Amy Stanley SOPA Department Senator
Linda Steet Education Senator-at-large under six
Denise Sullivan Records Administrative Senator
Chi-Ming Tang Mathematics Department Senator

I would like to very much thank Judy Bushnell, James Mclean,Dale Metz, Carlo Filice and Duane McPherson for agreeing to chairthe committees. Final committee memberships including studentrepresentatives will be printed in a later bulletin.

Annual Report of the 2000-2001 Faculty Personnel Committee

To: Janice Lovett, College Senate Chair
From: Gary Towsley, 2000-2001 Faculty Personnel Committee Chair
Date: May 20, 2001
Subject: 2000-2001 Annual Report

The Faculty Personnel Committee consisted of Professors L. Doan,D. Geiger, W. Gohlman, M. Maitlin, R. O'Donnell, D. Strang andG. Towsley. During 2000-2001 the Committee considered candidatesfor continuing appointment and promotion. The Committee's recommendationswere as follows:

The Committee considered nine candidates for continuing appointmentand recommended the following:
Harry Howe, School of Business
Beth McCoy, English
Tze-ki Hon, History
Michael Oberg, History
Caroline Haddad, Mathematics
Randy Kaplan, School of performing Arts
Steven Kirsch, Psychology
Monica Schneider, Psychology

The Committee considered fifteen candidates for promotion to AssociateProfessor and recommended the following:
John Haynie, Biology
Marion Fey, School of Education
Beth McCoy, English
Tze-ki Hon, History
Michael Oberg, History
Caroline Haddad, Mathematics
Randy Kaplan, School of Performing Arts
James Allen, Psychology
Steven Kirsch, Psychology

The Committee considered six candidates for promotion and recommendedthe following:
Ray Spear, Biology
Lew Friedland, Mathematics

Annual Report of the 2000-2001 Vice-Chair (Addendum)

The Annual Report on p. 504 of the 2000-2001 College SenateBulletin states that recipients of the Chancellor's Awards wereunavailable at the time and would be announced in the Fall. Congratulationsto:

Patrice Case Chancellor's Awardfor Excellence in Teaching
Edward Wallace Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Scott Hooker Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service

Senate Small Grants Awards

Congratulations go out to Cynthis Klima, Associate Professor ofForeign Languages, and Hilda Pato, Associate Professor of ForeignLanguages, who were recipients of Senate Small Grant Awards forSummer 2001.