College Senate Bulletin

State University of New York at Geneseo

College of Arts and Sciences


Correspondence to Dennis Showers, School of Education, South 222C,, 245-5264

Note: Page numbers indicate pages as per the paper copy of the Bulletins.

Bulletin No. 2

Pages 15-25

October 13, 2006


Agenda for the All College Meeting on October 17, 2006

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Nomination Committee Report: Bill Gohlman

                Presentation of Nominees for Faculty Personnel Committee

                Presentation of Nominees for Committee on Nominations

                Call for additional Nominations for Committee on Nominations



Agenda for Senate Meeting on October 17, 2006

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Adoption of the Minutes of September 26 (Bulletin #2, pages 17-21)

Senate Reports

President                                              Christopher Dahl

Provost                                                 Kate Conway-Turner

Chair                                                    Dennis Showers

Vice Chair                                              David Granger

Past-Chair                                             Maria Lima

Treasurer                                              Kathleen Mapes

University Faculty Senator                        Bill Gohlman

Vice President, Student Assoc.                 Jarah Magan


Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula                    Meg Stolee

Undergraduate Policies                      Ed Wallace

Graduate Academic Affairs                 Susan Salmon

Student Affairs                                 Denise Scott

Faculty Affairs                                  Jane Morse


Old Business

New Business


College Senate Minutes

26 September 2006


Present: D. Aagesen, I. Alam, L. Argentieri, M. Bagel, S. Bailey, I. Belyakov, B. Bennett, J. Chester, H. Chirico, R. Coloccia, B. Colon, K. Conway-Turner, C. Dahl, D. DeZarn, J. Dolce, G. Drake, A. Eisenberg, M. Eisenstein, C. Garrity, C. Geiger, S. Giorgis, K. Griffin, A. Gu, K. Hannam, A. Herman, K. Hinman, A. Jones, J. Katz, K. Kim, M. Klotz, D. Levy, M. Lima, D. Mackenzie, P. MacLean, C. Matthews, R. McEwen, K. McKeever, R. McKnight, J. McLean, B. Morgan, J. Morse, M. Nolan, L. O'Brien, B. Owens, K. Owens, K. Pitcher, D. Robertson, L. Schiffel, D. Scott, B. See, C. Shin, D. Showers, A. Stanley, G. Towsley, E. Wallace, C. Weber, B. Welker, J. Williams, D. Youhess, Y. Zhang, J. Zook


Guest:  E.R. Johnson


Call to Order

Chair Showers called the Senate to order at 4.05PM, with reference to the US Naval Observatory Clock at


Adoption of the agenda (Bulletin #1, p. 2)

The agenda was adopted with two corrections:

1. D. Levy (Philosophy) said that the agenda dated the most recent minutes to be approved as 22 February 2006 when they were supposed to be 25 April.

2. Student Association Vice-President noted that the previous Vice-President, Tessa Cassidy, was listed in the agenda in error.

With these two corrections, the minutes of the 25 April 2006 Senate meeting were approved unanimously.


Senate Reports

President’s Report

C. Dahl said it was a pleasure to begin a new Senate year. He began his remarks with two announcements of important events in early November:

1. The Rose Alent Memorial Lecture will take place on Monday, 13 November, honoring the memory of  one of the most congenial and widely associated Faculty members from the 1950s to 1990s. Rose Bachem Alent was Professor of French and Comparative Literature. This year’s lecturer will be former Geneseo English Professor Laura Doan, now Professor of Cultural History and Sexuality Studies within the Department of English and American Studies and Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Sexuality and Culture at the University of Manchester, England.

2. We will inaugurate the Integrated Science Center on 9-10 November with symposia (including a lecturer on spiders and on evolution) and a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the second day. Jack Marburger, Science Adviser to President Bush (and former President of SUNY Stony Brook and Head of the Brookhaven Laboratory) will speak on science and the liberal arts.

Dahl made some additional points:

1. We have also learned that Geneseo passed all six NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education) standards following their recent visit to the College. Dahl noted that he had been on both the giving and receiving end of accreditation reports; this visit was the best he had ever heard of or handed out. He congratulated all Faculty involved and their NCATE Coordinator, Becky Lewis, plus others from across the College who assisted with the visit.

2. Dahl said he would soon share his Budget message in writing. The message would indicate the recommendations he had accepted from the Budget Committee for the coming year. In addition to contractual salary increases, we have been able to fund inflationary increases on Departmental supply budgets that have not been granted for 5-6 years; seven new tenure track lines; and an ESL Coordinator position. We also want to continue to increase faculty strength and decrease the student-faculty ratio.

One key budget and political priority is the capital request for renovating the Doty Building  jointly with OMRDD (Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability), which we are applying for now to see if we can secure funding before the next State Budget round. It would be cost-effective to cooperate with another NY State Department, and it also demonstrates our campus’s efforts in inclusion. If we do not receive funding now, then we will pursue it for the coming Budget year. We are also seeking funds for a stadium and for retrofitting/reprogramming the Bailey Science Building (which we can start once all of the scientists move out). All in all, we are getting an early start with the Legislative season this year; we will press again for the Honors College Proposal and for appropriate funding for the outstanding liberal arts college we are.

Funding issues may become dodgy as a new Governor enters office and sees funding that has been neglected in other places. The University System, however, is prepared to make a case for SUNY as an exceptional and practical high priority for the new Governor to fund. Here at Geneseo, we have assistance in this regard with our new Director of Budget, Jim Milroy ’81 (Ph.D. Buffalo), who returns to Geneseo with much State political experience; he will be inviting College community members to help apply pressure for Geneseo’s agenda.

For the Honors College proposal itself, we are planning on two fronts to acquire what we will need: first, through a satisfactory memo of understanding with the System. We will not sign any memo that does not recognize our needs, including Honors College funding. There is also a System Budget process in its second iteration, which asks us what we will need over the next five years. Here, too, we have requested items that help the Honors College.

3. Finally, Dahl called attention to a matter important to our identity as a liberal arts college. Today, US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings issued a report from her commission examining American higher education. The press will be widely covering her report, which calls for accountability in higher education, including transfer credits and indicators of student records and achievement. No doubt, accountability and high standards in higher education are important. But Dahl criticized that way that the report measures simply by standardized test scores and focuses only on basic numeracy and literacy rather than the liberal arts outcomes for which US higher education is uniquely noted. Dahl hopes to speak to this issue along with other Presidents of other colleges. 

Showers said that he would forward to Senate a New York Times article about this report. For his part, Dahl promised to forward the response to Spellings’ commission by the Board of Directors of the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

Provost’s Report

1. The Provost welcomed back the Senate at a busy time of year. She announced first that WEBCAP was now available. This online audit system allows students to see how they are progressing towards degree completion. The system includes a “what if” function to explore scenarios such as changing a major. WEBCAP will help with Faculty advisement, too. The Dean’s Office will inform us exactly when the system starts and how to use it.

2. On 13 and 14 October, the Xerox Multicultural Center for Teacher Education celebrates its tenth anniversary with a reception and discussion.

3. The Task Force on Advisement will send a survey to students about advisement on campus; students are already taking this quite seriously. The Task Force will report their recommendations to the Provost.

Chair’s Report

1. Showers said that Senate lists continue to be updated, and he asked for any additional updates to be sent to him. He will also send out committee assignments as quickly as possible.

2. The Senate this year has 89 members; the quorum is thus 45.

3. We are still looking for a Chair for UCC.

Vice Chair’s Report

D. Granger said that we are now accepting nominations for Excellence Awards. Nominations are open till 13 October. An email will be going out shortly, and Granger will talk to prospective members for the Awards Committee.

Past Chair’s Report

Referring to the Executive Committee Minutes, M. Lima said that the Budget Priorities Committee’s five-year plan for the Honors College means that students will pay a price. We will decrease the number of students while charging a $1000 Honors Fee. Lima thinks we should talk about this as a College.

Dahl responded on behalf of the Co-Chair of Budget Priorities Committee, Vice-President K. Levison. The five-year plan is not precisely a five-year plan. All the College has done is to present a needs assessment to the State to show how much money we will need to implement the Honors College; we want the System to be sure to fund us with what we need and reduce the Faculty/Student ratio from 19:1 to 14:1. This is not a plan or request but a needs analysis to show where we need to go, as articulated by the Strategic Planning Group. One of the three sources of revenue could be an increase in tuition or fees, but this remains a proposal, a needs analysis, not a fixed plan to take action.

Treasurer’s Report

K. Mapes said that the Senate’s current balance stands at $1245.23. Senators should let her know when flowers or fruit baskets need to be sent to families of Faculty or Staff.

University Faculty Senator’s Report

Chair Showers announced on behalf of University Faculty Senator W. Gohlman that the Faculty Senate will meet in October.

Student Association Vice-President’s Report

Vice-President J. Magan said that the Student Association was beginning the year by discussing issues affecting students on campus.

Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Report

Since UCC has no chair yet, D. Showers said that he would report for it. UCC will meet in South Hall 235 at 4PM on Tuesday, 3 October to organize for the current year.

Undergraduate Policy Committee Report

No report.

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee Report

No report.

Student Affairs Committee Report

No report.

Faculty Affairs Committee Report

J. Morse said that Faculty Affairs Committee had met last week, reviewing the proposal for a uniform process [Dennis: uniform process for what? Faculty evaluation??] as well as procedures for classroom peer observation. These are the same proposals tabled at the end of the last academic year. Minutes about these discussions will appear in the next Senate Bulletin.

Faculty Affairs is also soliciting ideas on implementing the recommendations of the Task Force on Faculty Roles, Rewards, and Evaluations. Finally, the Committee is going over last spring’s experimental IDEA Student evaluation of Faculty (the short form).

Morse said that anyone with items for consideration by the Faculty Affairs Committee should send them to her.

Visitors are welcome at Committee meetings.

Showers reminded the Senators that  business for the Faculty Affairs Committee must be sent through the Chair for initial Executive Committee review.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

There was no new business.


Showers adjourned the Senate at 4.35PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Graham N Drake

College Senate Secretary


Faculty Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2006



S. Bosch, B. Colón A. Gu, D. Levy, J. Lovett, P. MacLean, J. McLean, J. Morse, J. Olodort, A. Stanley, D. Youhess, Y. Zhang, J. Zook


General Information

J. Morse called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.

Introductions were made

Review of Article IX: Standing committees of the Senate

Minutes Schedule:

                September 21                        Betsy Colón

                October 12                             Sid Bosch

                November 7                           Anthony Gu

                November 28                         David Levy

                January 30                             Jan Lovett

                February 20                           Paul McLean

                March 13                               James McLean

                April 10                                 Amy Stanley


Old Business:

Review of “Procedures and Criteria for Classroom Observations.”   

Committee discussed at length some of the wording and its purpose.  

A question was raised on where “the written feedback” is maintained.  D. Levy referenced the “Processes and Procedures for Renewal of Term Appointments, Continuing Appointment, and Promotion.”  This document may be found online through the Provost Office's website;

J. Zook moved to forward document to the October Senate Executive Committee meeting.  Motion was seconded by D. Levy.    All in favor, but 1-Abstained

New Business:

“Setting Academic Calendars”

J. Lovett noted this topic needed to be addressed.     A

Action Items:

J. Lovett will follow up with S. Bailey

J. Morse will follow up with Bill Gohlman

Discussion Items for October 12 Meeting:

Conclude Old Business

SOFI Presentation (J. Morse will invite a speaker to inform the committee on the results of the online SOFI administration from Spring 06).

Committee members to identify additional action items from the End of the Year Report and the President’s Task Force on Faculty Roles, Rewards, and Evaluation

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betsy L. Colón

Policy Proposal: Procedures and Criteria for Classroom Observations

Pursuant to the recommendation of the Task Force Report on Peer Evaluation, the Faculty Affairs Committee moves adoption of the following College-wide Procedures and Criteria for Classroom Observations for use in evaluating faculty for renewal, continuing appointment, and promotion.

Procedures for Classroom Observations:

  1. Classroom observations of teaching shall be conducted during each review cycle by a minimum of two members of the department or school, at least one of whom is a member of the Personnel Committee of the Department or School of the observed faculty member, and by the Chair of the Department or the Dean of the School.
  2. A second classroom observation by the same observer shall take place if requested by either the observer or the observed faculty member.
  3. Faculty members who are being observed have the option of requesting an additional classroom observation from a department member or another faculty member of their own choosing.
  4. Each observation shall be preceded by examination of syllabi and pertinent instructional materials provided by the faculty member to be observed and/or a pre-observation conference with the faculty member.
  5. Each observer shall provide written feedback on each classroom observation to the faculty member observed and the departmental or school Personnel Committee. A post-observation conference may take place in addition to the written feedback given to the faculty member.
  6. Written feedback from classroom observations provides evidence to be considered in the preparation of official evaluation documents such as Form H narratives.

Suggested Criteria for Classroom Observations

  1. Context of the class

    class prefix and title

    number of students enrolled

    number of students present

    day and hour of class meeting

    type of class (e.g. satisfying core requirement, required in the major, requirement related to the major, elective, studio, laboratory, etc.)

  1. Intellectual rigor

    Appropriateness of course content, readings, and instructional materials

    Clear presentation of materials to stimulate understanding

  1. Mastery of subject

    Appropriate choice of research, topics, and/or findings in the field

    Currency in the field

    Incorporating the faculty member’s own research into teaching (as appropriate)

  1. Careful preparation and clear organization of classroom activities

    Effective use of class time

     Encouragement of critical thinking

     Appropriate response to students’ questions and comments

5. Clear and effective communication with students

Ability to arouse student interest and curiosity

Clear explanation of important ideas

Willingness to seek and respond to feedback from students

Senate Executive Committee Minutes

3 October 2006

Present: K. Conway-Turner, G. Drake, W. Gohlman, D. Granger, M. Lima, K. Mapes, S. Salmon, D. Scott, D. Showers (Chair), E. Wallace.

Call to Order

Chair Showers called the Executive Committee to order at 12.50PM.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was moved unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes from the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the 12 September 2006 meeting as published on pages 2-6 of College Senate Bulletin #1 were approved without additions or corrections.


President's Report

No report.

Provost's Report

Provost Conway-Turner reported on an exciting homecoming with creative floats at the parade. During the weekend, 113 graduates of the now-defunct Library Science program held a reunion, the first held since the program was discontinued. The oldest participant graduated in 1944.

The Provost also announced that the documentary “Belly of the Basin,” on those marginalized by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, would be shown at Geneseo at 3.30PM on 8 November in Newton 202. The filmmakers, Roxana Walker-Canton and Tina Morton, will attend and engage in discussion afterwards.

Showers was very pleased to hear about the Library School Reunion.

Chair's Report

Showers distributed a Directory of the College Senate, including separate pages with College Senate Committees, Committees of the Faculty, and Committees of the College. In updating members and confirming information, Showers said he had discovered that the Academic Standards Committee has not  been configured according to the Senate Constitution. Dean Bailey is aware of this, and there will be proposals to bring the Constitution in line with the needs of Academic Standards. In a similar vein, Showers spoke with P. Pacheco (Anthropology) about the Research Council, which is also not in alignment with the description in the Constitution.  They are planning to propose a change in language through the Constitutional Revision process.

A few other Committees, Showers said, may still need to be configured correctly. Also, we need to confirm that half of the Professional Leave Committee’s members have themselves been awarded leaves. The Provost added that the Strategic Planning Committee needs some membership configuration as well.

W. Gohlman said that on the Faculty Personnel Committee List, Professors Strang, Towsley, and Owens are to be replaced, while Chierici, Over, Herzman, and Marozas are carryovers. The Committee must have a majority of full Professors, so the full Professor who gets the most votes gets on the Committee.

Gohlman also said that nominations are almost finished and will be ready by 17 October.

Showers said that what was previously reported in the College Senate Bulletin is being corrected in Bulletin #2.

Vice Chair's Report

D. Granger said that nominations for Excellence Awards have been publicized. It took a while to get the information into the Lamron, whose staff will now keep information in their files about these awards for reference in future years.

Requests for participation on the Committee will go out within the week. Thus far, we have four nominees—three for Excellence and one for Distinguished Teaching.

Lima said she was writing a recommendation for a Librarian. Eligibility requirements call for three years at Geneseo; would a Visiting Librarian status count for this? Granger replied that he would have to look up the qualifications.

In response to questions about people receiving another excellence award, Granger clarified that this is no longer possible. It is necessary to wait ten years even to receive a different award. This is from previous practice.

Past Chair’s Report

No report.

Treasurer’s Report

K. Mapes reported a current balance of $1245.23.

University Faculty Senator’s Report

Gohlman said that Faculty Senate would meet in Buffalo at the end of the month.

Student Association Vice-President’s Report

No report.

Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Report

Showers announced that M. Stolee (History) would serve as Chair for a third year in a row. The meeting for this afternoon has been canceled. While the Committee does have proposals, it still needs to notify Departments a week in advance so that they will have time to find representatives to attend the meeting.

Undergraduate Policies Committee Report 

No report.

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee Report

S. Salmon reported that her Committee would meet this afternoon at 4PM. She raised a logistics question: several people on the Committee would like paper copies of a proposal for an entire program revision rather than use an email format; should she make copies for them? Showers thought that the Dean’s Office should do this; Salmon replied that the Dean’s Office were sending electronic versions and wanted clarification. Conway-Turner wanted to know if all members of the Committee wanted paper copies; Salmon said it was only several. The Provost then said that the Dean’s Office would meet this request, but she hoped that people would not revert to paper copies as a rule.

E. Wallace recalled that, when he chaired Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Departments making the proposals had to provide copies.

Student Affairs Committee Report

Showers welcomed D. Scott (Sociology) as the new Student Affairs Chair. She said that she had been in contact with the Student Association, including its Vice-President, J. Magan, and Vice-President for Student and Campus Life R. Bonfiglio.

Faculty Affairs Committee Report

No report.

Showers asked Past Chair Lima to speak with the Chairs of Student Affairs and Faculty Affairs Committees about having Senate address her concerns about the possible Honors College Fee and the laptop program. Either Committee can take up the topic; they may also discuss it jointly. Showers asked them to let him know what they decide.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

There was no new business.


Chair Showers adjourned the Executive Committee at 1.09PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Graham N Drake

College Senate Secretary


                       Corrections to College Senate Bulletin #1

On the Agenda for the College Senate meeting of September 26 (p.2) The Vice President of the Student Association was incorrect.  It should be Jarah Magan.

On the top of p. 5, the second sentence, should read "...keen on banning indoor smoking on all SUNY campuses, …"

The returning members of the Committee on Faculty Personnel are Jeff Over, Ron Herzman, Don Marozas and Rosemarie Chierici.  The members being replaced are Dan Strang, Bob Owens, and Gary Towsley (p.7.).

The name of Leigh O'Brien of the School of Education was misspelled on the Policy Committee list (p.9).