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State University of New York at Geneseo

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Correspondence to Dennis Showers, School of Education, South 222C,, 245-5264

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Bulletin No. 5





Bulletin No.5

Pages 63-74

November 27, 2007



Page Topic

64 Agenda: Senate Meeting of December 4, 2007

66 Minutes of the Faculty Affairs Committee Meeting of November 13, 2007

66 Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of November 6, 2007

71 Call for Nominations for Faculty Awards




Agenda for Senate Meeting of December 4, 2007

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Senate Reports

President Christopher Dahl

Provost Kate Conway-Turner

Chair David Granger

Vice Chair Dennis Showers

Past-Chair Dennis Showers

Treasurer Linda Ware

University Faculty Senator Maria Lima

Vice President, Student Assoc. Jarah Magan


Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula Robert Owens


UCC Proposes for Second Reading:

New courses (CSB #4 pages 36-37)

ARBC 101, Elementary Arabic I

ARBC 102, Elementary Arabic II

ARBC 201, Intermediate Arabic I

BIOL 116, N/General Biology Laboratory

BIOL 204, Ecology Laboratory

ENGL 336, Native American Literature

PHYS 387, Gravity

PLSC 227, Civil War and Conflict Resolution

PLSC 241, Politics of Genocide


Course revisions (CSB #4 pages 37-39)

ANTH 100, S/M/Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 105, S/Introduction to Physical Anthropology

ANTH 110, Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 120, S/Language and Culture

ANTH 201, Human Evolution

ANTH 202, Health, Culture, and Society

ANTH 203, Human Osteology

ANTH 204, Human Adaptation and Variation

ANTH 215, The Ancient Civilization in the Old World

ANTH 216, The African Diaspora

ANTH 220, Linguistic Analysis

ANTH 232, S/M/China and Issues of Modernization

ANTH 233, Primate Behavior

ANTH 243, Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 301, M/Religion, Society, and Culture

ANTH 305, Field Methods and Techniques in Linguistics

ANTH 307, Third World Development

ANTH 313, Global health Issues

ANTH 320, Archaic and Woodland Archaeology

ANTH 328, Language Acquisition

ANTH 323, Primate Behavioral Field methods

ANTH 324, Primate Behavior Lab Methods

BIOL 117, General Biology I: Cells, Genetics, Evolution

BIOL 119, General Biology II: Diversity, Physiology, Ecology

GEOG 366, The Orient and Oceania

GSCI 332, Glacial Geology

MATH 113, R/Finite Mathematics for Society

MATH 160, Elements of Chance

MATH 213, Applied Calculus

MATH 345, Numerical Analysis I

MATH 319, Theory of Numbers

MATH 348, Oral Presentation and Research Seminar

MATH 371, Introduction to Complex Analysis

MATH 383, Biomathematics Seminar

PHYS 311, Advanced Mechanics

PHYS 352, Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 353, Advanced Quantum Mechanics

PLSC 217, Public Administration and Bureaucracy

PLSC 251, Modern Political Analysis

PLSC 291, Enduring Issues in Comparative and International Politics

PLSC 324, Human Rights


Course deletions (CSB #4 page 39)

ACCT 311, Advanced Tax Accounting I

ACCT 321, Auditing II

BIOL 107, Human Fertility

BIOL 108, Age, Immunity, & Cancer

BIOL 374, Wildlife management

MATH 110, College Algebra

MATH 260, A Survey of Applied Statistics


New minor (CSB #4 pages 39-40)


Central and Eastern European Studies


Revised major (CSB #4 page 40)

B.A. in Biology

B.S. in Biology

B.A. in International Relations


Revised minor (CSB #4 pages 40-41)

International Relations





Native American Studies


Religious Studies


Detailed proposals for all courses and programs can be found at

\\\OutBox\DeanOfCollege\doc\ucc\Undergraduate Proposals/


Undergraduate Policies Ed Wallace

Graduate Academic Affairs Susan Salmon

Student Affairs Denise Scott

Faculty Affairs Joan Zook

FAC Proposal on Department Guidelines for Form H Categories, Second Reading (CSB #4 page 41)


Old Business

New Business



Minutes of the Faculty Affairs Committee

November 13, 2007

Members present:  L. Blackman, P. MacLean, K. McKewen, J. McLean, J. Morse, R. Ornelas, B. Reilly, A. Stanley, H. Waddy, J. Zook (chair)

Call to Order

Chair Zook called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM.

Zook announced that Provost Conway-Turner will visit our Committee next

semester to discuss Faculty salary adjustments.

Zook further announced that our recommendation for departments to review or develop a clearly

articulated set of evaluation expectations will come up in the Senate Meeting of November 20,
2007, for First Reading.

The Committee then began discussing the recommendations for revising the

present H Form put forward in 2004 by the Presidential Task Force on Faculty Roles and
Rewards. We focused on the question of classifying service.  Based on recommendations from a FAC Subcommittee, we voted unanimously to say that it is the sense of the FAC Committee that Geneseo should retain a separate Service category in any new PER (Personnel Evaluation Report)
form.  After further discussion we voted unanimously to move the following initiative in the College Senate:


Whereas the Presidential Task Force on Roles and Rewards recommended a

new PER form with no service category;

         but service is an important part of faculty activity separate from

teaching and scholarship;


service should, therefore, remain a separate category for Personnel evaluation.


Chair Zook adjourned the meeting at 5:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Helena Waddy


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2007

Present: K. Conway-Turner, D. Granger (Chair), C. Hurlburt, M. Lima, B. Owens, S. Salmon, D. Scott, D. Showers, E. Wallace, J. Zook



Call to Order


Chair Granger called the Executive Committee to order at 4:02 pm.


Adoption of the Agenda

Chair Granger welcomed and introduced Connie Hurlburt as new Recording Secretary to the College Senate.


The agenda was approved without corrections, additions or deletions.


Adoption of the Minutes


The minutes of the 10/16/07 Executive Committee meeting were adopted without corrections, additions or deletions.



President’s Report


President Dahl reported that the University Faculty Senate is sponsoring an excellent conference on SUNY and Sustainability. Geneseo will be sending representation from the Sustainability Task Force. The conference program looks very good, including plenary addresses by First Lady Silda Wall and several national experts and sessions on everything from engineering issues to sustainability in the curriculum.
Next week, President Dahl, D. Granger and Dr. Heidi Levine will be meeting with the students from F.A.R.I. to follow-up on the Convocation on Diversity and Community and to try to keep issues of race and diversity in the foreground of people’s thinking. As this year’s Wadsworth Lecturer, Julian Bond gave a challenging and eloquent speech to a full house. Roland Freeman’s talk the week before was also excellent, though not so well attended.
Dahl stated that Geneseo students are now involved in an interactive virtual college website ( for Rochester area colleges. The RAC College Presidents met with Michael Kane, Publisher of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. The idea of ROCLOOP as a kind of virtual online college community for all 80,000 area college students has great potential. Several Geneseo students are involved.
Dahl also announced that the College is hosting a welcoming reception for Dr. William Destler, newly appointed President of R.I.T., on November 15th in the Science Center Atrium; everyone will be invited.

Provost’s Report


Provost Conway-Turner announced that the Task Force for Curriculum continues to meet, with two more open forums scheduled this semester (November 28 and December 5, 2007). She continues to invite people to come out and share their views and opinions. There has been really good discussion with the open forums. She stated that she is hearing a lot about the gen. ed. curriculum and how it relates to the major requirements, and about the needs of our students as they look toward graduation.
Conway-Turner shared that 25 sabbatical leave applications have been received. The Professional Leave Review Committee was recently finalized and will soon begin the review process.
G.R.E.A.T. Day Reminder: The Provost reminded everyone that they would be hearing from Steve West as the faculty coordinator for this year’s G.R.E.A.T. Day. He is currently working on finalizing the keynote speaker for G.R.E.A.T. Day.
The Provost stated that she had just returned from the Fall SUNY’s Provosts’ Meeting. One issue that she found particularly important was how faculty should work with other parts of their campus communities to deal with troubled students. This includes counseling centers and student affairs offices. It was agreed at the meeting that each campus should develop a policy so that all campus members are aware of how to deal with such situations. She shared that she has already had conversations with Heidi Levine and Cristina Geiger, of the Teaching and Learning Center, to put together programs to address this issue. Cristina currently has one session planned for the spring semester. This issue is in our minds because of recent occurrences on campuses in our nation. She suggested that everyone watch for information on future workshops and forums. The Provost wants to make sure that we bring some clarity to Geneseo in how to address these issues.
J. Zook asked, If a faculty member called the Counseling Center with a name of a troubled student, would the Counseling Center contact that student? The Provost responded that, yes, faculty could do so and explained that, on our campus, the Student Code of Conduct addresses such issues. D. Granger pointed out the difference between students with disabilities and disruptive students or students experiences psychological problems. The Provost stated that if the issue is of a disability nature, then Tabitha Buggie-Hunt should be contacted, but if it relates to a disruptive student, the Dean of Students should be contacted. While we have a set policy it is not clearly understood across campus how to handle these situations. She found the discussion at the Fall Provosts’ Meeting to be very helpful.
Chair’s Report
Chair Granger will be disseminating the minutes of October 23, 2007 (prepared by interim secretary Terry Holbrook) in the next couple of days. He also stated that he sent a letter to Terry Holbrook commending her on the very professional and timely job she did on the Senate minutes and expressing his appreciation.
D. Granger also stated that last week he sent a letter on behalf of College Senate to the family of Kaitlin Charity expressing his and the Senate’s condolences. While he didn’t circulate the letter, he offered to share it with anyone who wishes to see a copy.
D. Granger shared that the special election for College Senate ended on 11/6/07. The mail merge took more time than he had planned and caused a delay. The two new members of our Professional Review Committee are Michael Oberg and Harold Hoops, and D. Granger notified them as soon as they were elected.
We now have sufficient nominees for the Personnel Committee, and D. Granger is planning to give an update to the College Senate on all nominations for the Fall Election at the November 20, 2007. He is still waiting to hear from the Committee on Nominations.
The constitutional amendment on part-time faculty serving on College Senate was passed during the elections last year, and D. Granger will remind the nominations committee that they can add these two part-time positions as at-large members to College Senate as they prepare for the Spring elections.
D. Granger has spoken with Susan Bailey, who is working on writing a proposal for involving staff on Senate and possibly as officers or committee chairs. He expects to have a formalized document to present to the Executive Committee of Faculty Senate sometime relatively soon.
Vice Chair’s Report
D. Showers reported that the sub-committees for Excellence Awards are hard at work. The committees have all the documents to be evaluated and the teaching candidates are being observed, so he expects the process will be completed in the next few weeks.
Past Chair’s Report
1. D. Showers addressed the feedback received at the last All-College Senate meeting on the proposal to change the term of the chair and secretary. He asked if anyone had any changes or if the proposal should be presented to the college as it is for a vote?
Following discussion, it was agreed to leave the proposal as written. Showers will be working with D. Granger to get a ballot out as soon as we are 30 days from the All-College meeting.
2. D. Showers reported that in working with D. Granger on detail business with the Faculty Constitution, they discovered that the Constitution does not prescribe a way to replace a member of the Faculty Personnel Committee if that person cannot serve out his or her term. While he said it has not been a problem, he suggested addressing the issue before it becomes one. Having been alerted to that, Showers also checked the Constitution on replacing other committee members. There are several places where it describes how people get elected, but it does not describe how vacancies are to be filled should they occur. Showers added that he thought we should get the language crafted and in place by spring.
A discussion ensued that in past practice we have gone back to the election tally and taken the person with the next number of votes to fill vacancies. However, it was agreed that we should have this policy in writing and follow the appropriate procedures.
Showers also discovered that, to his surprise, the presentation of the slate of nominations to the All-College meeting is not required by the Constitution. There is the whole process for how the names get to the chair, but the Constitution does not require that the slate be presented to the All-College meeting. He will be looking at adding this clause to the Constitution to resolve this issue.
Treasurer’s Report
Chair Granger reported that Treasurer Linda Ware was out sick and thus could not report.
L. Ware did ask D. Granger to report that she will be sending out another call for donations to the Senate Fund in the next week or so.
University Faculty Senator’s Report
Maria Lima reported that at University Faculty Senate the energizing keynote speaker was Barbara Lipton, a Geneseo alum and assemblywoman. Ms. Lipton spoke about the crisis in our country concerning democracy, receiving a standing ovation.
Lima handed out the “Voluntary System of Accountability” (VSA) document. She expressed concern about many campuses signing on to this accountability tool without their senators knowing about it. Dr. Dahl shared that the first time he saw this report was in Seoul, Korea, but that he and Provost Conway-Turner are aware of VSA and that the campus has no plan to participate and they personally do not support it. He further explained that AAC&U or AAU does not support VSA, and many of his colleagues agree that this is not the appropriate venue for testing. He stated that AAC&U has written a FIPSE Grant about how you might be able to measure outcomes such as civic engagement, etc. but has not signed on to VSA.
Lima reported that the good news she heard at the meeting was that there has been discussion of the possibility for free tuition as a recruitment and retention tool for faculty and staff. Dr. Dahl shared that this has been brought up, but Lima said that it is a union issue as a term and condition of employment and, therefore, it is a bargaining issue. Provost Conway-Turner shared that it is a question of attempting to bargain with the State and the unions. We think the system would think it is a good thing to do, but how might it be achieved and paid for?
Lastly, Lima remarked that it was discussed at the UFS meeting that diversity is not only structural – diversity is looking at the curriculum and understanding how we teach. This approach is good for SUNY.
Lima ended her report by saying she loves being a member of the University Faculty Senate.
Student Association Vice-President’s Report
Jahra Magan was absent, but sent word to Chair Granger that everything was going smoothly. She had no report.
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Report – No Report
Policy Committee Report – No Report
Graduate Academic Affairs Committee Report – No Report
Student Affairs Committee Report – No Report
Faculty Affairs Committee Report
1. Joan Zook reported that committee met on October 30th and discussed letters sent out by Provost Conway-Turner discussing salary adjustments and faculty issues. She asked to go on the record as saying that committee is very happy about the things that are happening.
Zook also reported that her committee thought it would be helpful to include a statement on the confidentiality issue to be added directly to the Form H (in the justification for Contract Renewal, Promotion, or Continuing Appointment). Provost Conway-Turner stated that the Form H is principally an administrative form, but Zook noted that department Personnel Committees use it as well.
2 J. Zook stated that her committee continues to talk about the section on Service on Form H that the Task Force on Roles and Rewards recommended be removed so there were only sections on teaching and scholarship. The Faculty Affairs Committee has concluded that it is important to retain that section. Dr. Dahl and Provost Conway-Turner concurred.
3. Zook further reported that the committee would be addressing advisement issues as they go forward and plan to share the finalized report with the full Senate.
4. A Faculty Affairs Committee Proposal – handout – regarding department guidelines for evaluating teaching, service, and scholarly activity was discussed and it was decided that the words “revise, review or if needed” be added to the first sentence. The committee thought it important to finalize the wording and that each department or school have very specific and clear wording. Provost Conway-Turner shared that she does have a file of each departments’/chairs’ guidelines. Only a few do not have a formal statement and it would be helpful to ask again for an updated statement from each department/school.
5. Following discussion, it was agreed that December 1, 2008 be the date for departments/schools to have these guidelines to the Provost.
Following a lengthy discussion, Chair Granger called for a vote to send to the Senate floor the FAC Proposal with “revise, review and or create” added and retaining the December 1, 2008 deadline date. The motion was approved unanimously.
Old Business – None


New Business

D. Showers shared an email he recently received from a faculty member suggesting that the “faculty-l” listserve be eliminated retaining the “factalk-l” as the official faculty email notification list. Following a short discussion, the Executive Committee decided that there was not sufficient merit in this proposal.
Adjournment – 5:08 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Connie Hurlburt
Recording Secretary to the College Senate



Call for Nominations for Faculty Awards
Nominations for the following faculty awards are now being accepted:
James and Julia Lockhart Supported Professorship for Research/Creative Endeavors
Dr. Spencer J. Roemer Supported Professorship
President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement
President’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creativity
Dr. Carol C. Harter Faculty Mentoring Award
Joseph M. O’Brien for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching
Each of these awards provides an excellent opportunity to recognize and reward a deserving faculty member for their outstanding accomplishments and service to the Geneseo community.
Please take the time to nominate a deserving colleague for these awards. You are in a unique position to be aware of those who deserve recognition for their contributions. Although everyone cannot be recognized in a specific year, over a period of years we can acknowledge many of our excellent and dedicated faculty.
Listed below you will find the criteria for each award along with a list of previous awardees. Please take the time to nominate a deserving colleague. Nominations should consist of a narrative of no more than two pages double-spaced describing the nominee’s fulfillment of the criteria. The deadline for nominations is February 14, 2008. Nominations should be submitted to either the Campus Awards Selection Committee, c/o Provost’s Office, 205 Erwin Hall, by 5:00 p.m. on February 14, 2008 or electronically to Linda Shepard (
James and Julia Lockhart Supported Professorship for Research/Creative Endeavors
Dr. Spencer J. Roemer Supported Professorship

Rights and Responsibilities

A $6000 grant from the Geneseo Foundation for the term of the appointment.
The privilege, as a part of their normal teaching load, is to design and teach one course of their choosing during one year of the Professorship. This course will be designated as a Lockhart or Roemer course.
The responsibility of delivering one College-wide lecture on a topic of their choice during their term.
Individuals selected for either Professorship must commit to continuous service, uninterrupted by leaves of absence, other than an approved sabbatical, for the duration of the appointment.



Rank of at least Associate Professor with continuing appointment;
A demonstrated record of superior teaching and involvement of students in the learning process;
A demonstrated record of superior advisement, both formal and informal;
A visible and meaningful involvement in campus life; and
An active scholarly life.
Note: Previous award recipients may not be reappointed within a 10-year period.


Current and Past Recipients of Supported Professorships


Gary Towsley, Mathematics


Robert O’Donnell, Biology


Stephen Padalino, Physics

1997-00 Celia Easton, English
1997-00 David Geiger, Chemistry

Robert Beason, Biology


F. Kurt Cylke, Sociology

1999-02 Isidro Bosch, Biology
1999-02 Laura Doan, English
2000-03 D. Jeffrey Over, Geological Sciences
2000-03 Daniel Strang, Business/Economics
2001-04 Kurt Fletcher, Physics
2001-04 Harold Hoops, Biology
2002-05 Christopher Leary, Mathematics

Donald Marozas, Education

2002-05 Eugene Stelzig, English

Kenneth Asher, English


Wendy Pogozelski, Chemistry


Emilye Crosby, History

2005-08 Michael Oberg, History
2007-10 Ganie DeHart, Psychology
2007-10 Beth McCoy, English





Three years of continuous service as a full-time member of Geneseo’s teaching faculty
Three years of service as a faculty advisor at the College
An advisement load equal to, or greater than, the mean for their department
Previous recipients are not eligible within five years of receiving the award
Criteria (evidence that the nominee performs superbly in three essential areas of advising)
Communicating knowledge of College and program requirements
Communicating knowledge of campus resources
Developing mentoring relationships with advisees

Monetary Award of $500.


Past Recipients of President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement

1988 Thomas J. Conlon, Education
1989 Archibald Reid, Biology
1989 Lynn Zimmer, Sociology
1990 Robert Goeckel, Political Science
1990 Jerry Reber, Physics
1991 Ellen Kintz, Anthropology
1992 Sharon Bossung, Business
1993 Stacey Edgar, Philosophy
1994 Gary DeBolt, Education
1995 Donald Trasher, Mathematics
1996 Jane Hogan, Education
1997 Melvyn Yessenow, Psychology
1998 Jack Johnston, Performing Arts
1998 Daniel Strang, Business
1999 George Briggs, Biology
2000 Linda House, Communicative Disorders and Sciences
2001 Gerard Gouvernet, Foreign Languages
2002 Margaret Stolee, History
2003 Celia Easton, English
2004 Susan Salmon, Education
2005 Savitri Iyer, Physics
2006 Amy Sheldon, Geological Sciences
2007 Monica Schneider, Psychology




Minimum of 6 years of full-time service at Geneseo
Criteria (evidence must demonstrate)
Consistent and ongoing record of research for the past six years
Relevance or importance of the work within the discipline
Impact of the work on the candidate’s teaching and work with students
Monetary Award of $500.



Past Recipients of President’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creativity

2002 William Cook, History
2003 Nader Asgary, Business
2004Richard Young, Geological Sciences
2005 Mark Mitschow, Business
2006 Wendy Pogozelski, Chemistry
2007 Emilye Crosby, History



Criteria (evidence must demonstrate)
Commitment to teaching that goes beyond the classroom to the student’s intellectual and/or creative development
Substantial work with students by encouraging research, facilitating scholarly work, and/or creative activities
Monetary Award of $1,000.



Past Recipients of Dr. Carol C. Harter Faculty Mentoring Award

1997 Stacey Edgar, Philosophy
1998 William Edgar, Philosophy
1999 Ganie DeHart, Psychology
2000 Stephen Padalino, Physics
2001 Mary Mohan, Communication
2002 Chi Ming Tang, Mathematics
2003 Thomas MacPherson, Art
2004 Emilye Crosby, History
2005 Jennifer Katz, Psychology
2006 Isidro Bosch, Biology
2007 J. Christopher Pruszynski, Communication






Six recent semesters of teaching at the College
Must be teaching during the semester being considered
Criteria (adapted from the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching)
Superb teaching performance over time
Setting high academic standards for students and helping them attain academic excellence
Commitment to students, including accessibility outside of class
Monetary Award of $500.



Past Recipients of the Joseph M. O’Brien Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching

1997 Amelia Braun, Education
1998 Weston Kennison, English
1999 Luvon Sheppard, Art
2000 Pamela Kurau, Performing Arts
2001 Jonathan Kruger, Performing Arts
2002 Virginia Jurkowski, Business and Communication
2004 Barbara Stewart, Mathematics
2005 Jeremy Grace, Political Science and International Relations
2006 Jacalyn Eddy, English
2007 Kimberly McGann, Sociology