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Correspondence to Dennis Showers, School of Education, South 222C,, 245-5264

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Bulletin No.5


Bulletin No. 5

Pages 60 - 68

February 12, 2009



Page Topic

61 Agenda, All College Meeting, 17 February 2009

61 Agenda, College Senate Meeting, 17 February 2009

62 Summary of courses/programs for Senate consideration on 17 February

63 Minutes, Research Council, 5 September 2008

64 Minutes, Research Council, 9 December 2008

66 Minutes, Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core, and Review, 3 February 2009

67 Minutes, Undergraduate Curriculum, 10 February, 2009



Agenda for the All College Meeting on February 17, 2009

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

President’s Budget Update Christopher Dahl

Nomination Committee Report Jan Lovett

Presentation of Nominees for

Presentation of Nominees for




Agenda for Senate Meeting on February 17, 2009

Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda

Adoption of the Minutes


Senate Reports

President Christopher Dahl

Provost David Gordon

Chair Dennis Showers

Vice Chair Ed Wallace

Past-Chair David Granger

Secretary Brian Morgan

Treasurer Gregg Hartvigsen

University Faculty Senator Maria Lima

Vice President, Student Assoc. Dean McGee


Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate


Undergraduate Curricula Meg Stolee

Second Reading:

New Courses
Phys 113, General Physics I
Phys 114, N/Physics I Lab
Phys 115, General Physics II
Phys 116, Physics II Lab

Course Revisions
Phys 123, Analytical Physics I
Phys 125, Analytical Physics II

Course Deletions
Phys 111, General Physics I
Phys 112, General Physics II

First Reading:

New Courses
Biol 220:  Research Techniques in Biology:  (subtitle)
Chem 209:  Intermediate Chemistry Laboratory
Educ   334:  International Student Teaching - Childhood Education
Educ 360:  International Student Teaching - Adolescence Education
Phil 222:  Philosophy and Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean

Revised Course
Anth 209:  M/Ethnography of the Iroquois

Revised Programs:
Asian Studies Minor
BA in Geography
BA in Geophysics
BS in Geochemistry
GSCI/CE BA (Five Year [3-2] Program)


Undergraduate Policies Leigh O’Brien

Graduate Academic Affairs Susan Salmon

Student Affairs Cristina Geiger

Faculty Affairs James McLean


Old Business

New Business





Brief summary of courses/programs up for Senate consideration

Please note that the full proposals are available at

New Courses:
Biol 220:  Research Techniques in Biology:  (subtitle) - "A sophomore laboratory designed for students who want to explore the process of   science in the research setting."

Chem 209:  Intermediate Chemistry Laboratory - "This course serves as a bridge to advanced chemistry laboratory courses at Geneseo."

Educ   334:  International Student Teaching - Childhood Education - "Full-time student teaching   for grades 1-3 or 4-6 in an affiliated school in another country."

Educ 360:  International Student Teaching - Adolescence Education - "Full-time student teaching for grade 7-9 or 10-12 in an affiliated school in another country."

Phil 222:  Philosophy and Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean - "A survey of the religious culture and the philosophical tradition of the ancient Mediterranean."

Revised Course:
Anth 209:  M/Ethnography of the Iroquois - revision is addition of Anth 100 or Anth 101 as prereqs; rotation changes to every fall.

Revised Programs:
Asian Studies Minor - revision is addition of 6 elective courses to the menu of electives

BA in Geography - revision is addition of four new courses as options within the major.

BA in Geophysics - revision reflects the recent changes in Physics

BS in Geochemistry - revision reflects the recent changes in Physics

BA in GSCI - revision reflects the recent changes in Physics.

GSCI/CE BA (Five Year [3-2] Program) - revision reflects the recent changes in Physics.



Research Council Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2008


Present: Jani Lewis (Chair), Michael Lynch (Vice Chair), Lori Bernard, Emilye Crosby, Savi Iyer, Chris Leary, Paul Pacheco, Denise Scott, Kazu Yokoyama, Doug Baldwin, Anne Baldwin, Betsy Colon


Not present: Dan DeZarn, Michael Rozalski


The meeting was convened at 3:45 PM in the President’s Conference Room, Erwin Hall


Committee Assignments for 2008-2009


The following committee assignments were confirmed:


Student Research: Paul Pacheco, Doug Baldwin, Michael Rozalski (Chair), and Emilye Crosby. [N.B. Paul will be on sabbatical in the spring and will be replaced by Barb Welker.]


Faculty Travel: Savi Iyer (Chair), Dan DeZarn, Denise Scott, and Kazu Yokoyama.


Faculty Research: Chris Leary (Chair), Lori Bernard, Jani Lewis, and Michael Lynch. [N.B. Michael will be on sabbatical in the spring; he currently is looking for a replacement.]


On-line Review of Applications


The on-line review of applications was discussed. An initial pilot of this new procedure last spring for faculty travel and faculty research grants seemed to work well. This year, all applications will be reviewed on-line. Applicants will be asked to submit two hard copies of their application, and their application will be scanned to PDF file which can then be accessed from the Research Council folder in the Provost Office’s section of the server.


Anne announced that as a result of the ongoing budget issues, Sue Crilly and her staff at the Geneseo Foundation will no longer be able to assist in the processing of applications. As a result, the burden of processing these applications will fall on Anne’s office. In order to lessen this burden, it was suggested that the application process could become entirely electronic. That is, rather than applicants submitting hard copies of their materials, they could simply convert their materials to a PDF file and submit the application in a designated Inbox. If necessary, we could ask applicants to submit a hard copy of their cover page with original signatures. Anne said she would consider this suggestion. [In follow up, Anne discussed this suggestion with several people. While it was acknowledged that modifying the application process to fully electronic submissions was desirable, there would be no immediate changes to the current procedures.]



Funds for 2008-2009


Anne and Jani confirmed that the Provost approved the Council’s recommendation to re-distribute funds to various Faculty and Student support programs (as described in the minutes of 7-24-08) following the budget cuts announced earlier in the summer. Two programs in particular – the Geneseo Foundation Summer Fellowships and the Geneseo Foundation Student Assistantships – are pending further funding decisions.


Jani encouraged everyone to especially draw new faculty’s attention to the various support programs, and she mentioned the Drescher Award in particular as an opportunity for women and minority applicants.


Emilye asked whether mileage would continue to be reimbursed for travel under these programs. In a cost-cutting move, the college now will reimburse travel at the rate of a mid-size car rental per day of travel rather than on a rate based on mileage. Anne stated that she believed that mileage would be reimbursed as before since the money for these support programs comes from a different source than the State funds used for reimbursement from the college. [In follow up with Anne, it was confirmed that all sources of funds (including CAS funds and the indirect cost funds) should support travel at the lowest possible auto costs – which in some cases may be at the rate of a mid-size car rental. Thus the change does affect car travel reimbursement under these support programs.]




  • Modifications to the Exports Control Policy are still be finalized. It was suggested that it may be helpful to have someone from business (with a background in international relations) review the proposed policy.

  • Student Proposal Writing Workshop for Fall 2008 will be held on Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 7:00 - 8:00 PM in Newton 203.

  • GREAT Day has already been scheduled for next spring (Tuesday April 21). There will be some cuts to the budget this year.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.


End of Report.


Respectfully submitted,

Jani E. Lewis


Research Council Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2008


Present: Jani Lewis (Chair), Doug Baldwin, Lori Bernard, Betsy Colón, Emilye Crosby, Dan DeZarn, Danielle Forrest (SA President), Savi Iyer, Chris Leary, Paul Pacheco, Michael Rozalski, Denise Scott, Kazu Yokoyama, Anne Baldwin


Not attending: Michael Lynch (Vice-Chair)


The meeting was convened at 2:30 PM in the President’s Conference Room, Erwin Hall.


Jani welcomed everyone and introduced the Undergraduate Travel Grants as the main topic of discussion.


Undergraduate Travel Grants and large group applications


The Council had a lengthy discussion related to the issue of large group submissions for Undergraduate Travel Grants. A draft addition to the Undergraduate travel grant guidelines was distributed by Anne. Paul provided details on the history of the Council’s decision to evaluate all group applications on a case-by-case basis. The Council considered several possibilities, including the possibility of limiting groups to a maximum dollar amount, and the addition to the guidelines of more questions designed to provide justification for groups. The council decided that group applications would continue to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and that item 1.d. on the travel grants page of the guidelines should be expanded to include additional questions to be addressed by applicants for group travel. Jani and Anne agreed to re-draft the guidelines and send them out to the Council for final approval.


Underfunding of travel expenses by the Undergraduate Travel Grants


Anne handed out a short report she had created at the request of Michael Catillaz, Vice President for Advancement, examining the issue of underfunding of undergraduate travel expenses. She summarized the main findings and noted that, from the available data, in 2007-08 approximately half of the students receiving undergraduate travel grants did not have all their expenses covered, and that this was particularly true for students travelling internationally. She noted that Dr. Catillaz would likely use this information to approach the Student Association for additional funding for the program. The council did not support the idea of a higher maximum limit for students travelling internationally, though they suggested that Dr. Catillaz could use the information in the report to garner donations to support a separate award fund for international travel, as suggested by Emilye.


It was noted by Emilye that the travel grants have inherent restrictions in allowable expenses because of the per diem limits—particularly for hotel costs. In response to a query by Betsy, it was explained that the Student Association sets these limits. It was agreed that the forms should be modified to ask students to list all their anticipated expenses, and that this change would facilitate future tracking of underfunding. Anne agreed to pass on the council’s suggestions to Dr. Catillaz.


Michael Rozalski asked that any changes made to the undergraduate travel grant guidelines also be incorporated into the graduate student forms.


Research Council and Mentoring


Jani explained that she had made a presentation to the College Senate on the Research Council and introduced the idea of having the Council members be more active in the mentoring of other faculty members for both internal and external funding. She charged the Council members to think about ways in which this might be accomplished and suggested it as a continuing topic for the first Council meeting in Spring of 2009. There was general discussion related to the issue of mentoring for both internal and external funding. Betsy noted that she had developed a newsletter to communicate information to the faculty and that a single site for all information would be useful. Anne mentioned the Teaching and Learning Center’s initiative to develop a faculty mentoring program and indicated that she would speak to David Parfitt about it.


Grants and Tenure/Promotion Decisions


Related to the idea of mentoring faculty in external grantsmanship, Chris introduced a concern that in some departments obtaining external grants may actually hurt faculty during the tenure and promotion process. There was a great deal of general discussion regarding this issue. Some Council members suggested that there was lack of support for external grants within their departments and that backlash from departmental colleagues has also occurred. Others expressed concern for their colleagues and increased teaching loads as another reason for not applying for external grants.


It was noted that all departments had been asked to submit written guidelines for tenure and promotion to the Provost’s office by December first. Council members from several departments described what their departments had specified in these documents related to grants. Chris suggested that the Council, through Anne, should advocate with department Chairs for the support of external research grants. The Council also discussed the issue of grant-supported release time from teaching. Emilye stated that faculty should not be discouraged from applying for grants involving release time, nor should they be penalized for receiving grants that do include release time. She suggested that there should be a College policy for support of external funding, including release time. It was suggested that a policy could be brought down to departmental Chairs and that this would prevent penalizing faculty for seeking release time. Betsy suggested that a proposal for such a policy could be submitted to the College Senate. There was further discussion that each department should have clear promotion and tenure guidelines related to grants. Chris suggested that Anne examine the promotion and tenure guidelines submitted by the departments to see what each has listed for grants and Anne indicated that she would ask Dave Gordon for access to those documents.


Jani thanked the Council members for their service during the semester.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.


End of Report.


Respectfully submitted,

Jani Lewis, Chair, Research Council




Minutes of the Committee on Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core, and Review

February 3, 2009


Present: L. O’Brien (chair), C. Brown, D. Raynor, A. Steinhauer, S. Stubblefield, C. Freeman, K. Hannam, C. Post, and S. Giorgis


O’Brien called the meeting to order at 4:15 pm


O’Brien asked if there were additions or changes needed to the minutes from the October 7, 2008 meeting. There were none and the minutes were approved.


O’Brien reviewed the discussion of the previous meeting. O’Brien updated the committee on the progress on investigating the policy concerning extra time on exams for foreign students. O’Brien will meet with Mary Hope, Director of International Student Services, to determine the current polity. O’Brien will report back to the committee either at our next meeting or via email, depending on the outcome of her discussion with Mary Hope.


Next the committee moved on to the topic of the College policy that attendance cannot be factored into grade for a course. Raynor asked if a committee member needed to vote according to their own opinion or the majority opinion in his department. Steinhauer and Hannam suggested the best policy was to vote according to your own opinion. The committee as a whole generally agreed with this statement. Raynor explained that there had been a vote in his department that had ended with in a tie. Some members were strongly for the current policy, others against. Stubblefield asked for clarification concerning the discussion at the previous meeting. He was under the impression that the consensus from the last meeting was that each course instructor could set their own attendance policy and if there was not attendance polity set on the syllabus, then attendance would not be factored into the final grade. Hannam agreed noting that the suggestion is to remove the prohibition on having an attendance policy, not requiring an attendance policy for each class. Stubblefield asked if class size was an issue, specifically with respect to the logistics of taking attendance in a very large, 250 seat class. O’Brien noted that we cannot help but take attendance in small courses as it stands now. Steinhauer agreed, but highlighted the fact that that attendance cannot be factored into the final grade. O’Brien agreed, but also noted that to some degree all grading is subjective so attendance is probably being factored in somehow in small classes. Stubblefield suggested that we have survived for quite some time with out attendance factoring in to the grade. Steinhauer agreed, but noted that attendance is being graded in a de facto manner in labs and seminars anyway, so why not make it official. Freeman suggested that we should leave decision to use attendance as part of the grade final to the individual course instructor.


Freeman offered the motion that we strike the sentence “While attendance is in itself not a factor in the final grade for a course, faculty have the option of using levels of class participation, quizzes, and other activities in the calculation of a final grade” from the bulletin. Raynor seconded the motion. The motion met with unanimous approval.


O’Brien adjourned the meeting at 4:30 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Giorgis


Minutes of UCC Meeting
February 10, 2009

M. Stolee (Chair), N. Lombardo, A. Gu, T. Kenney, A. Stanley, G. Marcus, D. Baldwin, K. Hoffman, A. Jung, M. Jensen

Guests: B. Simon, J. Boiani, J. Williams, J. McGarreh, R. Young, T. Bazzett, E. Savellos

Call to Order
M. Stolee called the meeting to order at 4:02 PM.

Proposal for INTD 102 is asked to be removed from the agenda.  It has become apparent that in order to pass this course, additional resources may be needed and, with the current budget situation, this proposal has to be postponed.  Committee will revisit at next meeting on March 10, 2009.

New Business

New Courses

BIOL 220: Research Techniques in Biology
No discussion

CHEM 209: Intermediate Chemistry Laboratory

Discussion: This course will be included as part of the revised Chem major in the future


EDUC 334 & EDUC 360: International Student Teaching

Discussion: These new courses basically provide students with the opportunity for a _ semester of student teaching in another country. Two students have already taught in Ghana through a collaboration with Ghana's State Department of Education and one student has registered in SUNY Cortland's program in Australia.  Additionally, the School of Education sees possible opportunities in the UK.  There has not been a problem thus far finding adequate overseeing bodies for student teachers' adjustment and progress abroad, but this will all depend on the variety of options to teach internationally.


PHIL 222: Philosophy and Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean
Discussion: The rationale for this course is that, at the heart of HUM I, the interaction between and trends among philosophy and religion have originated in the same region (Mediterranean), and so it seems natural that a course focused within this area be added to the curriculum.  The Philosophy Department has had a long interest in philosophy and religion but currently only offers one course.  PHIL 222 serves as a way to expand the focus.

Revised Courses

ANTH 209: M/Ethnography of the Iroquois
No discussion

Revised Programs

Asian Studies Minor
Discussion: Be sure not to omit PLSC 328 as an elective within this minor!

BA Geography
No discussion

BA Geophysics, BA Geochemistry, BA GSCI, GSCI/CE BA
Discussion: These programs are essentially being revised due to changes in PHYS.


BIOL and CHEM still need to make revisions based on these changes. In PHYS, no revisions have been made to the program yet, however, there is still more to come.  Stolee will nudge the chairs of those departments.


Old Business
- Based on discussion at a prior meeting, any proposed changes to directed studies in PSYC will be set aside for now

Motion to adjourn - M. Stolee adjourned the meeting at 4:20 pm

The next UCC meeting is scheduled for 3/10, 4 pm, Sturges 105

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Hoffman