College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 14
8 December 2000

The next issue of the Bulletin will be published when I get around to it, sometime in late January. Have a wonderful break!

  Upcoming Meetings


Date   Room Time
13 December FAC Welles 111 3:30 p.m.


Correspondence: Christopher C. Leary, Department of Mathematics, South 324D
E-mail: Phone: 245-5383



Comments from the Chair
Meeting Dates
Calls for Nominations
Executive Committee—30 November 2000
College Senate—5 December 2000

Posting of Grades

Comments from the Chair

Meeting Dates

College Senate will meet on the following dates next semester. All meetings will be in Newton 204 at 4 pm.

  • 20 February

  • 13 March (including the All-College Meeting)

  • 10 April

  • 1 May

Calls for Nominations

Nominations for the 2001–2004 Lockhart and Alumni Supported Professorships, the President's Award for Excellence in Academic Advising, the President's Award for Excellence in Part-time Teaching, and the Harter Mentoring Award. Nominations are due in the Provost's Office no later than 4:15 p.m. on Friday, 15 December 2000. Descriptions of the awards and their criteria can be found on pages 136–138 of the Bulletin.


Executive Committee—30 November 2000

Present: C.Leary, C.Dahl, B.Dixon, J.Lovett, B.Glass, W.Pogozelski, E.Wallace, J.L.Liu, E.Kallin, M.Lima, J.Bushnell, T.Bazett.

I. Call to Order. The meeting was called to order by C.Leary at 12:53 p.m.

II. Provost's Report. Provost Dixon reported that the call for nominations for campus-wide faculty and staff awards hade been sent out (See Bulletin 12, pp.136-138). The nomination deadline is December 15. She reminded the committee that two new awards will be added this year for research and creative activity that are not listed yet. E.Wallace said that the University Senate had passed a resolution for such an award and that the chancellor had said that he was in favor of it. J.Lovett inquired if the new awards for research and creative activity would be at the "excellence" level. The answer was yes. Jan also pointed out that a campus-level service award does not exist. President Dahl said that the college should take that under consideration. The Provost suggested that Faculty Affairs work on it. J.Lovett agreed to draft something for FAC to begin the process of proposing such an award.

The Provost then alerted the committee to mail she received the day before regarding the passage of a bill effective 2001 that forbids posting social security numbers to identify students. She said that if she is interpreting the bill correctly, it will impact class rosters and the posting of grades because students will not be able to be identified by either their names or their social security numbers. President Dahl noted that this bill was an improvement on an earlier, similar bill that was too restrictive. J.Lovett asked if the college would fix the problem by assigning student numbers. The Provost said that it is too early to answer the question, but noted that social security numbers will be able to be used for employment and financial aid. Some suggestions were passed around such as simply not posting grades, using self-addressed postcards, sending email with a Mailmerge option, etc. E.Kallin spoke up in favor of posting the grades for an entire class, saying that students often appreciate being able to see the distribution of grades. J.Lovett said that the current system sometimes provides little anonymity anyway, particularly for a small class, since the names are listed alphabetically.

III. Central Council Report. E.Kallin said that there will be a referendum on student mandatory fees. His main concern is getting people to vote because 50% participation is needed. Central Council is also looking into raising fees by a few dollars to account for inflation and new services.

IV. Student Affairs Report. J.L.Liu reported that three of the four goals of the committee have been met. The last goal involves renovation of the College Union. The committee plans to write letters to The Lamron and to the President calling for the renovations. President Dahl gave suggestions for the letter, saying that any additional rationale for moving up the date of planned renovations would be helpful. M.Lima suggested that J.L.Liu use language from the Diversity Commission Report, since the Union is important for bringing people together.

V. Faculty Affairs Report. M.Lima reported that members of the committee are preparing for a visit with the provost to talk about the teaching evaluation issues that the committee has been discussing.

VI. Graduate Affairs Report. No report.

VII. Vice-Chair's Report. J.Lovett reported that the SUNY Central deadline for Distinguished Professor and Chancellor's Awards is February 3. She asked for recommendations on how to get nominations in the future by the end of the spring semester. President Dahl said that a deadline at the end of the spring semester would be useful, then there could be "catch-up" in the fall and in fact, this change could be implemented this spring. Jan said that a call for nominations had been sent out in April in the past but had been ignored. C.Leary conjectured that it's easier to write a two-page nomination at the beginning of the semester than at the end.

VIII. Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Report. T.Bazzett reported that Dennis Showers from Education had addressed the committee regarding secondary ed proposals for next semester.

IX. The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Wendy Pogozelski
Senate Secretary

College Senate—5 December 2000

Present: S.Bailey, J.Ballard, B.Bonfiglio, B.Briggs, S.Brown, J.Bushnell, P.Case, M.-M.Chang, E.Cleeton, J.Curran, C.Dahl, K.Davies, B.Dixon, C.Faulkner, J.Ferrell, C.Filice, S.Fitzsimons, J.Fowler Morse, D.J.Gallup, J.Garvey, E.Gillin, B.Gohlman, T.Greenfield, J.Guyer, K.Hahn, E.Hall, A.Happ, G.Hartvigsen, A.Hatton, D.Hill, T.-K.Hon, H.Hoops, H.Howe, S.Iyer, K.Jones, B.Joshi, E.Kallin, M.Katter, J.Kirkwood, S.Kirsh, J.Koch, C.Leary, M.Lima, J.L.Liu, J.Lovett, J.McLean, J.Mounts, S.Muench, K.Nichols, J.Over, J.Pacella, P.Pacheco, N.Paternostro, W.Pogozelski, E.Putman, S.Salmon, P.Schacht, N.Schiavetti, M.Skerritt, E.Spilman, L.Stellrecht, M.Stolee, D.Sullivan, C.Truglia, C.Wixson, J.Wrubel.

I. Call to Order. The meeting was called to order by C.Leary at 4:08 p.m.

II. Adoption of Agenda. The agenda was unanimously approved.

III. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting. (Bulletin pp. 140–144). The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.

IV. Approval of New Member of the Faculty Personnel Committee. C.Leary announced that J.Willey of SOPA is retiring in December, leaving a vacancy on the FPC. R..O'Donnell from Biology had earned the next-highest number of votes in the fall 1999 election and C.Leary suggested that he fill the vacancy. The Senate moved unanimously to approve the appointment of Bob O'Donnell to the committee.

V. Senate Reports

A. Chair's Report. C.Leary noted that during the fall elections, some full-time temporary faculty had initially not received ballots, although according to the Constitution, they should have. They were given ballots, however, when they asked for them. The problem has been fixed so that these individuals will be included in future elections. Secondly, Chris asked that when departments submit requests to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or the Graduate Affairs Committee, that they email an electronic copy of the paperwork to him. It saves him scanning and editing the documents for the bulletins.

B. President's Report. President Dahl reported the college is participating another year with the Knight Collaborative Engagement on Strategic Community Partnerships, with consulting from Franklin and Marshall College, Washington and Jefferson College, and Michigan State. The faculty will be asked for a detailed list of community involvement in the future.

C. Provost's Report. Provost Dixon wished good luck to the students facing the end of classes and final exams and reminded faculty to pay attention to college rules about adhering to exam schedules. Alteration of the exam schedule requires specific permission from the Dean. She also alerted faculty to the fact that new legislation has been passed in Albany that affects the posting of grades. According to the Provost's initial interpretation of the law, (which she said could be subject to refinement), beginning in 2001, grades cannot be posted that identify students by name or social security number. J.McLean asked if the law applies even if the students give permission for their names or social security numbers to be used. The Provost said yes. S.Kirsh asked if fall grades, posted using the current format, must be removed by Jan 1. The Provost said yes. H.Hoops then asked if the same law applied to posting grades on line. The Provost replied that the law appears to apply to any manner of posting, when grades for an entire class are included.

D. Treasurer's Report. No report.
E. Vice-Chair's Report. No report.
F. University Faculty Senator's Report. No report.
G. Central Council Report. No report.

VI. Reports of the Standing Committees

A. Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. M.Stolee moved for a first reading for a minor course revision to Communicative Disorders and Sciences 320, Manual Language (Bulletin, p.156). The motion passed unanimously. The second motion, first reading for a new course, English 345, Gay and Lesbian Literature (Bulletin, p.157) also passed unanimously. The motion for an addition of R/Credit to Political Science 251, Modern Political Analysis (Bulletin, p. 162) passed unanimously. A second reading motion for a minor course revision to Geography 261, Geography of North America (Bulletin, p. 113) passed unanimously. A second reading motion for a new course, Management 385, Special Topics in Business, (Bulletin, p.114) passed unanimously. Second reading motions for minor course revisions to Geological Sciences 191, Introduction of Geology at Geneseo (Bulletin, p.121) and Geological Sciences 352, Sedimentation, (Bulletin, p.121) also passed unanimously.

B. Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core, and Review Committee. No report.

C. Faculty Affairs Committee. M.Lima reported that the FAC is working with the administration about hiring a consultant to help the college develop a comprehensive faculty evaluation system.

D. Student Affairs Committee. No report.

E. Graduate Affairs Committee. J.Bushnell moved for a second reading program revision to the M.A. in Speech Pathology (Bulletin, p.100). The motion passed unanimously.

VII. New Business. None

VIII. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned by C.Leary at 4:26 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Pogozelski

Senate Secretary