College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 17  
9 February 2001

  Upcoming Meetings


Date   Room Time
13 February Executive Committee South 209 12:45 p.m.
13 February UCC South 209 4:00 p.m.
13 February FAC Welles 111 4:00 p.m.
20 February College Senate Newton 204 4:00 p.m.
27 February SAC South 110 4:00 p.m.
13 March College Senate Newton 204 4:00 p.m.



Correspondence: Christopher C. Leary, Department of Mathematics, South 324D
E-mail: Phone: 245-5383



Comments from the Chair
Spring Elections Approach
Executive Committee--30 January 2001
Policy Committee--30 January 2001
Faculty Affairs Committee--30 January 2001
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee--30 January 2001
Engl 215--New Course
History 155--New Course
History 161--Minor Course Revision
Hist 162--Minor Course Revision
Hist 260--Minor Course Revision
Hist 264--New Course
Hist 382--New Course

Comments from the Chair

Spring Elections Approach

The Nominations Committee is actively seeking nominees for Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Senator-at-Large. If your term is ending and you would like to run again, or if you would like to run to be an officer of the Senate, or if you know of somone who you think would make a good candidate, please forward their name (or your name) to Jim Allen in Psychology or Pat Murphy in Sociology. They would be pleased to hear from you.


Executive Committee--30 January 2001

Attendance: C.Leary, C.Dahl, B.Dixon, E.Wallace, J.L.Liu, W.Pogozelski, B.Glass, J.Bushnell, T.Bazzett, J.Lovett, E.Gillin, E.Kallin

I. The meeting was called to order by C.Leary at 12:48 p.m.

II. Chair's Report. C.Leary announced that there will be a Senate meeting on Feb 20. Chris reported that he and E.Wallace attended the University Faculty Senate Meeting and the Campus Governance Meeting. A resolution was circulated that had been passed by SUNY Stony Brook and which the Convener of the Campus Governance Leaders is encouraging other campuses to adopt. The resolution (attached at the end of these minutes) asks that the SUNY Provost's Office drop its newly acquired role in examining and approving the content of individual SUNY courses for General Education. A similar resolution will be brought before the Geneseo Senate on Feb. 20. J.Lovett asked if indeed the Provost's Office had been reviewing individual courses based on content. President Dahl and Provost Dixon said yes. C.Leary also reported that a request is being made to the SUNY Provost's office to put additional full-time faculty representatives on the review committee (PACGE) and to allow one full-time faculty member to co-chair the committee.

The next discussion concerned the new U.S. History course requirement and whether it should be a Core Requirement or Graduation Requirement. C.Leary asked the Policy Committee to draft a policy to interpret the U.S. History requirement as a Graduation Requirement. The advantage of this designation is that it doesn't create more requirements for students; they will be able to make the U/course count as an S/requirement. Individual courses will be introduced by the UCC at the Senate meeting on the 13th of March.

III. President's Report. President Dahl reported the results of the Governor's Budget. While $81.8 million had been requested by the SUNY trustees, $55.2 million was allotted. The President said that this was "not great news" but was "relatively good news" when seen in the context of the following. The hospitals of the system no longer have to contribute to the SUNY budget. Since the hospitals had been losing money, this was a loss of revenue. With the new arrangement, schools are no longer dependent on hospital revenue but instead, the Governor is replacing this amount. Secondly, President Dahl said that the Trustees and Chancellor King are serious about pursuing the additional $55.2 million for academic quality initiatives, the campus development fund, and mission review and are, in fact, testifying before the State Assembly. The Chancellor has requested information as to what each campus would do if SUNY is fully funded. President Dahl has said that Geneseo would fund sixteen new full-time professors, a full-time person to assist with grant proposal writing and a director of the Teaching and Learning Center. These initiatives would lower Geneseo's faculty-to-student ratio, would help to target student-faculty research, and would be in line with Geneseo's mission. The President then reported that there had been a positive and productive meeting of Middle States, the Strategic Planning Group and the various subcommittees associated with the Six Goals. Lastly, President Dahl said that the Strategic Community Partnerships are moving forward. People will be inventoried shortly and the relationship with the three other schools (Franklin and Marshall, Washington and Jefferson, and Michigan State) will continue. Representatives from these schools will be visiting Geneseo. As part of this program, Geneseo plans to pilot a possible master's degree program in Urban Education in partnership with Rochester City Schools.

IV. Provost's Report. Provost Dixon announced that the nominations for Campus Awards (including the two Foundation awards, the Mentoring Award, and the Part-Time Teaching Award) have been minimal. The deadline has been extended to 1 February and may be extended yet again if numbers are still low. A discussion followed as to why nominations are so few. J.Lovett suggested that the letter of nomination may be a deterrent, but noted that the letter does not have to be long and does not have to justify the choice. She also said that the requirements for supporting materials to be provided by the nominee may be perceived as being work-intensive. The Provost announced that an evaluation committee will be formed for the awards that consists of two students and four faculty members.

V. Vice-Chair's Report. J.Lovett reported that Chancellor's Awards are on schedule and will be sent out by the end of the week.

VI. University Faculty Senator's Report. E.Wallace reported that he had attended the University Faculty Senate meeting in New Paltz with C.Leary. His report is in the Bulletin.

VII. Central Council Report. E.Kallin reported that Senators are needed for the Spring Semester, one for Student Affairs and two for the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. He also announced that the Student Association is bringing Tony DeAngelo, the principal contributor to Chicken Soup for the College Soul, to campus.

VIII. The meeting was adjourned by C.Leary at 1:41 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Pogozelski

Senate Secretary