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Bulletin 15
Pages 546 - 550
28 January 2000

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549-550 Policy Committee 30 November 1999



Correspondence: Becky L. Glass, Department of Sociology, Sturges 122C
E-mail: Phone: 245-5336



Call for Nominations

Candidates for Spring College Senate Elections

The Committee on Nominations is compiling a slate of candidates for the following College Senate positions:

Vice Chair



Senator at Large (over six years)

Senator at Large (six years and under)

Please suggest candidates for these positions by Monday, February 21 to a member of the Nominations Committee: Jim Allen (Psychology), Randy Bailey (History), Rachel Hall (English), Pat Murphy (Sociology), Wendy Pogozelski (Chemistry), Anne-Marie Reynolds ( SOPA). The Committee on Nominations will present its slate of nominees at the All College Meeting, March 7, 4:00 pm, Newton 204.

Spring College Senate Meetings

February 22
March 7 (All College Meeting)
March 28, if needed
April 11
May 2

All at 4:00 pm, Newton 204

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.

- Robert Frost

Open Forums on

The Future of the SOFIs

Part 1
Wed. Feb. 9 7:15 - 9:30 pm

or (attend the day convenient for you)

Thurs. Feb. 10 12:45 - 2:00 pm

Part 2
Wed. Feb. 16 7:15 - 9:30 pm

or (attend the day convenient for you)

Thurs. Feb. 17 12:45 - 2:00 pm

All meetings in Newton 204

Presentations and discussion to be led by the FAC Subcommittee on Student Evaluations (S. Bandoni, L. Bosch, B. Falk, B. Haskins, M. Lima, B. McCoy, L. Sancilio, N. Schiavetti, H. Waddy)

Students, faculty, and other interested parties are encouraged to participate!


Presidential Approval

President Dahl informed the Senate Chair that he approves the recommendations resulting from the College Senate actions on November 16 and December 7, 1999.

Committee on Undergraduate Academic Policy, Core, and Review

Meeting #1

November 30, 1999

Policy Members Present: K. Barnes, S. Derne, C. Freeman, E. Gillin, W. Gohlman,

S. Iyer, S. Kirsh, S. Landes, J. Lovett, J. Miller, J. Over, E. Spilman, D. Watt

The meeting was called to order at 4:00pm.

The minutes of the previous Joint Policy/UCC meeting (1998-1999 CSB p 355-360) were approved.

W. Gohlman stated that this meeting was called at the request of students who expressed concern regarding faculty office hours. The current policies regarding this matter are the following:

  1. F. Responsibility of Academic Advisors:
      1. Advisors shall post a reasonable number of office hours for advisement during the registration periods.
XVIII. A. Members of the teaching faculty are to be present during the instructional week to:
      1. maintain a balanced weekly schedule of office hours for student conferences.
Does the committee wish to recommend any changes in these policy statements? If so, what changes do we want to recommend?

K. Barnes added that this issue was brought up at the Student Caucuses by the general student body. He explained that there were two separate issues: (1) Some professors do not show up during office hours or leave after the first five minutes. What kind of disciplinary action is appropriate if a professor shirks his/her office hours? (2) Why is there no college-wide formula for how many hours are to be scheduled? The college bulletin has a recommendation that students set aside a specific number of out-of-class hours per credit hour per week. Why not have a similar stipulation for the faculty?

J. Over noted that such a policy, if proposed, would have to be different for adjunct, full-time, tenure-track faculty, etc.

W. Gohlman pointed out that the policies as they stand seem to be deliberately vague. Do we want to sharpen this up? Do departments have guidelines? Should we get information about what the college-wide norm/average is for number of office hours per week?

J. Over said that if a faculty is not present during office hours the student(s) should approach the Chair of the department and then, if required, the Provost/ Dean.

W. Gohlman asked if department chairs check to see if office hours are posted by all members of their faculty. A modification of the existing policies would be needed only if there is a college-wide practice of faculty members not posting office hours and/or not showing up for posted office hours.

S. Iyer suggested that the Dean could include in his Beginning-of-the-Semester-Reminder memo a reminder about the existing office hours policies and that all faculty should post a schedule of office hours. This can be a separate item on the memo or can be included in the reminder regarding "Syllabus Policy".

S. Kirsh said that we need to find out how many faculty are repeat offenders with regard to not being available during office hours. He said that sometimes no students show up while he is in his office and a student shows up when he steps out for a second.

K. Barnes noted that as to the first point he noted earlier, students should be reminded that they should go to the Chair if a professor is unavailable to students. With regard to the second concern, he feels that the existing policies are vague and would like to see them tightened.

D. Watt pointed out that some faculty members have office hours "By Appointment" in addition to posted hours. J. Lovett said that many students find email, voice mail, etc. more convenient than posted hours. W. Gohlman agreed that tightening up the policies will obviously cut down the flexibility. He also noted that the existing policies require a balanced schedule of office hours. Should we have a minimum number of office hours per week included in this policy?

Given below are some suggestions that were made by several members present as to what the next step should be: Survey departments to see how many have set departmental policies. This could be done by requesting the Provost to ask the Chairs at a Chairs’ Meeting. Student senators will remind the general student body that they can approach, in specific cases, the Chair of the department concerned regarding professors who are unavailable during their office hours. Reminder from Dean to be sent regarding office hours at the beginning of each semester. Also, it was suggested that the Dean should send a reminder about upcoming registration events.

New Business: none

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Savi Iyer

Department of Physics and Astronomy