College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 21
Pages 648 - 658
10 March 2000

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649 Call for Nominations: Richard Roark Award
649 Next Senate Meeting

Messages from Chair
649 New Faculty and Staff Lounge in Blake A
650 Spring Senate Elections
650 Corrections to Nominations List

651-653 All College Meeting (7 March)
654-657 Executive Committee (2 March)
658 Faculty Affairs Subcommittee on Student Evaluations (29 February)

Thank You to President Dahl, Vice-President Levison, and CAS Executive Director Tom Bell for their roles in creating the new faculty/staff lounge in Blake!

Faculty and Staff, Please send input on furnishings to Sid Bosch or Dan Repinski


Correspondence: Becky L. Glass, Department of Sociology, Sturges 122C
E-mail: Phone: 245-5336



Call for Nominations

1999-2000 Richard Roark Award

Shortly after Richard Roark's untimely death in 1970, a group of his friends established an award to honor his memory. Richard's friends described him this way: "Richard was a special kind of human being who valued the humane and ethical above all else. He was a scholar and intellectual who treasured learning and especially books with which, he thought, every person could access the accumulated knowledge of all previous civilizations."

The Richard Roark Award is given to a graduating senior whose scholarship and community service exemplify the qualities that were so important to Richard. The recipient is given a stipend to purchase books, and the recipient's name will be inscribed on a plaque displayed in the MacVittie College Union. Please submit nominations by April 17 to Becky Glass, Dept. of Sociology, Sturges 122C.

Next Senate Meeting

March 28

4:00 pm, Newton 204


Faculty and Staff Dining Area/Lounge

I am very pleased to announce that space has been designated in Blake A, above The Hub, as a faculty and staff dining area/lounge. Please see the minutes of the March 7 All College Meeting for details (pp. 653 in this Bulletin). Faculty and staff are encouraged to respond to the email you received from Sid Bosch and Dan Repinski, asking for input on furnishings. If you don't say something now, don't complain later!

Spring Senate Elections

You will receive your ballots for the Spring election about April 3. They will be due April 14. You will have the opportunity to vote for Senate officers, Senators at Large, members for the General Education Committee and the Professional Leave Review Committee, and for the amendment to Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution.

Corrections to Nominations List

The lists of candidates for Senators at Large, which appeared in Bulletin 20 on p. 608, erroneously included some nominees in the "Over 6 Years" category who belong in the "Six Years and Under" category. Please note the corrected lists below.

Candidates for Senators at Large

Over 6 years (vote for six)

Joanie Ballard (Psychology) Tony Macula (Math)
Judy Bushnell (Libraries) Barbara Mason (SOPA)
Ken Cooper (English) Nan Pollot (Libraries)
Carlo Filice (Philosophy) Elias Savellos (Philosophy)
Ed Gillin (English) Meg Stolee (History)
Harold Hoops (Biology) Steve Stubblefield (SOPA)
James Kirkwood (SOPA) Michael Teres (Art)

6 years and under (vote for three)

Terence Bazzett (Psychology) Harry Howe (Business)
Lynette Bosch (Art) Savi Iyer (Physics and Astronomy)
Elaine Cleeton (Sociology) Rose McEwen (Foreign Languages)
Elizabeth Hall (Education) Michael Oberg (History)
Greg Hartvigsen (Biology) Linda Street (Education)

Minutes of the All College Meeting

March 7, 2000

Call To Order: Chair B. Glass called the meeting to order at4:05 p.m.

Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as printed on p.607 of the Senate Bulletin.

Report of the Committee on Nominations: R. Bailey, Chair of theCommittee on Nominations, described the recent history of the committeeand lamented the arduous work involved in convincing friends to run foroffice. Heartfelt sighs of sympathy were audible throughout the room. R.Bailey then presented the slate of nominees for various Senate officesand committees. The nominees are as follows:

Vice Chair: Jan Lovett (Biology)Secretary: Carol Faulkner (History)Wendy Pogozelski (Chemistry)Treasurer: Jane Fowler Morse (Education)Anne-Marie Reynolds (SOPA)

Senators at Large (Over 6 years): Vote for six:

Joanie Ballard (Psychology) Tony Macula (Math)
Judy Bushnell (Libraries) Barbara Mason (SOPA)
Ken Cooper (English) Nan Pollot (Libraries)
Carlo Filice (Philosophy) Elias Savellos (Philosophy)
Ed Gillin (English) Meg Stolee (History)
Harold Hoops (Biology) Steve Stubblefield (SOPA)
James Kirkwood (SOPA) Michael Teres (Art)

Senators at Large (6 years and under): Vote for three:

Terence Bazzett (Psychology) Harry Howe (Business)
Lynette Bosch (Art) Savi Iyer (Physics and Astronomy)
Elaine Cleeton (Sociology) Rose McEwen (Foreign Languages)
Elizabeth Hall (Education) Michael Oberg (History)
Greg Hartvigsen (Biology) Linda Street (Education)

Candidates for the General Education Committee: Vote for one from each grouping:

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Phil Boger (Geological Sciences)
Dave Geiger (Chemistry)
Olympia Nicodemi (Math)
Wendy Pogozelski (Chemistry)

Professional Programs

Harry Howe (Business)

Candidates for Professional Leave Review Committee:

Social Sciences:

Ken Kallio (Psychology)
Pat Murphy (Sociology)


Laura Doan (English)
Jeeloo Liu (Philosophy)

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science:

Bob Beason (Biology)
Dave Meisel (Physics and Astronomy)

B. Glass called for nominations from the floor for the Senate officers, Senators at Large (over 6 years), and Senators at Large (6 years and under). [No nominations are taken from the floor for the General Education Committee because nominations come from the departments; similarly, no floor nominations are taken for the Professional Leave Committee because nominations come from the areas.] No nominations were offered from the floor for any positions. K. Fletcher moved to close the nominations, and J. Bushnell seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Hearing on Proposed Amendment to Constitution of the Faculty of SUNY-Geneseo: B. Glass described the history of the proposed amendment, which is printed on pp. 609-610 of the Senate Bulletin. Two years ago, the Senate voted to change the membership of the Faculty Personnel Committee, but the procedures for FPC elections were left open. Over the last two years, the Committee on Nominations has worked with the Senate Chair to develop a nominations and elections procedure that works. The proposed amendment is more detailed than most other parts of the Constitution. Specifically, it includes timelines to allow completion of the nominations process in time for elections. It also helps to eliminate the need to rely on institutional memory regarding election procedures. B. Glass displayed the proposed amendment and called for questions or other discussion. H. Waddy referred to a section of the proposed amendment regarding the compilation of the final list of nominees from the lists submitted by departments. She noted that it was unclear how the final list was to be compiled, and she asked for the reason these details were omitted. B. Glass responded that past procedures involved keeping those nominees with the highest number of votes for the final slate. This language was left out of the proposed amendment because the requirement that the committee include a specific proportion of full professors may lead to a necessity to include nominees with tied votes. No other questions were raised, and B. Glass noted that the proposed amendment will be included on the ballots for the Spring elections.


1. B. Gohlman announced that the second of two forums on the Foreign Language requirement for General Education will be held at 12:45 p.m. next Tuesday (March 14th, 2000) in Newton 204. The forum today was lightly attended. B. Gohlman encouraged all to attend the second forum, at which the Policy Committee will present information and gather opinions on the committee’s recommendation on the Foreign Language requirements.

2. B. Glass announced that space has been designated on the first floor of Blake A for a faculty and staff lounge. For some time, faculty have been seeking a quiet and comfortable space to have lunch and interact with colleagues. Through the cooperation and generosity of President Dahl, Vice President Levison, and CAS Director Tom Bell, that will soon be a reality. B. Glass emphasized the "first class manner" in which the space has been made available to all of us. First, Tom Bell gave up his own office in Blake A to use for the lounge. This is a beautiful space, with lots of windows and high ceilings, not a dingy backroom somewhere! Second, VP Levison has been working with Sid Bosch and Dan Repinski (appointed by B. Glass) on planning the furnishings for the space. Sid and Dan recently sent an email asking for input about what faculty and staff would like in the lounge. Once input is received, an interior designer will be brought in to translate our concepts into furniture and window treatments and groupings. Faculty and staff will now have an attractive, spacious lounge in an appealing location with professionally designed appointments. B. Glass requested and received a round of applause for President Dahl, Vice-President Levison, and Tom Bell for creating this space for us. She added that the lounge project also led to new furnishings for the Senate office, which is upstairs in Blake. Again, we thank Dr. Dahl and Dr. Levison for their commitment to Senate and to faculty and staff.

3. B. Glass announced that the University Faculty Senate, UUP, and the SUNY Chancellor are sponsoring a conference on Academic Freedom in Albany, from noon on Friday, March 31 to about 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 1. K. Kallio sent an email last week about the conference, and B. Glass encouraged faculty to consider going. President Dahl and Provost Dixon have offered financial support for the overnight stay, UUP will pay the registration, and the conference provides the food. Some of the topics to be covered include: Intellectual copyrights; Corporization of public universities; Academic freedom in the 21st century; Culture wars; and a dialog between Bill Schuerman of UUP, SUNY Trustee Randy Daniels, and the President of the University of Rhode Island. Anyone interested in attending should see B. Glass or K. Kallio as soon as possible.

Adjournment: The All College Meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Joanie Ballard
Secretary of College Senate