College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 11
Pages 254 - 454
12 November 1999

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255 Call for Nominations 
  Supported Professorships
  Harter Mentoring Award, President's Advising Award, O'Brien Teaching Award
255 Announcements
  Spring Senate Meetings
256-259 Agenda
  College Senate Meeting 16 November
260 FAC Subcommittee on Criteria for Promotion and Cont. Appt. (26 October)
261-453 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (9 November)
454 Senate Fund Appeal

Reminder: President's Budget Presentation at
Nov. 16 Senate Meeting
All are invited and welcome to attend.

More Senate meetings than usual next Spring!
See inside.


Correspondence: Becky L. Glass, Department of Sociology, Sturges 122C
E-mail: Phone: 245-5336



Last Call for Nominations for Supported Professorships

Deadline for nominations is Monday, November 15
for Lockhart Professor and Geneseo Foundation Professor

See Bulletin p. 149 for details.


Nominations are now being accepted for:

Harter Mentoring Award

President's Advising Award

President's Award for Excellence in Part-time Teaching
Deadline for nominations is Wednesday, December15

See Bulletin p. 164-165 for details.

Letters of nomination for all the above awards should be addressed to the Campus Awards Selection Committee, c/o the Provost's Office, Erwin 205. Nominees will be contacted and told what supporting documentation to provide.




Spring College Senate Meetings

The NYS Dept. of Education has issued new regulations for Schools of Education, which require several curriculum changes. In order for our UCC to examine the proposals and present them to Senate for first and second readings prior to the April 1 deadline, the following schedule has been developed for Spring semester.

February 22
March 7 (All College Meeting)
March 28, if needed
April 11
May 2
All at 4:00 pm, Newton 204

College Senate Meeting

16 November 1999

4:00 pm


Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
(19 October, Bulletin pp. 169-170)

Senate Reports

Chair's Report B. Glass
President's Report C. Dahl
  Budget Presentation  
Provost's Report B. Dixon
Treasurer's Report M. Mohan
University Faculty Senator's Report J. Bulsys (for E. Wallace on sabbatical)
Central Council Report A. Gridley

Reports of the Standing Committees

Undergraduate Curriculum T. Bazzett

Second Readings (A motion will be made to present these in packages by depts.)


Revision of Minor Program: Human Development Minor (p.96-98)


Course Deletions: Math 367 Problem Seminar in Actuarial Science I (p.99)
  Math 368 Problem Seminar in Actuarial Science II (p.99)


Revision of Major Program: Accounting
  Add CSCI 114 121 131 to Computer Science requirement (p.100)
Course Revision: Change Econ 230 to Econ 320 (p. 101)
Revision of Major Program: Economics (p. 102-104)
Revision of Major Program: School of Business
  Restriction of 300-level courses to majors & minors (p. 105)
Revision of Minor Program: Economics (P. 106-107) 


Additions to M/Core: Engl 360 Post-colonial Literature (pp. 111-112)
  Plsc 240 Asia in a Global Setting (p. 113)
Revision of Minor Program: Criminal Justice Minor (pp. 114-117)
Revision of Minor Program: Modern European Studies (p. 118-120)


Course Deletions: Pscy 345 Sensation and Perception (p. 121)
  Pscy 252 Advanced Behavioral Research Methods & Statistical Analysis (p. 122)
Course Revisions: Revisions of prereq. for 300-level courses (p. 123)
New Courses: Pscy 352 Advanced Research in Psychology: (Subtitle) (pp.124-135)
  Pscy 357 Behavior Genetics (pp. 136-139)
Revision of Major Program: Revisions to reflect previous changes (pp. 140-147)


First Readings (A motion will be made to present these in packages by depts.)

Addition to M/ Core: Phil 214 Chinese Philosophy (pp. 203-204)
New Course:  Engl 210 Elements of Screen Writing (pp. 205-206)
Political Science  
Course Revision: PlSc 140 International Politics (pp. 207-208)
Revision of Minor Program: International Relations Minor (p.209-212)
New Courses: Math 332 Linear Programming and Operations Research (pp. 213-216)
  Math 366 Mathematical Foundations of Actuarial Science (pp. 217-220)
New Courses:  Hist 166 African American History (pp. 221-224)
  Hist 261 Native American History (pp. 227-233)
  Hist 280 Topics in Global History:(subtitle) (pp. 235-240)
  Hist 381 Traditional China (pp. 241-248)
Addition to M/Core:  Hist 261 Native American History (p. 234)
Course Revision:  Hist 265/366 African Americans in the Age of Jim Crow 
(pp. 225-226)
New Course: Intd 200 Research in Washington DC (pp. 249-253)
Revisions of Major Program: See below and pp. 264-268
  Revisions of prerequisites (p. 280)
Course Revisions: Anth 101 Exploration of Human Diversity (pp. 269-272)
  (pp. 273-275)
  Anth 115/215 Ancient Civilization in the Old World
  (p. 276)
  Anth 306 Human Growth and Development (p. 277)
  Anth 310 Classical Anthropological Theory (p. 278)
Course Deletions: Anth 102, 111, 116, 213, 217, 218, 219, 221, 227, 251, 303
  (p. 279)
Additions to M/S/Core: Anth 202 Traditional Systems of Healing (pp. 281-283)
  Anth 216 Native Voices: Africa and the Caribbean 
  (pp. 284-286)
  Anth 243 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective 
  (pp. 287-289)
New Courses: Anth 228 Applied Anthropology (pp. 290-300)
  Anth 229 Ethnography and Film (pp. 301-308)
  Anth 231 Sociolinguistics (pp. 309-319)
  Anth 232 Chinese Ethnography (pp. 320-329)
  Anth 247 Cultural Resource Management (pp. 330-336)
  Anth 282 Qualitative Methods in Anthropology 
  (pp. 337-343)
  Anth 283 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology 
  (pp. 344-352)
  Anth 309 Topics in Primatology (pp. 353-359)
  Anth 321 Contemporary Theory in Anthropology
  (pp. 360-369)
  Anth 346 Topics in Archeology (pp. 370-378)
New Course: Biol 250 Biological Data Analysis (pp. 379-385)
Course Revisions: New title for Geog 385 (p. 386)
  Change no. of Geog 285 to 295 (p. 387)
New Courses: Geog 351 Environment and Development (pp. 388-395)
  Geog 381 Economic Globalization (pp. 396-403)
School of Performing Arts  
Course revisions: Changes in titles and course descriptions for Musc 140s, 240s, 340s (pp. 404-407)
  Changes in titles and course descriptions for Musc 331, 333, 335 (pp. 408-410)
  Change no. of Thea 222 to Thea 311 (p. 411)
New Courses: Thea 204 Asian Theatre Survey (pp. 412-421)
  Thea 270 Video Production (pp. 422-426)
  Thea 310 Playwriting (pp. 427-431)
Revision of Minor Program: Minor in Theatre (p. 432)
Computer Science  
New Courses: Csci 119 Object Oriented Programming: Subtitle 
(pp. 433-442)  
  Csci 120 Procedural Programming: Subtitle (pp. 443-450)
Course Deletions: Csci 121 C/Scientific Programming I (p. 451)
  Csci 131 C/Pascal Programming (p. 451)
Course Revisions: Change prerequisite for Csci 141 Intro. To Computer Science (p. 452)
  Change prerequisite for Csci 219 Object-Oriented Design and Programming (p. 453)

Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core, and Review B. Gohlman
Graduate Academic Affairs   Judy Bushnell
First Readings  
Communicative Disorders & Sciences  
Revision of Graduate Program: Speech Pathology (pp. 198-199)
Course Deletions: Hist 456, 457, 458, 463, 464, 482 (p. 200)
Faculty Affairs N. Schiavetti
Student Affairs E. Crosby

Unfinished Business

New Business


October 26, 1999

In attendance: I. Bosch, E. Cleeton, C. Filice, J. Koch, N. Pollot, A. Reynolds.

The subcommittee first discussed how other SUNY four-year colleges deal with continuing appointment and promotion to associate professor and, based on N. Pollot's research, came to the conclusion that Geneseo's practice of considering the two separately is common within the SUNY system. C. Felice reported that Geneseo is likewise in line with other SUNY colleges in that the majority of tenured persons are at the level of either Associate or Full Professor, suggesting that despite being considered separately, the two decisions typically go hand in hand. N. Pollot will poll the other SUNY colleges regarding any specific guidelines they follow in making tenure and promotion decisions.

The subcommittee then turned their attention to SUNY Geneseo specifically. S. Bosch presented charts made by S. Padalino on continuing appointment and promotion decisions between 1987-1997. These included graphs suggesting that the vast majority of these decisions yielded favorable results. A question was raised concerning the number of candidates who were not renewed in the stages prior to the tenure review, not represented by the charts. The graphs also showed that a majority, if less vast, of those seeking promotion to Associate Professor were also successful. Question was raised concerning the number of people who, after first being turned down, ultimately were

successful in their quest for tenure, again an aspect not addressed by the charts. The greatest disagreement in decisions concerning promotion during these ten years was found to occur between the Department Chairs and the Faculty Personnel Committee.

S. Bosch reported that the College of Charleston, South Carolina, a member of the Coalition of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, has essentially the same system for tenure and promotion as SUNY Geneseo. E. Cleeton will have her research assistants look up information on the other COPLAC institutions's practices.

The discussion then turned to the question of salary increases accompanying tenure and/or promotion decisions at other comparable SUNY institutions. It was suggested that $1000 at the time of tenure and another $1000 at the promotion to Associate Professor might be preferable to the present practice at SUNY Geneseo of reserving the entire $2000 raise for the latter step. Several members questioned whether this issue is within the purview of this subcommittee.

The next meeting was scheduled for two weeks hence.

Respectfully submitted by

Anne-Marie Reynolds