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Bulletin 12
17 November 2000  


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21 November

Executive Committee

South 110

12:50 p.m.

28 November 


South 209

4 p.m.

28 November

Student Affairs Committee

South 110

4 p.m.

5 December

College Senate

Newton 204

4 p.m.


Correspondence: Christopher C. Leary, Department of Mathematics, South 324D
E-mail: Phone: 245-5383


Comments from the Chair
Fall Elections--Results
Fall Elections--Thanks

Call for Nominations
2001–2004 Lockhart and Alumni Supported Professorships
Call for Nominations
2001 Campus Awards
President's Award for Excellence in Academic Advising
President's Award for Excellence in Part-time Teaching
Harter Mentoring Award

Executive Committee--9 November 2000
College Senate--14 November 2000

Spring Elections




Comments from the Chair

Fall Elections--Results

Balloting in the Fall Election ended on Friday, 10 November at 4:00 p.m. A total of 232 ballots were cast in the election, which translates into 53.9% of the eligible voters. The following people were elected.


Nominations Committee:

Dave Aagesen


Ted Everett


Cynthia Klima



Faculty Personnel Committee:

Laura Doan


Dave Geiger


Bill Gohlman


Gary Towsley



University Faculty Senator:

Bill Gohlman


Fall Elections--Thanks

First of all, I would like to thank all of the people who were nominees for the various positions. Their willingness to hold these positions is a tremendous service to all of us.

I would also like to thank Maryann Stopha and Tim Sullivan for their work in designing and implementing the electronic balloting. The system seemed to work well and I was pleased with the positive feedback that I have received from many people.

Of course, if you have comments about the balloting (or any other aspect of the election) I urge you to give me a call or drop me a note at

Call for Nominations

2001–2004 Lockhart and Alumni Supported Professorships

(Rights and Responsibilities)

1) A $6000 annual grant from the Geneseo Foundation for the term of the appointment.

2) The privilege, as a part of their normal teaching load, to design and teach one course of their choosing per year. This course will be designated as a Lockhart or Geneseo Foundation course.

3) The responsibility of delivering one College-wide lecture on a topic of their choice during their term.

4) Individuals selected for either professorship must commit to continuous service, uninterrupted by leaves of absence or sabbaticals, for the term of the appointment.


1) Rank of at least Associate Professor with continuing appointment;

2) A demonstrated record of superior teaching and involvement of students in the learning process;

3) A demonstrated record of superior advisement, both formal and informal;

4) A visible and meaningful involvement in campus life; and

5) An active scholarly life.


Nominations will be accepted from faculty, staff and students, and should consist of a narrative of no more than two pages describing the nominee's fulfillment of the aforementioned criteria.

Nominations should be submitted to the Campus Awards Selection Committee, c/o Provost’s Office, Erwin 205, by 4:15 p.m. on Friday, December 15, 2000.

Call for Nominations

2001 Campus Awards

President's Award for Excellence in Academic Advising

President's Award for Excellence in Part-time Teaching

Harter Mentoring Award



  • Three years of continuous service as a full-time member of Geneseo’s teaching faculty

  • Three years of service as a faculty advisor at the college

  • An advisement load equal to, or greater than, the mean for their department

  • Previous recipients are not eligible within five years of receiving the award

Criteria (evidence that the nominee performs superbly in three essential areas of advising)

  • Communicating knowledge of college and program requirements

  • Communicating knowledge of campus resources, and

  • Developing mentoring relationships with advisees

(Inspired by the teaching contributions of Joseph O’Brien)


  • Six recent semesters of teaching at the college

  • Must be teaching during the semester being considered

Criteria: (adapted from the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching)

  • Superb teaching performance over time

  • Setting high academic standards for students and helping them attain academic excellence

  • Commitment to students, including accessibility outside of class

(Endowed by former President Carol Harter and Dr. Michael Harter)

Criteria: (evidence must demonstrate)

  • Commitment to teaching that goes beyond the classroom to the student’s intellectual and/or creative development

  • Substantial work with students by encouraging research, facilitating scholarly work, and/or creative activities


Nominations will be accepted from faculty, staff and students, and should consist of a narrative of no more than two pages describing the nominee’s fulfillment of the aforementioned criteria.

Nominations should be submitted to the Campus Awards Selection Committee, c/o Provost’s Office, Erwin 205, by 4:15 p.m. on Friday, December 15, 2000.


Executive Committee--9 November 2000

Present: C. Leary, C. Dahl, E. Wallace, B.Glass, E.Gillin, J. Lovett, T. Bazzett, J. Bushnell, J.Liu, M.Lima, E.Kallin, W. Pogozelski

1. C. Leary called the meeting to order at 12:52 p.m.

2. Chair's Report
C. Leary reported that he was pleased with the on-line election, saying that a quorum had already been achieved. An email reminder was to be sent out that day. There were several favorable comments on the ease of the procedure. E.Gillin asked if numbers of respondents in past elections was known, for the purpose of comparison with this year's response. Chris replied that those numbers could theoretically be determined but that they were not immediately accessible. President Dahl said that his hunch would be that the response was higher this year than in previous years. Results of the election will be announced to the individuals on Monday and to the Senate on Tuesday. There was a discussion of why the actual results of the election (votes per individual) are not given, since it may be useful for the first runner-up to be aware of his or her status in case the winner leaves campus on a sabbatical, etc. C.Leary said that the policy was designed to avoid embarrassment and he was hesitant to alter the tradition.

C.Leary then said that he wants to begin looking at constitutional amendments regarding individual committees. He would like to get these in shape in January for the Spring election. If something regarding a committee's practice is missing from the constitution or does not agree with current procedures, he would like to know about it so that the issue can be addressed.

3. President's Report
President Dahl reported that he had presented a paper October 23rd at a conference on the future of charter colleges in New York State. Although he believes that the charter college is an imperfect model for Geneseo, he finds several "promising ideas" in the concept. He favors a funding and flexibility model similar to that of St. Mary's College of Maryland that would give Geneseo the ability to differentiate itself, allowing us to lower our student-faculty ratio, accommodate student-faculty research, etc. He is happy to talk further about this.

The President also said that the campus has completed negotiations with the system administration on the Memorandum of Understanding from the Mission Review Process. The document defines the college's mission and deals with specific issues and he will be happy to give it to anyone who requests it. C.Leary said that it could be made available on the web.

J.Lovett asked if accessibility to such documents would be limited to the campus. President Dahl said that it was "a heck of a good question" and he would prefer some information that is not in final form to be internal. B.Glass said that when the Senate web page was set up, it was internal but she was not sure if that had changed. The issue will be raised with CIT.

President Dahl reported that there had been lots of volunteers for the Strategic Planning Groups. He expressed appreciation for the volunteers and said that the lists of committee members would be compiled and sent out shortly.

He also expressed thanks for the response to the SEFA campaign. The campus goal was to raise $26,000; an amount of $36,000 was raised. There was 36% participation.

4, Vice-Chair's Report. No report.

5. Treasurer's Report. No report.

6. Central Council Report.
E.Kallin said Janet Wells, Director of Academic Affairs on Central Council is looking for volunteers to help with the College Bowl to be held on Saturday, November 18 from 11 am to 4 pm. Judges, question readers and timekeepers are needed. She can be reached at Eric reported that Geneseo was awarded the Student Award for Leadership Training at the NEACURH conference last month. Inter-Residence Council attended the conference as SUNY Geneseo representatives. Lastly, Eric reported that Student Association President Nicole Duxbury and representative Eric Blask attended the Student Assembly Meeting in Utica. They had the opportunity to speak with Student Association Executive Officers from around the state and felt that Geneseo is doing well.

7. University Faculty Senator's Report
E.Wallace attended the University Senate meeting in Morrisville where four resolutions were passed.

8. Student Affairs Committee
J.L.Liu reported that the Committee has come up with the final version of the survey on bias and discrimination on campus, and is now going through a voting procedure via e-mail. She asked about the legitimacy of their proposed method, which would be setting up a web link for students to fill out the survey. President Dahl thought that doing a computer survey would not guarantee a representative result. B.Glass concurred. President Dahl suggested asking the assistance of Jim McNally from the Office of Institutional Research.

9. Since time ran out, the meeting was adjourned at 1:53 pm and will reconvene on
Tuesday, November 21 at 12:50 in South Hall 110.

Respectfully submitted,
Wendy Pogozelski
Senate Secretary

College Senate--14 November 2000

Attendance: H.Almubaid, S.Bailey, J.Ballard, T.Bazzett, B.Bonfiglio, S.Brown, J.Bushnell, C.Faulkner, M.-M.Chang, J.Curran, C.Dahl, K.Davies, B.Dixon, CT.Feeley, J.Ferrell, C.Filice, S.Fitzimons, J.Fowler Morse, D.J.Gallup, E.Gillin, B.Gohlman, T.Greenfield, A.Gu, J.Guyer, K.Han, E.Hall, A.Happ, G.Hartvigsen, A.Hatton, D.Hill, T.-K.Hon, H.Hoops, H.Howe, T.Hurlburt, S.Iyer, K.Jones, B.Joshi, E.Kallin, M.Katter, J.Kirkwood, A.Kline, J.Doch, S.Landes, C.Leary, M.Lima, J.L.Liu, B.Lofquist, J.Lovett, T.Macula, R.McEwen, S.McKenna, J.McLean, D.Metz, J.Mounts, S.Bandoni Muench, K.Nichols, O.Nicodemi, J.Pacella, P.Pacheco, N.Paternostro, W.Pogozelski, A.-M.Reynolds, S.Salmon, P.Schact, N.Schiavetti, N.Shay, M.Skerritt, E.Spilman, L.Stellrecht, C.Truglia, E.Wallace, J.Wrubel

I. Call to Order. C.Leary called the meeting to order at 4:03 p.m.

II. Adoption of Agenda. A motion to adopt the agenda was made, seconded and passed.

III. Approval of Minutes. A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last College Senate meeting as listed on pp. 90-95 of the Bulletin. The motion was seconded and passed.

IV. Senate Reports.

A. Chair's Report. C.Leary reported that the elections had ended Friday at 4:00. Out of 430 eligible voters, 232 had cast votes, representing a participation rate of 53.9%. For the Nominations Committee, the recipients of the highest number of votes were Dave Aagesen, Ted Everett, and Cynthia Klima. For the Faculty Personnel Committee, the most votes went to Laura Doan, Bill Gohlman, Dave Geiger and Gary Towsley. The new University Faculty Senator is Bill Gohlman.

B. President's Report. President Dahl began by congratulating Associate Provost Steve Padalino on being named Professor of the Year by CASE. He announced that there will be a celebration on 29 November. The President then commended the people who worked on the SEFA campaign, in particular Jerry Wrubel who chaired the campaign. The goal was to raise roughly $26,000 and an amount of approximately $36,000 was collected. The President's Office is putting together the six committees that will work with the Strategic Planning Committee on the six assigned goals. President Dahl said that 65-70 students, faculty, and staff had volunteered for these committees and he hopes to get the process in motion by the end of the week. Lastly, the President announced that the college is participating in a joint project with village trustees and officials to look into parking issues in the village, stressing that the college has always had good relations with the village. E.Wallace asked if the Doty parking lot (opened when BB lot closed due to construction) would remain open after construction was complete. President Dahl said yes. He also noted that parking issues at Geneseo are difficult due to the fact that parking lot maintenance and construction are not funded by a parking fee as they are in other places.

C. Provost's Report. Provost Dixon announced that her office has temporarily moved to the basement of Bailey Hall but hopes to be back in Erwin by 1 February. She said that Friday's Bulletin will include a call for nominations of supported professorships, advising and mentoring awards and the part-time teaching award. She stressed that these awards depend on peer recognition of outstanding performance. Both she and the president encouraged students to submit nominations. A campus-wide email message about the awards will be sent out. Lastly, the Provost said that she and the two co-chairs of the Middle States Review had attended the Middle States Conference. They found that Geneseo is in satisfactory shape in relation to its preparation for the on-site visit, assuming that assessment plans continue and people keep working at the current speed. She encouraged faculty and students to attend the open forums and to read the first draft statements that are or will be available.

D. Treasurer's Report. No report.

E. Vice-Chair's Report. No report.

F. University Faculty Senator's Report. E.Wallace reported that he had attended a meeting in Morrisville where four resolutions had been passed. These are listed in the Bulletin (pp.131-133).

G. Central Council Report. E.Kallin reported that the College Bowl will be held Saturday 18 November in the College Union. Janet Welles is looking for volunteers to help her judge, keep score, or ask the questions. Volunteers should contact her at Eric also reported that on Saturday, 12 November, HUG, BSU, USCA and KASA participated in the first-ever collaborative Inter-Cultural Night. The evening began with a dinner featuring dishes from many different cultures and culminated in a showcase of cultural dance, poetry, and fashion. The event was partly funded with a CAS grant and raised over $500 for charity. Eric said to look for Inter-cultural Night II next semester. In conclusion, E.Kallin reported that the SAFE Rider program has been a great success so far. Over 750 students and faculty have been safely transported through the service, which runs Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am with extended hours during finals time.

V. Standing Committee Reports

A. Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. T. Bazzett called for motions on the following courses. Mathematics 214 (Bulletin, p.62), second reading, course deletion: a motion was made, seconded and approved. Geography 261, Geography of North America (Bulletin, p.113), first reading, minor course revision: a motion was made, seconded and approved. Management 385, Special Topics in Business (Bulletin, p.114), new course: a motion was made, seconded, and approved. Geological Sciences 191, Introduction to Geology at Geneseo (Bulletin p.121), first reading, minor course revision: a motion was made, seconded and approved. Geological Sciences 352, Sedimentation (Bulletin, p.121), minor course revision: a motion was made, seconded, and approved. T.Bazzett concluded by saying that the next UCC meeting would be held on November 28.

B. Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core, and Review Committee. E.Gillin spoke regarding a second reading of the policy concerning the distribution of course syllabi. The first reading passed in the Senate on 17 October 2000. In the Academic Affairs section of the Policies and Procedures Manual (c.f. Bulletin p.65 and 129), the current version reads:

XII. Course Outlines. Each faculty member is required to prepare course outlines, which will contain the following information which will be distributed to the students during the first week of each semester…

The motion was to change the reading to:

XII. Course Outlines. Each faculty member is required to prepare course outlines, a hard copy of which will be distributed to students during the first week of each semester.

Ed said the committee recognized the general computer literacy on campus and could conceivably revisit the issue in the future. He said that for the time being, course syllabi are documents that professors want students to have in their hands even when computers are not available. Also, using on-line syllabi transfers obligation to the student and with the limited printing available for students, it "makes sense" for faculty to print out syllabi. H.Hoops recommended that "hard copy" be changed to "paper copy". A motion to amend the wording to read "paper copy" was made, seconded, and approved with at least one nay. A motion to accept the reworded policy was made, seconded, and approved with at least one nay.

The next motion was introduced by Dean Greenfield. The motion addresses courses that correspond to SUNY General Education requirements. (c.f. Bulletin, pp.108-109).

The motion is to revise core review policies to note that no new core course that corresponds to a SUNY General Education Outcome [Social Science, Fine Arts, Mathematics (Numeric/Symbolic), Natural Science, Humanities, Other Civilizations (Multicultural), US History, others as they may apply] will be approved for core credit until SUNY System has approved the course for core.

The rationale is to keep our core consistent with SUNY's core and to avoid having two cores, creating complications in advising, and eliminating the potential for students to meet the Geneseo requirements, but have their degree revoked for not meeting the SUNY core requirements. The motion was seconded. Then G.Hartvigssen asked if a student who fails to meet a SUNY core requirement by taking a course that is part of the Geneseo core could not just get a waiver from the Dean's Office. Dean Greenfield said that SUNY would have to agree to it, and there is a chance that SUNY would not. T.Macula said that he wanted to "speak out strongly against" the motion, saying that faculty should resist politically motivated influences on the curriculum. He said that since Geneseo requires two courses per division, the probability of a student being in the situation described was small. He also expressed concern at the requirement to submit courses to SUNY "before we even consider" the courses and that the primary allegiance of faculty should be to scholarship. A.Gu asked Tony for an example of political motivation. Tony gave an example of a course in socialism and said that there was potential for a SUNY person to take exception to something in a syllabus. Dean Greenfield responded by saying that a correction could be made to let Geneseo approve a course, but to hold off implementation until SUNY approves it. He also reiterated that without this policy, students could be harmed. O.Nicodemi agreed with T.Macula and asked that the potential harm to students be elucidated. Would SUNY prevent a student from graduating? The Provost said that it would be likely that SUNY will conduct an audit to monitor compliance in the future, although this plan has not been stated explicitly. Dean Greenfield said that Geneseo has a mandate like everyone else in the state and while there are many ways to resist it, making student transcripts the battleground for fighting SUNY would be "irresponsible". E.Gillin noted that as someone with a proprietary interest in students and their welfare, he also wanted to speak against the motion, given the history of campus control. He said that Geneseo has been blessed with administrations where there was little friction regarding the curriculum. While concerns about two cores and students being hapless victims of the two cores were serious concerns, he feared what would happen if we do not resist. J.McLean asked how Geneseo core courses have survived [becoming acceptable for SUNY core]. The Dean replied that prior to 1999, SUNY Central was not involved. Of the Geneseo core course list, six courses were rejected by SUNY Central. For two of those courses the departments agreed with SUNY and pulled the courses from the list. Two more were revised, sent back to SUNY, and approved. One revised course was not approved but may be resubmitted in the future. Another department is still determining whether to revise or pull the sixth course. J.Ballard said that she concurred with E.Gillin and that the wording of the motion was not in the spirit of what Dean Greenfield had said, since the wording implies that Geneseo won't even attempt to approve any courses until SUNY approval has been obtained. Dean Greenfield offered to change "approve" to "implement". S.Iyer asked how difficult it would be to simply list SUNY core requirements and Geneseo core requirements. Dean Greenfield said that adding lines to bulletins and catalogs is easy, but double-checking requirements is not and that the impact would not be worth the hassle, based on the number of misunderstandings that his office receives now. B.Lofquist suggested that a future SUNY administration might remove these requirements and recommended resisting until problems occur. At this point, Provost Dixon moved to table the motion. The motion to table was seconded and it passed with several nays.


C. Faculty Affairs Committee. No report.

D. Student Affairs Committee. J.L.Liu reported that the Committee had met with Tom Bell from CAS to discuss the issues of Smart Cards and food service. Tom Bell explained the criteria for free replacement of Smart Cards. If the cards get worn out from overuse, they can be replaced for free. However, students are advised to carry their cards in the original envelope. The Committee found this explanation satisfactory. The Committee also conveyed student complaints about the early closing time of dining halls. Most dining halls stop their hot meal service at 7 PM and some students have late afternoon classes until 7 PM. Tom Bell agreed to extend the dinner service at the Union to 8 PM. J.L.Liu asked the students to spread the word of these new hours. Finally, it was announced that the Committee has approved a form to survey bias and discrimination on campus. The next steps involve finding the best way to conduct the survey and meeting with the Subcommittee on Diversity.

E. Graduate Affairs Committee. J.Bushnell proposed a first reading program revision for the M.A. in Speech Pathology (Bulletin, p.100). The motion was made, seconded, and passed.

VI. Old Business. None

VII. New Business. None.

VIII. Adjournment. C.Leary adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Pogozelski

Senate Secretary