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12 October 2001

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38 Faculty Affairs Committee, Sept. 25, 2001
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46 Agenda College Senate Meeting, Oct. 16, 2001

Correspondence: Janice A. Lovett,Department of Biology,

Bailey 210; e-mail:; phone:245-5413

Fall 2001College Senate Meeting Schedule
October 16 (Immediately preceeded by the All College Meetingat which the Committee on Nominations will report.)
November 6
December 4

Upcoming Senate Committee Meetings
October 23 Faculty Affairs Committee 4 PM Welles 111.

Senate Bulletin Mailing List
Any member of the College Community may receive an individual copy of the College Senate Bulletin. If you would like to receivea copy please send your name as you like it to appear on the mailinglabel and your campus address to the Senate Chair, Janice Lovett, or 210 Bailey.

Senate Small Grants Awards for Fall 2001
Congratulations go out to Emilye Crosby, Assistant Professorof History, Graham Drake, Associate Professor of English and MichaelRozalski, Assistant Professor of Education, who were recipientsof Senate Small Grant Awards for Fall 2001.

Minutes for Faculty Affairs Committee Meeting

Present: Chair JMcLean, J Ballard, T Book, W Cook, K Hannam, R Hartman, S McKenna,J Putorti, N Paternostro, M Putman, P Schacht,

I. Meeting was called to order at 4:02 PM.
II. Members introduced themselves.
III. Chair discussed the schedule for FAC meetings this semester– Tuesdays when needed in Welles 111.
IV. Chair reported that Pres. Dahl accepted the resolutionfrom last years FAC committee to appoint a Task Force (whose chargesare: 1. to study the existing processes of faculty evaluationand development 2. to design an organized, integrated, and comprehensivesystem of faculty evaluation and development.)
V. Chair brought a few concerns to consider as businessfor the upcoming year. Should we:

A. Reviewthe Guidelines for Continuing Appointment & Promotion to Associate Professor? This is a left-over chargefrom the 1999-2000 FAC Committee
B. Organize lunch-time discussions such as those arrangedlast year by Past Chair C Leary & Provost B Dixon?
C. Promote the Teaching/Learning Center?
D. Facilitate one faculty member’s request to haveSenate issue a statement of endorsement for distance learning?
E. Attempt to “free-up” the College FreePeriod on Thursdays?

VI. The committee decidedto:

A. Begin reviewingthe Guidelines including those to Full Professor.
B. Investigate whether or not there is still a ProfessionalDevelopment Committee who could organize lunch time discussions.
C. Let the Professional Development Committee handle thepromotion of the Teaching/Learning Center.
D. Send the Distance Learning “blessing” request to Policy Committee.
E. Investigate the types of activities that are (are not)allowed during the College Free Period.

VI. Chair McLean askedif members had any issues they wanted addressed.

A. Shouldwe reopen the requirement of paper syllabi? The committee decidedthat this concern belonged to the Policy Committee.
B. We decided that we should find out what connections aresupposed to be between FAC and the Task Force.

VII. Announcement – Next meeting will be Tuesday, 10/23/01, 4:00 PM in Welles 111.
VIII. Adjournment – 4:48 PM.

Respectfully submitted by S McKenna

Research Council Meeting Minutes
26 September 2001

Present: Ganie DeHart, Ming-Mei Chang, Nadar Asgary, Anne Eisenberg,Dave Johnson, Liz Hall, Roxanne Johnston

Topics discussed:
1. Research Development Grants – unsure of the statusof the grants due to the NY Bare Bones Budget. Therefore, theremay be a delay in awarding the grants due to the budget constraints.It was suggested that notices be sent to those faculty memberswho have applied. The council questioned the need to submit andreview applications if no money is or will be available.
2. Sub-committee assignments were discussed and reviewed. Grant application deadlines for the year were reviewed.
3. Several members of the research council are on leave duringthe 2001-2002 academic year. The council is looking for a replacementfrom performing arts for Anne-Marie Reynolds for the fall semester.

Issues to be discussed and visited during the 2001-2002 academicyear:
1. Research council members are encouraged to meet with theirrespective departments and get answers to the following question,“ What could the research council do that it is notcurrently doing?”
2. Clarify the policy on Summer Fellowships.
3. The issue was raised concerning the minimum GPA for studentswith regard to research awards.
4. Discussion of the possibility of expanding rewards forfaculty who involve students in research.
5. One council member raised the issue of varied representationof college-wide committees (i.e., professional leave committee).
6. How can the research council advocate for and help facultyapply for external funding? What can the council, or a subgroupof the council, do to help build success in writing and receivingexternal funding? Some of the suggestions were:
• Conductsmall discipline specific sessions by those who have previouslyreceived external funding.
• Increase the reward for faculty members who do receiveexternal funding. Develop other incentives.
• Get mentors/agencies to serve as coaches for facultywriting external proposals.
• Have someone from the research office peruse thefunding avenues and notify faculty with similar research interestsof available grants.
• Does the submission of research grants count towardspromotion and tenure?
7. Continue communicationwith the Provost regarding the disposition of SUNY research monies.
8. Continue to develop continuity from year to year.

College Senate Executive Committee

2 October 2001
Wadsworth 204

Present: J. Bushnell, T.Bazzett (Vice-Chair), G. Drake (Secretary),C. Filice, C. Freeman (Treasurer), B. Gohlman, C. Leary (PastChair), J. Lieberman, J. Lovett (Chair), J. McLean, D. McPherson,D. Metz


One correction from the previous set of minutes wasnoted: the correct job title for Dr. Robert Bonfiglio is Vice-Presidentfor Student and Campus Life. The minutes were approved unanimouslyas corrected.

Chair's Report

Over the weekendof 27-29 September, Chair Lovett and University Senator Gohlmanattended a session of the University Senate in Albany. Lovettmet with governance leaders from other SUNY campuses and sharedseveral comments about this experience.

1. Our governancelooks different from those of other campuses because of our electionset-ups; other campus governance officers have longer terms affordingcontinuity. Perhaps we should review our by-laws to see if wehave the best and most efficient method for electing governanceofficers and whether our shorter terms might dilute our voicein Albany. Members of the Committee wondered if we would actuallyfind enough people willing to serve for a longer or renewed term.

2. Lovett alsobelieves that governance leaders have been seeking a greater voicein the University Senate. They have been invited to attend fourrather than two Senate meetings. Governance leaders seemed tofeel that the Board of Trustees had essentially abandoned them.There needs to be more articulation between governance leadersand the University Senate.

The Chair alsoreported that SUNY Central is asking that local governance bodiesapprove the General Education Assessment Plan (GEAP) by 31 January2002. Lovett will ask the Provost when we might actually be seeinga copy. There is some hope that the dates on this mandate canbe pushed back to the spring of 2002 to allow ample time for aresponse.

President's Report

No report.

Provost’s Report

No report.

Past Chair’s Report

No report.

Vice-Chair’s Report

Vice-Chair Bazzettreported that the Excellence Awards Committee was already busywith its fall tasks.

Treasurer’s Report

J. McLean reportedon behalf of Treasurer C. Freeman. Professor P. Pacheco wantsto know if Senate would be able to make a donation to Habitatfor Humanity. Treasurer Freeman felt that this was probably notan appropriate expenditure of Senate funds. This issue was addedto New Business (see below).

University Faculty Senator

University FacultySenator B. Gohlman came away from last weekend’s meetingwith the impression that Richard Miller (SUNY’s Chief OperatingOfficer) and the SUNY Chancellor see SUNY as an integrated system—a vision opposite to that of the Board of Trustees.

A very big issueat the meeting was that of transferability of credits—betweencommunity colleges and all other SUNY units, for instance. Four-yearcollege and campus governance representatives seemed concernedabout this direction. A good side-effect to this issue, though,was that the individual units are not necessarily struggling orcompeting with one another.

Campus governanceleaders had felt betrayed by Senate’s “stonewalling” last year, especially about general education and assessmentrequirements. Gohlman feels the Senate will be more responsivethis year to the campuses. The new President of the UniversityFaculty Senate is ready to present our worries and concerns, especiallyon assessment and transferability.
Chair Lovett added that COO Robert Miller stated that thegoal of SUNY Central should be to make the actual work of SUNY—faculty and students working with each other—easier. Heis also trying to integrate such areas as the construction fundand the SUNY Research Foundation with SUNY Central.

Central Council

1. J. Lieberman reportedthat Central Council was still accepting donations for the RedCross. To date, $18,020 has been donated. Lieberman hopes to seethis figure go up to $20,000.

2. Renovation of Student Association offices is progressing andshould be ready for moving in by the end of October.

3. S.A.F.E Rider has had problems with its cell-phone, but thishas been straightened out.

4. Central Council will be discussing the selection of studentsfor Senate and Student Association Committees, as well as waysto encourage more students to get involved in them.


Faculty Affairs Committee

J. Mclean informedthe Executive Committee that Faculty Affairs Committee has heldits first meeting. The Committee will be focusing on revised Guidelinesfor Continuing Appointment and Promotion. The Faculty AffairsCommittee felt that evaluation of these goals is a different questionfrom setting the goals themselves. The Task Force on Faculty Evaluationmight be more appropriate for the former rather than the latter.Former Chair Leary suggested conferring with President Dahl beforecommitting time to the matter.

Mclean also noted that three members who cannot make theTuesday at 4PM meetings will be happy to develop upcoming lunchtimediscussions with the Former Chair.

The Committee also tabled a motion about providing supportfor the Teaching/Learning Center since it was uncertain whetherthe Center falls under the jurisdiction of this Committee or theFaculty Teaching and Professional Development Committee.

Mclean wondered whether the Faculty Affairs Committee oughtto consider the question about courses offered in the distancelearning mode raised in the previous Senate Executive Committeemeeting. Lovett clarified that the question was most appropriatefor the Policy Committee

Graduate Affairs Committee

No report.

Policy Committee

Chair C. Filicesaid that the Committee had its introductory meeting last week;its agenda is similar to the New Business discussed below.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

J. Bushnellsaid that UCC passed a course deletion, a few minor course revisions,and one new course. There will be new proposals to consider inthe future.

Leary asked about problems with electronic course submissions.Bushnell explained that the electronic form does not allow usersto go back and change fields once they have been filled. Lovettadded that the form also has to be filled out completely. Bushnellagreed that the format is strange, resulting in something thatlooks like a long paragraph.

Lovett intends to place full proposals on the Senate website(with a synopsis in the Senate Bulletin) to save paper.

Student Affairs Committee

D. McPhersonreported that the Committee first met on 25 September. There areno formal proposals at the moment. Current discussion topics includeSAFE Rider, fax machines, arming of the University Police, etc.


Summer/Intersession Distance Learning

Distance learningalso came up at University Senate since there is some anxietyabout intellectual property, despite a SUNY policy paper circulatedon the very subject five years ago. At the time, Geneseo decidedto go with the SUNY position.

Distance learning brings up a whole series of questions:for instance, if instructors wish to offer a course online (say,during the summer), how will they go about it? Will such coursesbe designated differently in the master schedule? How many studentswill be permitted? Should the course go through the SUNY LearningNetwork?

Former Chair Leary pointed out that a number of these questionsare administrative in nature. The Senate should focus on the policyquestions.

Leary also suggested that one way to look at these questions.If someone offers Calculus I during the summer using distancelearning technology, one could say that the Senate has alreadyapproved the course. Whatever the means of transmission, the coursecontent is the same. So does the Senate’s oversight ofthe curriculum extend to the method of delivery? That, Leary argued,was a policy issue.

Gohlman said that the serious question is, “Whoowns the course?” SUNY policy on the matter is veryambiguous. It does not say that a course one creates belongs tothat person. If it belongs to the employer, the employer couldconceivably offer the same course for 27 classes over electronicmedia and get rid of half the lines in the instructor’sdepartment. To Leary, this sounded like a question for the union.

One University Senator has been arguing for a policy thatclearly makes the course the property of the person who offersit. Lovett added that the implication of University Senate discussionwas that individual campuses could develop its own policies.

Lovett asked the Committee whether it should ask Policy Committeeto visit this subject at all. Gohlman wanted to know whether Geneseohad formulated a policy on this since the issue was debated herea few years ago. Lovett reminded the Committee that the issuesdebated at that time focused on courses coming into the campusrather than ones we might transmit. The intellectual propertyissue was also debated. At the time, people said something wascoming, so we should wait and see what it turns out to be. Nowthere is a policy from SUNY Central. Should we ask Policy Committeeto look at the SUNY Central Intellectual Property Statement?

The consensus of the Committee was to send this questionto the Policy Committee. Gohlman speculated that this might justbe a legal question that we can do nothing about, but we shouldat least see what we can do with the question.

Mclean reminded the Committee that the question seems tobear on the difference between the course and course materials.The course by its very nature cannot be owned by anyone; but thecourse materials are something that someone could own.

Leary felt that the Policy Committee should look not justat intellectual property questions but at what should Geneseopolicy is and should be concerning Geneseo faculty members offeringcourses through distance learning.

Lovett suggested that, since SUNY Central now has a policyand that some people here are interested in doing distance learning,the Policy Committee should revisit the issue.


Proxy Votes

The issue ofproxy votes for Senate Committee members was raised. Some Committeemembers cannot make the traditional Tuesday afternoon meetingtimes because they were not informed about the schedule and theneed to hold their own class schedules open for Senate or theywere elected after their schedules were set. So would proxy votingbe possible? When the issue of proxy voting was raised in UCC,that Committee felt that it didn’t want to accept votesfrom members unless they were present for the discussion.

Bushnell referred to the College Senate Constitution, whichsays all Senators who are present who may vote. The Student Associationalready requires removing members who miss two meetings.

Lovett said we should think about whether we should let theConstitution stand or make it more explicit to include Committeemeetings. Bushnell thought that perhaps the rules of the Senatecould be rewritten slightly for this purpose.

Faculty Teaching and ProfessionalDevelopment Committee (FTPDC)

Lovett askedwhether FTPDC should be defined as a Standing Committee in theConstitution. Bushnell remembered that the year she chaired Senate,it tried to formally constitute the Faculty Development Committeethrough amendment. Then President Carol Harter did not approvethe recommendation. During his tenure as Senate Chair, Steve Padalinoalso appealed for formally constituting this Committee.

Another concern, said Bushnell, is whether this is a Committeeof the College (as opposed to a Committee of the Senate or ofthe Faculty). According to Article 10, the Senate cannot amendCommittees of the College; another article says that such committeesmust be amended by the Administration. Lovett will talk to theProvost about this matter.

School of Performing ArtsAudition Policy

Dean of theCollege T. Greenfield consulted with Lovett about requiring thatstudents audition for Performing Arts majors before being acceptedinto one of its majors. Is this an issue for the Policy Committeeor for UCC?

Filice suggested cooperation between Policy Committee andUCC on this issue. Bushnell thought a joint meeting might be possible.

Habitat for Humanity andOther Good Causes

Lovett thoughtthat it would be best simply to recommend donations. Leary notedthat the annual Senate Fund Letter includes a list of establisheduses for Senate funds; charitable contributions are not one ofthese.

Other Miscellaneous Matters
J. Lieberman said that a Student Senator has resigned fromStudent Affairs and will get the replacement’s name toLovett.

Lovett noted that the Senate is still short one GraduateStudent Senator.

The Committee moved to adjourn at 1.47PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Graham N Drake
Senate Secretary

All College Meeting
Oct. 16, 2001

4:00 p.m., Newton 204

Call to Order

Nomination Committee Report James Allen, Chair

Presentation of the Nominees for the Faculty PersonnelCommittee

Presentation of the Nominees for the Committee on Nominations
Call for additional nominations for the Committeon Nominations


All Faculty, Staff and Students presentfor the All-College Meeting are invited to stay for the firstpart of the College Senate Meeting immediately following. TheVice President for Administration Kenneth Levison will make adetailed budget report as part of the President's Report and theProvost Barbara Dixon will make a short presentation on the StrategicPlanning Objectives. Both these topics are of interest to theentire college community.


College Senate Meeting
Oct. 16, 2001
Immediately Following the All-College Meeting, Newton 204

Call to Order
Adoption of Agenda
Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meetings
18 September, 2001 College Senate Bulletin 3,pp.24-30.

Senate Reports
President's Report Christopher Dahl
Provost's Report Barbara Dixon
Chair's Report Janice Lovett
Vice Chair's Report Christopher Leary
Treasurer's Report Charles Freeman
University Senator's Report William Gohlman
Central Council Report Joshua Lieberman

Report's of the Standing Committees of the Senate
Undergraduate Curricula Judith Bushnell
Second Reading: Minor Course Revision
BIOL/CHEM 385: Biochemistry Seminar (Bulletin, p.18)
First Reading: New Course, INTD 250 StudyAbroad Slot Course (pp. 31-33)
First Reading: Minor Course Revision,MATH 345 and 346 (pp. 32-33)

First Reading: Course Deletion, ANTH 247 (p. 33)
First Reading: Minor Course Revision, ANTH 209, 211, 214, 301 (p. 33)
First Reading: Minor Course Revision, ANTH 224 (p. 33)

Undergraduate AcademicPolicies, Core and Review Carlo Filice
Graduate Academic Affairs Dale Metz
Student Affairs Duane McPherson
Faculty Affairs James Mclean

Old Business

New Business