College Senate Bulletin

 Bulletin 3
Pages 27–36
15 September 2000

  Upcoming Meetings


Date   Room Time
19 September  Student Affairs Committee South 110 4 p.m.
19 September Faculty Affairs Committee Welles 111 4 p.m.
21 September Executive Committee South 309 12:45 p.m.
26 September Policy Committee Welles 111 4 p.m. (I think)
17 October All College Meeting/College Senate Newton 204 4 p.m.
14 November College Senate Newton 204 4 p.m.
5 December College Senate Newton 204 4 p.m.


Correspondence: Christopher C. Leary, Department of Mathematics, South 324D
E-mail: Phone: 245-5383


Calls For Nominations (Last Notice!) 29

Excellence Awards and Distinguished Ranks 29
Committee on Nominations 29

Magic Trick 30

Announcements 30

Deadline for Professional Leave Requests 30
Presidential Approval of Senate Actions 30
Student Senators 31

Minutes 32

College Senate Meeting--12 September 2000 32
Calls For Nominations (Last Notice!)

Excellence Awards and Distinguished Ranks

Nominations are now being accepted for the following SUNY Ranks

  Distinguished Teaching Professor
  Distinguished Service Professor
  Distinguished Librarian
  Distinguished Professor

And for the following Chancellor's Awards:

  Excellence in Teaching
  Excellence in Librarianship
  Excellence in Professional Service

Nominations for these ranks and awards must be submitted in writing by Monday, September 18, 2000 to Jan Lovett, College Senate Vice Chair, Department of Biology, Bailey 210. Confidential nominations should consist of a 1-2 page nomination letter describing the nominee's qualifications for the award or rank.

A description of the criteria and eligibility for these awards and ranks is available at:


Committee on Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for three positions that will become available on the Committee on Nominations December 1, replacing Wendy Pogozelski, Anne-Marie Reynolds, and Cyndy Klima. Please give your nominations to one of the members of the committee: Pogozelski, Reynolds, Klima, Pat Murphy, Jim Allen, or Rachel Hall by Monday, September 18, 2000.

An All-College Meeting will be held October 17 to receive the committee's report and accept nominations from the floor.

Magic Trick

Quick! Think of an integer strictly between 10 and 12! Write it on a piece of paper, but do not show it to the Bulletin! I will now produce your number by magic!!!

Add together the number of Senate meetings that we have had so far in this academic year, the number of positions that need to be filled on the Nominations Committee in the Fall elections this year, and the number that completes this movie title: The ______ Samurai. Now, write down your answer to the above and rotate the paper 180 degrees counterclockwise (unless you write your numerals in the German fashion, in which case rotate the paper 360 degrees clockwise). You will then see your hidden number! Isn't it amazing!


Deadline for Professional Leave Requests

Proposals for Sabbatical Leaves and Title F Leaves should be submitted to departments by September 15, 2000.

Presidential Approval of Senate Actions

President Dahl has sent the Chair a memo indicating that he has approved the recommendations resulting from the 2 May 2000 meeting of Senate. As he indicated in his remarks at the Senate meeting on 12 September, he has decided to defer the full implememtation of the third-semester proficiency requirement in a foreign language. Rather, he has asked Provost Dixon to implement a two-semester requirement, effective for students entering in Fall 2000, and will implement the third-semester requirement for all entering students no later than Fall Semester 2003.

Student Senators

We are pleased to welcome the following undergraduate students who have been appointed to Senate. They are listed in order of their Committee assignment.

Faculty Affairs Committee Emily Spilman
  Kevin Hahn
Undergraduate Curriculum Cmte Matthew Skerritt
  Jesse Curran
  Sean Fitsimone
Policy Committee Ciara Truglia
  Jeremy Lerch
  Jennifer Pacella
Student Affairs Committee DJ Gallup
  Jen Garvey
  Berkeley Briggs
  Steven Brown
  Laura Stellrecht
  Amy Happ

These students join graduate students Melissa Katter, Nicole Shay (Graduate Affairs Committee) and Jennifer Guyer (Student Affairs Committee) as our colleagues in Senate.


College Senate Minutes
12 September 2000
4:00 p.m. Newton 204

Present: H.Almubaid, S.Bailey, T.Bazzett, R.Bonfiglio, K.Broikou, J.Bushnell, M.-M.Chang, E.Cleeton, J.Curran, C.Dahl, K.Davies, B.Dixon, C.Faulkner, T.Feeley, J.Ferrell, C.Filice, S.Fizsimmons, D.Gallup, E.Gillin, B.Glass, B.Gohlman, T.Greenfield, K.Hahn, E.Hall, A.Happ, G.Hartvigsen, D.Hill, T.-K.Hon, H.Hoops, H.Howe, T.Hurlburt, S.Iyer, K.Jones, B.Joshi, E.Kallin, S.Kirsh, S.Landes, C.Leary, J.Lerch, K.Levison, M.Lima, J.Liu, J.Lovett, R.McEwen, S.McKenna, J. McLean, J.Morse, J.Mounts, S.Muench, K.Nichols, O.Nicodemi, M.Oberg, J.Over, P.Pacheco, N.Paternostro, W.Pogozelski, E.Putman, A.-M.Reynolds, S.Salmon, P.Schacht, N.Schiavetti, E.Spilman, L.Stellrecht, M.Stolee, D.Sullivan, C.Wixson, J.Wrubel, C.Truglia, J.Pettrella, J.Garvey, M. Skerritt, S.Brown, B.Briggs

1. Call to order
The meeting was called to order by C. Leary at 4:02 p.m.

2. Adoption of the Agenda
C. Leary asked for adoption of the agenda as listed on p. 18&19 in the Bulletin. A proposal to adopt the agenda was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.

3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meetings
2 May 2000 1999-2000 College Senate (Bulletin, pp. 914-924). A proposal to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.
2 May 2000 2000-2001 College Senate (Bulletin, pp. 924-925). A proposal to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.
(Note: Voices proposing to move and to second cannot be identified by the secretary unless the speaker identifies himself/herself or at least raises a hand).

4. Approval of New Members
C. Leary asked for approval of the following new members to conform to Constitution Article VII, Section 8.
Tony Macula, new member of Senate, replacing Nan Pollot. A proposal was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.
Dave Meisel, new member of the Professional Leave Review Committee, replacing Bob Beason. A proposal was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.
Cyndy Klima, new member of the Nominations Committee, replacing Randy Bailey. A proposal was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.

5. Memorial Minute
B.Cook spoke in memory of Distinguished Service Professor of History C.R. Bailey, who passed away August 4. Bill spoke of Professor Bailey's many accomplishments, including teaching success, productivity in scholarly work, and service, but focused on Randy's 33 years of "unmatched service" to the college, students, and discipline. Bill said that the next generation of French historians will be able to thank Randy for his "scholarship of service" and praised Randy for the fact that he "loved his students and more importantly, liked his students… He respected every student he had." A long period of applause in Randy's memory followed.

6. Senate Reports

Chair's Report
C. Leary welcomed and thanked all senators and issued a special appreciation to the student members. He called attention to the change in attendance procedures and asked for feedback. He also requested that members address their remarks to the chair and state their name (and department, if applicable) to make the secretary's job easier.

The members of the Ad Hoc Sabbatical Committee were introduced: K.Cylke, D.Gordon, D.Hill, S.Iyer, K.Jones, W.Spruill, and G.Towsley.

A final plea was issued that there be no surprises at Senate meetings. Members planning to introduce motions and/or amendments should give copies to the chair before the meeting. Chris assured members that such amendments would be kept confidential.

President's Report
President Dahl announced that the Faculty/Staff Lounge in Blake A is scheduled to open Monday, Sept. 18. He thanked S.Bosch and D.Rapinski for coordinating decisions, K.Levison for his work on the lounge, and T.Bell for giving up CAS office space.

He then reported that the formal groundbreaking for the townhouse-style student housing would be September 28th. He noted that although parking spaces have been lost in Lot B, additional spaces have been opened in Lot BB to compensate.

The Strategic Planning Group invites involvement from faculty, staff, and students.

The Commission on Diversity and Community anticipates being active this year. President Dahl pointed out changes already implemented by the commission, including more students on campus from underrepresented groups, more international students, and a new full-time Disability Services Coordinator. The first meeting of the commission will be held September 21.

President Dahl said that he's accepted the recommendation of the Senate for a 3-semester (201-level) foreign language requirement, but, taking into account comments from the Senate floor and from the dean's office, has asked the provost to implement the requirement over three years. This three-year period will allow the college to work on staffing logistics and to assess impact on majors and other requirements. The new 3-semester requirement will apply to the entering class in the fall of 2003.

President Dahl then gave a detailed presentation of the 2000-2001 budget. He reported that this is the second year that requests from the college-wide budget committee have been considered and he explained how the process worked. The budget committee, chaired by K.Cylke and K.Levison, began the allocation process in October/November and proceeded until May. Department requests were forwarded to the appropriate Vice President for the area and prioritized. The committee then made recommendations to the President.

The budget presentation included the following:
The state operating budget of the college is $31,738,000, representing a $480,800 allocation increase over last year. The President reported satisfaction with a "stable budget year" but was "not greatly pleased" with this figure, saying that it "doesn't enhance the campus in a particularly strong way".
The budget includes salary increases totaling $349,700. The permanent base in reserve from 1999-2000, plus the addition of new funds provide $583,100 for allocation. Requests for these funds were broken down into two categories: 1) one-time funding items and 2) base budget (permanent) increases.
The one-time requests to the Budget Committee, 31 in all, amounted to $1,514,697. The first 25 of these requests were approved, for a cost of $749,210. In addition, an amount of $200,000 was held in reserve as a hedge for the 2000-2001 year. Items included Middle States costs, an underground cable audit, library refurbishment, career services consultants, academic equipment, computer facilities enhancements, and a poster printing system for sponsored research.
There were 27 base budget requests; 11 of the top 13 were approved, with cash funding two additional items. The permanent allocations included three faculty lines, a CIT secretary, an admissions counselor, merit scholarships, additional custodial coverage, a C.U. operations manager, CIT recharge increases, a student temp for sports, student and campus life supplies and equipment, and admissions postage for a total of $406,600. Cash allocations went to Academic Affairs for student wages and release time and to Student and Campus Life for the SAFE program. (The request for the latter had arrived too late for the normal budget process). The total for cash allocations was $72,500.
Annualization of last year's initiatives included funds to the International Student Office that will be covered through additional revenues, funds to the Scheduling and Special Events Office for a secretary, supplies, and equipment, and funds for commencement.
The total new budgetary allocations were summarized as follows: base: $507,600 and cash: $153,500.

Provost's Report
Provost Dixon gave the floor to Dean Greenfield so that he could explain new SUNY-mandated changes to the General Education requirements. Dean Greenfield explained that these changes had come to the college too late to be voted on by the Senate but that they had been run past the GenEd Committee. The changes in the Geneseo curriculum are "stop-gap" measures for the freshman class entering Fall 2000.
The first change divides Numeric and Symbolic Reasoning courses into two groups. One group of courses will be available to students who have scored less than 85 on the New York State Math regents exam and who have obtained less than 550 on the math portion of the SAT. The second group is an expanded list available to students who have a Regents math score greater than 85 or a math SAT score greater than 550.
The second requirement is for U.S. History and can be met by passing History 150 or History 151 (US History Survey courses).
Details can be found at
J.Ballard then asked if students had to score less than 85 on the regents AND less than 550 on the SAT to be limited to the first list. Dean Greenfield said that if a student had a score higher than either 85 or 550, he or she could go to the expanded list.

Dean Greenfield then announced the Middle States Curriculum Forum to be held this Thursday at 12:45.

Vice Chair's Report
J. Lovett announced that the Excellence Committee awaits input for awards. Nominations are due September 18; anyone can submit a nomination. The criteria are listed on the web site. President Dahl then encouraged students to nominate a professor and reminded members that the process is not very cumbersome.

Treasurer's Report
A.-M. Reynolds reported that the College Senate Fund has a balance of $4,407.96 and that the Roark Fund contains $1,682.02. She requested that anyone who knows of someone ill or bereaved within the college community contact her so that she can send a card or gift on behalf of the Senate.

University Faculty Senator's Report
No report.

Central Council Report
E. Kallin announced that Central Council Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 6:15 in the Hunt Room. He introduced the student senators and described plans to get students ready to vote. The Student Association Director of Student Affairs, Runa Rajagopal, is planning a voter registration campaign to take place during the next two weeks in the Union. She is looking for volunteers to help out. Additionally, on September 20, the New York Public Interest Research Group will be coming to Geneseo to pass out campaign information from the different districts of New York State. Lastly, it was announced that the Student Association is funding the Inter-Residence Council, since SA has given up responsibility for the SAFE program.

7. Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curriculum
No report.

Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core and Review
E. Gillin announced that the committee will meet September 26 in Welles 111.

Student Affairs
J. Liu announced that the first meeting will be held Tuesday, September 19, at 4 p.m. in South 110. She will send a reminder next Monday and the committee welcomes suggestions.

Faculty Affairs
M. Lima announced the first meeting to take place Tuesday, September 19, at 4 p.m. in Welles 111.

Graduate Academic Affairs
No report.

8. New Business -none.

9. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned by C. Leary at 4:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Wendy Pogozelski
Senate Secretary