College Senate Bulletin

Sept.18, 2001

4:00 p.m., Newton 204

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meetings
1 May 2001 2000-2001 College Senate, Bulletin 29,pp. 483-491
1 May 2001 2001-2002 College Senate, Bulletin 29, pp. 491

Approval of New Members
Elizabeth Hall (Education) to replace Beth McCoy(English) as Senator-at-Large under six years 2001-2003.
Michael Oberg (History) to replace Savi Iyer (Physics) asSenator-at-Large under six years 2000-2001.
Linda Steet (Education) to replace Terence Bazzett (Psychology)as Senator-at-Large under six years 2000-2001.
Rosanne Hartman (Communication) to replace Edward Gillin(English) as Senator-at-Large over six years for the Fall semester.

Memorial Minute

Senate Reports
Chair's Report JaniceLovett
President's Report Christopher Dahl
Provost's Report Barbara Dixon
Vice Chair's Report Christopher Leary
Treasurer's Report Charles Freeman
University Senator's Report William Gohlman
Central Council Report Joshua Lieberman

Report's of the Standing Committees of the Senate
Undergraduate Curricula Judith Bushnell
First Reading: Minor Course Revision
BIOL/CHEM 385: Biochemistry Seminar (Bulletin, p.18)

Undergraduate Academic Policies, Core and Review Carlo Filice
Graduate Academic Affairs Dale Metz
Student Affairs Duane McPherson
Faculty Affairs James Mclean
New Business
Reprinted from pp. 393-393, 30 March 2001