College Senate Bulletin

Bulletin 4
Pages 37–41
22 September 2000

Upcoming Meetings

Date   Room Time
26 September Policy Committee Welles 111 4 p.m.
4 October Student Affairs Committee    
17 October All College Meeting/College Senate Newton 204 4 p.m.
14 November College Senate Newton 204 4 p.m.
5 December College Senate Newton 204 4 p.m.


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Student Affairs Committee 19 September 2000 38

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Student Affairs Committee
19 September 2000

Present: JeeLoo Liu(Chair), Hisham Almubaid, Ming-Mei Chang, Kim Davies, Tom Feeley, Johnnie Ferrell, Jennifer Guyer, Gregg Hartvigsen, Tamara Hurlburt, Michael Oberg, Denise Sullivan, Chris Wixson, Berkeley Brigs, Steven Brown, Douglas (DJ) Gallup, Jen Garvey, Amy Happ, Laura Stellrecht.
Absent: None.

Chair JeeLoo Liu called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

JeeLoo Liu first distributed the agenda and explained the functions of the Student Affairs Committee. After everyone made a brief self-introduction, the discussion focused on the list of suggested issues on the agenda. The main goal of the meeting was to select issues to take up for the year.

The first issue concerned the appearance of the College Union. This issue was suggested by a number of student senators. Steven Brown reported that the College Union should be the center of the campus, but presently students don't feel inclined to go in. The Ballroom is in great need of renovation: the chandeliers are old-fashioned, the lighting and sound systems are antiquated. Gregg Hartvigsen remarked that the whole architecture is wrong. There is no central floor, for example. DJ Gallop brought up the issue of the closing of the food service, and expressed concern over its consequences. Johnnie Ferrell remarked that there may be projects of renovation underway, and we should find out more before we make any proposal of changes.

The second issue concerned the SOFI. JeeLoo Liu reported that the Faculty Affairs Committee would work on this issue this year, and that SAC should be prepared to work with them.

The third issue concerned Bob Bonfiglio's suggestion of having a theme year on diversity this year, with the possibility of having a Global Day on campus. Tamara Hurlburt remarked that this task would not fit the function of this committee. Gregg Hartvigsen concurred. Johnnie Ferrell suggested that the theme year should be organized by the Provost's Office. Other members also remarked that having a Global Day would be a wonderful idea, but it is not something that SAC can do.

The fourth issue, also suggested by Bob Bonfiglio, concerned diversity training for faculty, staff and students. Gregg Hartvigsen asked if problems such as homophobia only existed among students. Tamara Hurlburt reported having heard students' complaints about bias behavior on campus. Tom Feeley suggested that we do a survey to determine the extent of this problem. We then discussed possible methods of the survey. Michael Oberg pointed out that there is also an anti Native American sentiment that is more widely spread than we thought and we should address this problem as well.

The fifth issue concerned student expectation for involvement with faculty outside of the classroom. DJ Gallop reported hearing students' complaints about professors' limited office hours. Denise Sullivan also reported that at the Academic Affairs, they often hear students' complaints. Tom Feeley said that faculty also try to provide office visits through appointments. Steven Brown said that from his personal experience, professors are always very helpful. JeeLoo Liu suggested that the committee go beyond personal anecdotes and gather more information on student experience with faculty involvement. Gregg Hartvigsen discussed student-faculty interactions other than office hours visits. He is currently involved in the "Buddies Program" with one residence hall. Such programs could be further implemented. Tom Feeley brought up the issue of the Faculty-in-Residence program and suggested a reevaluation. Tamara Hurlburt remarked that SUNY Brockport seems to have quite a success with their similar program. For ours to succeed, we need to clearly define the expectations for the faculty members who choose to live in residence halls.

The next issue was brought up by Jen Garvey. She questioned the rationale for the high cost of the Smart Cards. She said that lots of students found the card to be easily broken, and it costs $10-$15 to get a new one. Sometimes students could get them replaced for free but sometimes they could not. Ming-Mei Chang stated that the College should not even charge students for the Smart Cards. Steven Brown said that the cards themselves could not possibly cost fifteen dollars. Gregg Hartvigsen said we should find out what other schools are doing with their debit cards.

The next issue concerned putting printers in residence halls. Gregg Hartvigsen reported that the CIT is already engaged in this project and the project will probably be completed by the end of this year.

The next issue concerned the 250 sheets paper limit for printing. Michael Oberg said that this is a real concern for the History Department since their students often can use up this limit in a couple of their courses. Gregg Hartvigsen said that the limit would not affect the majority of our students. Those who are affected should also learn to modify their behavior. There have been incidences of having a lot of printouts in the recycle bins because no one even bothered to pick them up. He argued for keeping a certain limit. He also reported that the CIT is already doing a study on this issue and the limit could possibly be bumped up.

The last issue concerned student parking on campus. Jen Garvey reported that parking on the North side poses a big problem. Tamara Hurlburt said that fifty more parking spaces had been added. Johnnie Ferrell mentioned another problem for parking. Many lots on campus are open from 4 PM to midnight, and sometimes students living off campus would drive in to attend activities on campus. But campus police gave out tickets for cars parked in these lots even during off-hours. So students living off campus also have to pay for a parking sticker, which costs about $95. JeeLoo Liu promised to write down these concerns and pass them along to the Parking Committee.

After discussion, the committee decided to tentatively keep the following issues for further discussion: (1) the College Union (2) SOFI (3) diversity training for faculty, staff and students (4) student expectation for involvement with faculty outside of the classroom (5) cost of Smart cards.

Tom Feeley suggested that we do another round of informal survey, to see if there are other student concerns that we should address. Denise Sullivan volunteered to get information from Kathy Trainor about the plans with the Union. Michael Oberg volunteered to get some information on the Smart Cards.

JeeLoo Liu announced that the next meeting would be held on Oct. 4th, when we would make a final decision on the tasks for this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
JeeLoo Liu
Chair, SAC