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Bulletin 1
3 September 1999


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Senate Committee on Graduate Academic Affairs
Annual Report of the 98-99 Faculty Personnel Committee
Annual Report of the 98-99 Excellence Awards Committe
Appendix A:

Excellence Awards and Distinguished Ranks Criteria


Correspondence: Becky L. Glass, Department of Sociology, Sturges 122C

E-mail: Phone: 245-5336



I. Excellence Awards and Distinguished Ranks

Nominations are now being accepted for the following SUNY Ranks

  Distinguished Teaching Professor
  Distinguished Service Professor
  Distinguished Librarian
  Distinguished Professor

And for the following Chancellor’s Awards:

  Excellence in Teaching
  Excellence in Librarianship
  Excellence in Professional Service

Nominations for these ranks and awards must be submitted in writing by Monday,
September 20, 1999 to Chris Leary, College Senate Vice Chair, Mathematics Dept.,
South 324D. Confidential nominations should consist of a 1-2 page nomination letter
describing the nominee’s qualifications for the award or rank.

Please see Appendix A of this bulletin for a description of the criteria and eligibility for these awards and ranks.

II. Committee on Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for three positions that will become available on the Committee on Nominations December 1, replacing Ellen Kintz, Dan Repinski, and Patrice Case. Please give your nominations to one of the members of the committee: Kintz, Repinski, Case, Randy Bailey, Wendy Pogozelski, or Anne-Marie Reynolds by September 20, 1999.

An All-College Meeting will be held October 19 to receive the committee’s report and accept nominations from the floor.

III. Faculty Personnel Committee: New Procedures

According to the procedures currently in place, the Committee on Nominations "shall create of list of those Associate and Full Professors or Librarians who are eligible for election [to FPC] (i.e. omitting Department Chairs and individuals from Departments with continuing Faculty Personnel Committee members)…. Individuals not interested in serving will be responsible for asking to have their names removed." (98-99 Senate Bulletin, p. 289). This list will arrive in your mailboxes September 6, 1999.

If you are unable to serve, or if you are eligible to serve but are not on the list, please respond by email to Kintz, by September 15, 1999.

The Nominations Committee will then send a revised list of all eligible and willing individuals to the Departments. Each department must nominate no more than 4 persons from the list, and no more than 1 from own department, to the Nominations Committee. The resulting slate of nominees for the Faculty Personnel Committee will be presented at the All-College Meeting on October 19.

Please allow yourself to remain on the list of eligibles for this important committee. In other words, if your name is on the list that you receive September 6, do not do anything!

This year, 3 members are to be elected to the seven-member Faculty Personnel Committee, 1 of whom must be a Full Professor or Librarian.

Committee members are:

1998-2000 terms
Bill Gohlman 
Donald Marozas 
Jerry Reber 
Gary Towsley
1997-1999 terms (expire Dec. 1) 

Paula Henry 
Ron Herzman 
Dan Strang


Fall 1999 College Senate Meeting Schedule

September 21

October 19
(All College Meeting precedes Senate for receiving Nominations Committee reports and nominations from the floor)

November 16

December 7

All meetings will be held in Newton 204 and begin at 4:00 pm

Requests to be on the Senate Bulletin Mailing List

Members of the College Community who are not currently serving as senators but who wish to receive their own copy of the College Senate Bulletin are asked to submit a request to the Senate Chair Becky Glass, Senators are asked to share this information with new faculty and staff who may not be award of this publication.

Senate Web site and On-line Bulletins

SUNY-Geneseo College Senate now has a web site Beginning with Fall 1999, Senate Bulletins may be accessed from this web site. Printed copies of Bulletins will be distributed as usual, at least through school year 1999-2000 as we work out the electronic kinks. You will undoubtedly notice a loss of aesthetic quality in your printed bulletin as I am learning the ropes of new software. Suggestions for improvements are most welcome.

New Twist for UCC Proposals

Form O (cover sheet), Form P (for new or revised program), and Form Q (for new or revised course [formerly forms Q & R]) are available at

When you submit the 15 printed copies of your proposal to UCC Chair Terry Bazzett, please also submit the proposal in electronic form (e.g., attachment to email or on disk). Terry’s addresses are Psychology, Sturges 34,

We will use this to include your proposal in the on-line bulletin. Any changes that are made at First Reading will be incorporated onto the web site before Second Reading.

Remember: In order to be included in the 2000-2002 College Catalog, all proposals must be submitted to UCC by the first week of November!!

At Large Senator Appointments

One At Large Senator resigned and a second At Large Senator is on sabbatical for 1999-2000. The policy of the Senate Executive Committee has been to invite the person who received the next highest number of votes in the At Large Senator’s original election year to serve as a replacement. The following faculty members have agreed to serve out the At Large Senators’ terms:

Michael Teres (Art) replaces Stacey Edgar (Philosophy) as Senator At Large over six years of service, for the term 1999-2000
Beth McCoy (English) replaces Jo Stone (Art) as Senator At Large with service six years or less, for the term 1999-2000.

New Deadline for Professional Leave Requests

Proposals for Sabbatical Leaves and Title F Leaves should be submitted to departments by September 15, 1999.

Congratulations to the following
Senate Small Grant Awardees

Robert Goekel, Professor of Political Science, for
"Contemporary Historiography of the Evangelical Church in East Germany"

Erica Scharrer, Assistant Professor of Communication, for
"From Wise to Foolish: The Portrayal of Sitcom Fathers from the 1950s to 1990s"

Denise Scott, Assistant Professor of Sociology, for
"The Power of Women’s Connections"


Presidential Approval of 98-99 College Senate Actions

President Dahl informed the Senate Chair that he approved the recommendations that resulted from the actions of the 1998-1999 Senate. He has requested that Provost Dixon take the necessary action to implement the approved items.

Committee Chairs

On the Senate’s behalf, I would like to thank our colleagues who have agreed to chair the Senate standing committees. They are:

Terry Bazzett, Chair of Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Judy Bushnell, Chair of Graduate Affairs Committee
Emilye Crosby, Chair of Student Affairs Committee
Bill Gohlman, Chair of Undergraduate Policies, Core and Review
Nick Schiavetti, Chair of Faculty Affairs Committee

Constitutional Committee Structure of the Faculty

Standing Committees of the College:

General Education Committee 
Research Council 
Strategic Planning and Advisory Group

Standing Committees of the Faculty:

Committee on Nominations (members elected) 
Faculty Personnel Committee (members elected) 
Professional Leave Review Committee (members elected) 
Undergraduate Academic Standards Committee (members appointed) 
Graduate Academic Standards Committee (members appointed)

Committees of the College Senate:

Executive Committee
Standing Committees of the Senate are Undergraduate Curricula, Graduate Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Faculty Affairs, and Academic Policy, Core, and Review.
Ad Hoc Committees of the Senate are created, when needed, by the Executive Committee.
Members are chosen from the faculty and student body.

Senate Committee Membership 1999-2000

These lists are available in your printed Bulletin.

Annual Report of the 98-99 Faculty Personnel Committee

TO: Becky Glass
College Senate Chair

FROM: Gary Towsley
Chair, 1998-99 College Personnel Committee

DATE: August 3, 1999

SUBJECT: 1998-1999 Annual Report

The College Personnel Committee consisted of Librarian P. Henry, Professors W. Gohlman, R. Herzman, D. Marozas, J. Reber, D. Strang, and G. Towsley. During 1998-1999 the Committee considered candidates for renewal (at the request of the candidate), continuing appointment, and promotion. The Committee’s recommendations were as follows:

The Committee considered one candidate for renewal and recommended renewal for the following:

Jo Stone Art

The Committee considered sixteen candidates for continuing appointment and recommended the following:

Mingmei Chang Biology
Duane McPherson Biology
Jack Cook School of Business
Robert Rosenberg Chemistry
Kenneth Cooper English
Maria Lima English
Cynthia Klima Foreign Languages
Irina Vasiliev Geography
Joseph McCartin History
Andrzej Kedzierawski Mathematics
Kurtis Fletcher Physics
James Allen Psychology
Dan Repinski Psychology
Steve Derne Sociology

The Committee considered fifteen candidates for promotion to Associate Professor and
recommended the following:

Jack Cook School of Business
Robert Rosenberg Chemistry
Maria Lima English
Irina Vasiliev Geography
Andrzej Kedzierawski Mathematics
Kurtis Fletcher Physics
Steve Derne Sociology
Kathy Jones Communicative Disorders

The Committee considered eight candidates for promotion to Professor and recommended the following:

Harold Hoops Biology
Mary Ellen Zuckerman School of Business
James Boiani Chemistry
Ron Lin  Computer Science
Brian Coffey Geography
Richard Hatheway Geological Sciences

The Committee of the prior year (1997-98) made a recommendation after its report was submitted. It recommended that Sonja Landes of the Library be granted continuing appointment and be promoted to Associate Librarian. This action was taken in November of 1998.

Annual Report of the 98-99 Excellence Awards Committee

The Senate Vice Chair’s primary responsibility (unless the Chair contracts pneumonia) is to organize and oversee the Excellence Awards Committee, which considers nominations for the following: Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Professional Service and for Excellence in Teaching, and promotion to Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Distinguished Service Professor, and Distinguished Librarian (a newly created rank beginning 1999-2000 which "parallels the Distinguished Professor rank in terms of expected level of accomplishment and rarity of appointment to the rank").

The Vice Chair wishes to thank the following members of the Committee who made their difficult decisions with much care, and gave many hours to observe classes, review credentials, and compose nomination letters for the Chancellor’s Office. Excellence in Professional Service and in Librarianship Subcommittee: Judy Bushnell (chair), Isom Fearn, Ron Pretzer, Katie Sugarman, Kathy Trainor, Jerry Wrubel, student Roseanne Hues. Distinguished Ranks and Excellence in Teaching Subcommittee: Celia Easton (chair), Brian Coffey, Jonette Lancos, Olympia Nicodemi, Jeff Over, Dan Strang, and student Amanda Gould. Margaret Matlin and Gary Towsley joined the committee in its work on the Distinguished Teaching Professor rank. Margaret Matlin and Distinguished Professors Rita Gollin and Srinivasa Leelamma joined the committee in its work on the Distinguished Professor rank.

The Vice Chair also wishes to thank the Office of the Dean and the Office for Institutional Research for supplying useful information and space for committee work.

The Committee recommended the following nominees:

Distinguished Professor
David Meisel

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service
Don Lackey

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Harold Hoops
Tom MacPherson
Ren Vasiliev

I wish to express my appreciation to the nominators and the many well qualified nominees who participated in the process.

Becky L. Glass
Vice-Chair, 1998-99 College Senate