The Credit Union will be closed the following days in 2016

July 4th

Sept. 5th

Oct. 10th


Nov. 24th

Nov. 25th

Dec. 23rd at 1:00 PM

Dec. 26th

Dec. 30th at 1:00 PM

Jan. 2nd 2017


Dates and times subject to change



Because we know that it’s not always convenient for you to visit our office, we offer the following easy access services:


Free On-Line Banking  --- 24/7  -- it doesn't get any easier than this!!!

Free On-Line Bill Pay --- Pay your bill on-line - no more waiting for the post-office to deliver your payment!!!

Free On-line Text Banking- View your accounts and have alerts texted directly to your phone!!!


On-line Banking

On-line Banking is a flexible and convenient way for members to access their account/s securely and complete transactions when it fits their schedule. With on-line account access members can check their account balances as well as view, download and print 90 days of account history. Also, account information such as the member’s physical address, phone number and email address can be updated safely . Account Alerts are another feature of On-line Banking that helps members keep track of account activity and avoid unnecessary fees. Members can also transfer funds among their Regular Share(Savings-"RG") Account, Share Draft (Checking-"05") Account, Christmas Club ("00") Account, Vacation Club ("02") Account and miscellaneous accounts. Loan payments can also be submitted electronically via On-line Banking. Additionally, members are given the option to request a check to be sent to them from any of their accounts with the Credit Union. On-line Bill pay and On-line Text Banking are also located in our On-line Banking system to provide easy access to pay bills and obtain account information.


In order to use our On-line Banking system, you will need to complete the following steps:

1.       Go to our home page. Click on the On-line Banking Log-in button.

2.       Enter your Regular Share (Savings-"RG") Account number as your Log-in ID.

3.       Enter an email address.

4.       Your temporary password will be the last 4 digits of your social security number.

5.       You will then make a new password and set up security questions for your account.


The site is protected by a secure socket layer (SSL) connection that ensures all communication between your browser and our server is encrypted to prevent the alteration of your information, and protect your privacy while on-line.


Our On-line Banking System allows members to perform the following account related tasks:
  • Update your personal Information
  • Set up Account Alerts
  • Make payments on your SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union loan/s
  • Transfer funds within your account
  • Transfer funds from your SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union account to another account with SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union
  • All members statements will be available electronically
  • Monthly reminder to view your account activity on the 1st of every month 


On-line Bill Pay

On-line Bill pay is a free service members can conveniently access through our On-line Banking system to pay bills automatically or transfer funds to other financial institutions from their SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union Share Draft (Checking-"05") Account.Save time and money when paying your bills electronically!

In Order To Use On-line Bill Pay, members need to :

1.  Access their On-line Banking account.

2.  Click “Pay Bills” located on the sidebar on the left of the screen.

3.  A sign-up and approval process is required before the member can begin to use On-line Bill pay .

     The approval process generally takes 1-2 business days.

Once the member is approved they can:

  • Setup payees which include companies (credit cards, utilities, etc), individuals or other financial institutions.
  • Schedule payments to their payees on a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or one-time event schedule.
  • Payments can be skipped or cancelled at any point in time the member wishes to discontinue the series.
  • For your convenience, there is a chat option available so any questions can be answered by a Bill pay representative.

Payments should be requested no less than five (5) business days prior to the bill's due date to ensure they are received on time.  

On-line Text Banking


On-line Text Banking allows members to receive account updates on their phone at any time, day or night. Text banking provides members with the ability to :

  • Request account balances and history
  • Request loan balances and history
  • Transfer of funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments on the go.
In order to use On-line Text Banking the member must:
  • Access their On-line Banking account.
  • Click the “Text Banking” link in the sidebar at the left of the screen.
  • Follow on screen instructions.  During the setup process you will be asked to create a PIN number that you will always use when sending any messages to request information.


Once the set-up is complete a list with all the On-line Text Banking commands will appear. This list will assist when requesting information and is available at any time for reference in the future.