Major economic and political changes are transforming the world we live in. Far-reaching trade alliances and rapid changes in American industry size and trends are resulting in a more competitive economy here at home.

America's economy is dependent of the vitality and strength of its small businesses. Small firms, able to respond quickly to market changes, create jobs and lead the way in the development of new technologies.

Entrepreneurs are visionaries and risk takers -- men and women who look toward the future to make their dreams a reality. The job of the SBDC is to help entrepreneurs see all the possibilities and to offer them the tools and information they need to get the job done. By providing counseling, training and research assistance in the start-up, successful operation and expansion of small businesses and by facilitating export and technology development and transfer, SBDC's strengthen business and economic development throughout New York State.

Core Counseling Services

Through on-on-one counseling the Small Business Development Center counselors work with existing and aspiring small business owners within the following core service areas:

  • Feasibility Studies - an assessment of the individual's readiness and preparedness to start and support business enterprize.
  • Needs Assessment - an analysis of the company's strengths and weaknesses and business opportunities.
  • Structuring a Business - a review ogf the appropriate structure for the type of enterprise: sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.
  • Market Research and Market Planning - a thorough consideration of the company's existing and potential markets and a plan for moving products/services to those markets.
  • Financial Analysis and Control - an evaluation of the company's past and present financial health and position.
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Financial Projections - a critical study of cash flow processes and business operations forecasting.
  • Debt and Equity Funding Development - a consideration of the company's financing requirements and opportunities.
  • Valuation of Business - broad application of important tools to deterimine value when buying or selling a business.
  • Strategic Planning - an extensive definition of the business owner's vision and methods for applying that vision to daily decision-making.
  • Accounting Systems - relevant and simple recordkeeping systems for managing the business.
  • Management Issues - a look at company policies and procedures, management style, human resource management and organization.

The Small Business Development Center counseling approach is one of guidance and education, not of completing the client's work for him or her. It's necessary that anyone requesting assistance must have a strong personal committment to find and implement solutions to the issues facing that company.