SOFI Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty 

                           Summer 2016 SOFI Schedule

Part of TermEarly Start DateLatest Start DateEnd Date
1st Quarter of Semester05/24/201605/24/201605/31/2016
1st Third of Semester05/31/201605/31/201606/07/2016
1st Half of Semester06/14/201606/14/201606/21/2016
2nd Half of Semester07/26/201607/26/201608/02/2016
3rd Third of Semester07/26/201607/26/201608/02/2016
Full Term07/26/201607/26/201608/02/2016

Each semester, students are asked to comment on the instruction they received in their courses via the SOFI (Student Opinion of Faculty Instruction) instrument.  Geneseo uses an online system to collect this data.  During the last two weeks of the semester, students will receive an e-mail directing them to complete the SOFIs through KnightWeb.  For full term courses, instructors have the option to activate the SOFIs during the 3rd week before the end of the semester. 

The online SOFI’s are anonymous; the faculty member you evaluate will not be able to determine your identity.  KnightWeb establishes the link between students and the courses they are taking, but when students submit their SOFI responses, no identifying information is saved to the response table.

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for administering the SOFI's.  Please contact the Director, Dr. Julie Meyer Rao, if you have any problems accessing or completing the SOFI's using the online system.  She will work on your problem as soon as possible and respond to you with a solution.

If you have concerns about the SOFI process, students should contact the Student Association.  Faculty are directed to the Faculty Affairs Committee of the College Senate.