Mission, Values & Goals


SUNY Geneseo, nationally recognized as a center of excellence in undergraduate education, is a public liberal arts college with selected professional and master's level programs. It combines a rigorous curriculum, transformational learning experiences, and a rich co-curricular life to create a learning-centered environment. The entire college community works together to develop socially responsible citizens with skills and values important to the pursuit of an enriched life and success in the world.


  • Excellence, and upholds high standards for intellectual inquiry and scholarly achievement;
  • Innovation, and affirms a spirit of exploration that fosters continued excellence;
  • Community, and embraces the educational aspirations and interests that its members share;
  • Diversity, and respects the unique contributions of each individual to the campus community;
  • Integrity, and promotes the development of ethical citizens;
  • Service to Society, and models the qualities it seeks to develop in its students;
  • Tradition, and celebrates its long history of collaborative, learning-centered education.

Planning Goals

  • Provide every student the highest quality education through a rigorous, challenging, and active learning experience in close working relationships with faculty and staff that encourages intellectual engagement and personal growth.
  • Recruit, support, and foster the development of a diverse community of outstanding students, faculty, and staff.
  • Enrich the collegiate experience by strengthening the integration between curricular and co-curricular programs.
  • Cultivate relationships between the College and wider community that support College programs and serve the community.
  • Expand funding for institutional priorities and initiatives through public and private support, grants, and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Promote institutional effectiveness through ongoing assessment in every program.
  • Provide a high quality physical environment and outstanding services, facilities, equipment, and technology.

Because many of the objectives related to these planning goals have been accomplished, the college adopted an interim set of planning goals in anticipation of beginning a new strategic planning process in the 2015-2016 academic year.

  • Refine enrollment principles and improve student support
  • Coordinate master plans/align campus goals
  • Enhance digital learning and data analysis learning
  • Promote civic engagement (Project for the Public Good)
  • Promote international and global learning (Global Geneseo)
  • Implement the Diversity Plan
  • Promote sustainability