Research and/or Teaching Fellowships

A number of research and/or teaching fellowships are available to faculty from a variety of external funding sources and agencies.  These may be place-specific or may allow you to pursue your studies anywhere. To find some fellowship possibilities, vist the Funding Opportunities page.

Fulbright Scholar Awards

Geneseo has had considerable success with Fulbright Scholar awards.   Ten currently active Geneseo faculty are Fulbright Scholars, and many of them are willing to share information and tips about the process and the experience.

Suzanna Engman, as the official Fulbright Campus Representative, can provide you with short cuts to navigate the extensive CIES Website

To get started on the Fulbright site, know that CIES has evolved certain variations of the traditional program which is called simply the “Fulbright Scholar Program.” Under that title, there are hundreds of opportunities (called “awards”) which you can consider by searching the data base either by location or discipline. These are competitive opportunities, but SUNY Geneseo encourages faculty to apply for them and will negotiate the terms of your absence should you obtain a placement.  It is NOT necessary to have a sabbatical leave in place to participate in a Fulbright Scholar award.

Suzanna Engman X5086 stands ready to help you identify an appropriate opportunity and to assist with preparing a competitive proposal.