finding collaborators using pivot and "Find a suny scholar"

With over 3 million entries, Pivot is the largest available collection of searchable profiles covering active full-time faculty.  The database is international and multidisciplinary and is an excellent way to identify potential collaborators.  Content is editorially controlled and regularly reviewed for accuracy and currency.  Profiles contain key biographical data, research interests, select publications, and contact information.  All information contained within a profile, including information on web pages linked to the profile and CV documents uploaded to Pivot, are full searchable.  Thus Pivot is a very powerful tool.

All Geneseo faculty members should have a Pivot expertise profile, which they may claim and update.  Through our subscription to Pivot, which is supported by the Research Foundation for SUNY, you can access the database without a login so long as you are connected to the Geneseo network.  However a login is necessary to claim and update your own profile or to access the database from off-campus. For instructions on requesting a login, and claiming and updating your profile please see the SUNY Geneseo Faculty Expertise Profiles - COS Pivot page.  For new Geneseo faculty members you may have a profile associated with a prior institution that can be updated.  If you need assistance, please contact Anne Baldwin.

Searching the Pivot Profiles

To search the Pivot expertise profiles, go to the main page:  and click on "Profiles." 

You can conduct a "Quick Search" by entering search terms within the free text field at the top of the page.  Note that searches here are limited to profiles within Geneseo, but the search can be refined to include all institutions from the search results page.

For additional details on Quick Searches, please see the Profile Quick Search user guide.

The "Advanced Search" feature is accessed by clicking the link under the free text field.  Advanced searches allow the user to limit searches to specific fields such as scholar name, publication title, degree, institutional affiliation, country, association or society, and expertise.  From this page you can also choose to search within or outside of Geneseo (or both).

The Advanced Search feature also allows you to filter your results by "Community" or "Sub-community,"  which are broad scholarly areas, and sub-fields. Community filters are listed on the left side of the screen.  Click the box next to the community of interest to limit your search to that area.  Clicking the arrow to the left of each community heading will open a list of sub-communities which can be chosen as well.

You may use Boolean terms, wildcards (*) and quote marks (") for phrase searching in your searches.

For additional details on Advanced Searches, please see the Advanced Profile Search and Pivot Profile Search Tips user guides.

Find a SUNY Scholar and Your Expertise Profile

Geneseo Faculty Expertise Profiles in Pivot are part of the SUNY-side "Find a SUNY Scholar" tool, which is publicly accessible. Generally, access to Pivot is by subscription only. However the Research Foundation of SUNY was able to negotiate with COS to allow all SUNY faculty profiles to be made available to the public. This has been accomplished via both individual campus and SUNY-wide portals. Thus anyone will be able to search for Geneseo expertise (via our campus portal) or for SUNY-wide expertise (through the SUNY-wide portal).  Note that although information is presented in a slightly different format in the Pivot profiles and the Find a SUNY Scholar tool profiles, it is the same.  Updates made to your Pivot Expertise Profile will carry over to the Find a SUNY Scholar profile.

The link to the SUNY Geneseo Faculty Expertise Profile portal is  This specific portal is accessible by the public, and will only link to our faculty expertise profiles.

Both the Geneseo Faculty Expertise Profile portant and the SUNY-wide faculty portal,,  are available on the Research Foundation of SUNY Find a SUNY Scholar web page.

Find a SUNY Scholar

Information on claiming and requesting changes to your profile can be found on the SUNY Geneseo Faculty Expertise Profiles - COS Pivot page.

If you have questions regarding your profile or profile searches, please contact Anne Baldwin.