Learning Communities and Other Transformational Learning Opportunities

  • Dante House, established in 2008, is a residential house for first-year students only. One-third of the spaces are reserved for international students and another third are filled by Edgar Fellows (honors program). The residents of Dante House focus on global service and citizenship, and have chosen to study Ghana and the needs of people in Ghana.
  • Writers House, established in 2009, is a residential community of students from all class years and all majors.  Residents share an interest in and commitment to writing--whether creative writing, journalism, song-writing, or blogging.  Twenty spaces are reserved for first year and transfer students.
  • Eco House opened in fall of 2010, providing a space for students who are interested in issues of sustainability and social justice to live together. Residents have the opportunity to create Eco House traditions and to find a way for their collective "sustainability and social justice" brain trust to help Geneseo grow as an environmentally-friendly college. Student come from all majors and twenty spaces are reserved for first year and transfer students.
  • Service Learning course components have existed since the 1980's.  Geneseo now offers approximately 30 service learning courses per year, involving 10 academic departments and a total enrollment of 900.  Service components vary greatly depending on the discipline.  International service-learning opportunities such as those in Coba, Mexico, and El Sauce, Nicaragua, have provided students with "the most impactful learning experience of [their] 4 years in college."