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Through the Research Foundation for SUNY, SUNY Geneseo has an institution-wide subscription to Pivot — a powerful tool that provides access to the most comprehensive global source of funding opportunities—totaling billions of dollars and growing. Pivot also identifies researcher expertise from within or outside of your organization from millions of profiles from leading research organizations worldwide. The program enhances communication, monitoring, and tracking amongst individual faculty, teams, or researchers and the Research Development office while building strong network connections for future opportunities.

The Research Foundation for SUNY has contracted with COS Pivot to provide publicly accessible expertise profiles for all SUNY faculty members through the Pivot Expertise database.

All full-time Geneseo faculty members should currently have profiles. The contents of profiles were derived from information available on departmental websites and from publicly-accessible databases.

Faculty members may request a login, claim their profile, and modifications to certain items in their profile. Instructions for accessing your profile and requesting changes are below.


If you already have a Pivot account, you will use the same information to log in to view your profile.  If you do not have an account:

1. While you are on-campus and connected to the Geneseo network, go to:

2. You'll see "State University of New York College at Geneseo" next to the Pivot logo

3. Click on "sign up" and complete the required fields. State University of New York College at Geneseo is the name of the "subscribing institution."

4. You'll receive a verifcation email

Additional information can be found in this Pivot user guide:  Your COS Pivot Account

To View and Claim Your Profile:

1. Log in to Pivot

2. In the upper right corner, your name is displayed.  If you see a "Claim Profile" link, you know there is not a profile linked to your COS Pivot account.  Click the "Claim Profile" link.

3. A list of potential matchest (from within your institution) may be displayed.  If no matches occur, you can choose to look for potentail matches outside your institution bu clicking on the appropriate  checkbox above the results list.

4. If you locate your profile from the results list, click the "This is me" button to the right of the profile name.  If no results display, click the "Suggest a scholar" link to the left of the results list (see additional instructions in the Creating and Updating Your Pivot Profile guide).

5. After clicking the "This is me button," a message will be displayed informing you that you that a new window will be opening to complete the profile claim process.

6. You will then be asked to confirm whether or not you still have access to the email address listed on your COS Pivot Profile.

7. If you confirm that you still have access to the email on your profile, you will receive a verification email sent to that address that will lik your profile to your account and will grant you access to update your profile.

8. If you do not have access to one of the emails displayed, select "I no longer have access to any of the above email addresses" and hit the submit button.  You will be taken to a form to complete to request access to edit your profile.  Once validated, you will receive an email at the new email address submitted which links your profile to your account and grants you access to update your profile.

Please see additional information in the Creating and Updating Your Pivot Profile guide.

Pivot profiles contain name and email addresses, titles, degrees, current and prior affiliations, links to web pages and CVs (as available), a brief expertise description, and publications list. Publications on the formal Scholar Universe profile list are drawn from the PubMed, CSA, ProQuest, ERIC and Agricola citation databases. Publications are updated in an on-going iterative matching process. All profile information is searchable by keyword.

To request modifications or updates to your profile:

1. Please review your profile and note any errors or missing information.

2. Please note that only publications that have been definitively identified as yours and that are also in the databases mentioned above are included in the publications list in your profile (more details on publications below).

3. Requests for changes or updates are made through a "Scholar Feedback" feature and must be reviewed by COS staff, who will then manually enter the new information.

4. To access the Scholar Feedback feature, login to Pivot, click on your name, then click the "Update your profile" link near the right of the screen. Click the "Continue" button and you will be taken to the Scholar Feedback.

5. The Scholar Feedback feature currently allows you to submit edit requests for the following fields:

• Name
• Email addresses (both current and past)
• Webpages, including those with publications
• Degrees
• Affiliations (both past and present)
• Other (this is an open text box that allows you to provide additional feedback that you cannot submit through the above fields, such as research interests)

• Upload a CV or publications list in .pdf, .doc, or .txt format. Documents submitted to your profile are indexed abd are searchable (as are web pages).

6. Click on any of the headers across the top and you can edit the relevant information for those specific areas of your profile.

7. Follow instructions for the information you are updating. Publication information can only be uploaded in a document saved as a .pdf, .doc., .docx, or .txt file.

8. When you have filled out all necessary fields, click the "Submit Changes for Review" button. You'll be directed to a confirmation page.

9. Your submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial Team and will be viewable in COS Pivot in approximately two weeks.

10. In order for the Scholar Universe system to find more of your publications, their staff suggests the following:

• Enter your prior institutional affiliations (particularly those at which you had publications)
• Enter prior email addresses
• Provide a webpage address which has your publications list and/or a link to your CV

Scholar Universe uses a matching algorithm for publications. A name match alone is not sufficient to link a publication to your profile, so providing additional information will increase the number of publications that can be definitively identified as yours.

See also the Creating and Updating Your Pivot Profile guide.