Proposal Development

Sponsored Research is SUNY Geneseo’s centralized office for the processing and submission of external funding requests.  As early as possible in the process contact Sponsored Research, whether you have identified a specific opportunity, or are hoping to find one.  Obtaining funding has grown increasingly competitive over the past few decades, and our staff works to stay informed of all of the latest trends and developments. If you are new to proposal writing, our office can provide general guidance or point you to valuable resources.  There are a number of ways that we can help you with your proposal. 

  1. IF YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED AN OPPORTUNITY: We can advise you regarding internal Geneseo and SUNY Research Foundation requirements, institutional limits, federal registrations required for submission, export controls, compliance processes and internal deadlines, and we can streamline coordination to achieve upper level administrative approvals.

  2. IF YOU ARE SEEKING A FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: We can provide assistance searching for funding or collaborators on Pivot, our searchable database subscription, set up saved searches for opportunities relevant to your field, or share information about historical success rates of Geneseo faculty proposals and awards.

  3. OPPORTUNITY/GUIDELINES REVIEW: Our experienced staff will review with you any Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Applications (RFA) or foundation funding opportunities that you choose to pursue, in order to brainstorm an approach, discuss an appropriate internal preparation timeline or advise you regarding how else we can support your efforts.  We may have prior experience with the program.

  4. PROVIDE STANDARD INFORMATION: Whether you are a seasoned proposal writer or neophyte, while preparing your proposal, we can draft or provide you with paragraphs of institutional information (DUNS number, EIN/TIN number), letters indicating tax or primarily undergraduate institution status, institutional structure, budget information, or possibilities regarding funding match.  Our director has institutional authority to sign certifications such as non-discrimination and lobbying.

  5. BUDGET PREPARATION: Sponsored Research staff will work with you to develop a budget in compliance with federal, sponsor, Research Foundation for SUNY, and institutional guidelines. Budget Information.

  6. IDENTIFYING HELPFUL RESOURCES: Other resources exist within our institution that can simplify the process.  Sponsored Research staff can point you to resources for data management information, project management assistance, needs assessment and/or evaluation sections of your proposal. In addition, some funding sources require particular formatting of abridged CV’s and we can provide you with the actual condensing of these documents into required formats. In some cases, we may be able to provide financial support for your travel to workshops presented by a funding agency.

  7. DRAFT PROPOSAL REVIEWS: The Sponsored Research Staff is available and happy to review a full or partial first draft and will provide you with feedback related to the particular RFP as both a lay reader and an experienced grants writer.  As many additional drafts as you provide will also be reviewed, with line editing provided as drafts move toward becoming final. We encourage you to find a colleague in your field who will also review your drafts, and we will help you locate one if none is available