Radioactive Materials and Biohazards 

The use of radioactive materials is regulated by government agencies. Contact Charles Freeman, Radiation Safety Officer, at if you plan on using radioactive materials or radiation-producing machines.

Research involving recombinant DNA, genetic manipulation, or potentially infectious and/or hazardous agents is also regulated. Contact Anne Baldwin, Director of Sponsored Research, for questions related to biohazards.

Radiation Safety Committee

 Amy Sheldon, Chair Geological Sciences x5988

 Anne Baldwin Sponsored Research x5547

 Dori Farthing Geological Sciences x5298

 Kurtis Fletcher Physics & Astronomy x5295

 Charles Freeman, Radiation Safety Officer Physics & Astronomy x5286

 David Geiger Chemistry x5452

 Harold Hoops Biology x5378

 Janice Lovett Biology x5413

 Kevin Militello Biology x5312

 Darlene Necaster Environmental Health & Safety x5512

 Kazushige Yokoyama Chemistry x5320