Obtaining Financial Information

You can review and print your student bills from our student web site by following these simple instructions:

  1. On the internet go to http://knightweb.geneseo.edu/
  2. Click on Login Here
  3. Enter User Id and PIN numbers in the areas provided and click on the login box
  4. Re-enter your PIN number and click login box
  5. At the Main Menu click on Student Records Menu
  6. At the Student Records Menu click on Tax Notification and select the appropriate Tax Year.

A copy of the 1098-T form as it was sent to you will be displayed. Click on box 2 or box 4 to see how the amounts in those boxes were determined.

To review the detail of all your semester charges and payments, click on Account Summary by Term from the Student Records Menu. This will display all of your student billings, which detail your charges and payments (including Financial Aid) by semester. A few important points about this information:

  • The web bills are shown for all semesters you have been a student at SUNY Geneseo. They are presented in order of the most recent semester to the oldest.
  • The financial aid shown on the web bills is only that which has actually been received by the College at the point that you reference the web bill. For example, if you were recently awarded a TAP grant for the Fall 2005 semester and the College has not yet received the funds, the award will not appear on your web bill. If this is the case in your situation, consult your tax advisor or IRS publication 970 for instructions on filing your return.

You can print your web bills by clicking on your computer's printer icon. Please note that this will print a document that is a composite of all charges for all semesters that you attended SUNY Geneseo.