Refund Policy

Tuition and Comprehensive Fee

Withdrawal by the end of the

1st week of the semester

2nd week of the semester3rd week of the semester4th week of the semester
SUNY Policy100%70%50%30%


Room Fee and Meal Plan

WithdrawalBefore 50% point
of the semester
After 50% point
of the semester
Room Policy-per
Residence Life

Meal Plan -
per CAS

Actual use plus
Administrative Fee


Students who separate from the college (withdraw, take a leave of absence) must notify the Office of Enrollment Services, Erwin 221. Leave of Absence and Withdrawal forms are available at Students receiveing federal financial aid should read the following section regarding the return of federal aid funds when considering separation from the college.

Return of Federal Financial Aid Policy

Federal law mandates how a school must compute the amount of federal financial aid that a student earns if he/she withdraws (officially or unofficially), takes a leave of absence, drops out of school, or is dismissed prior to completing mor than 60% of the semester. Specifically, the amount of federal financial aid that the student earns is based on the percentage of the semester completed. All unearned federal financial aid must be returned. Careful consideration should be given to the financial remifications of separating from the college proir to completing 60% of the semester. Additional information regarding this policy is available from the Office of Student Accounts.