Current Membership

The Student Health Advisory Committee is comprised of a group of students, faculty and staff who are appointmented by President Dahl. The committee is chaired by the Administrative Director of Student Health and Counseling.

Below please find a listing of current SHAC members.

Cathy Adams, Assistant Professor, History

Beth Cholette, Clinical Director of Counseling Services

Gideon Cohen, Chief, Geneseo First Response

Dale Iglesia, Residence Assistant

Hayley Lloyd, Student, President of Active Minds

Heather Macaluso, Residence Director

Dana Minton, Coordinator of Health Promotion

Stasia Monteiro, Student Association Director of Student Affairs

Daniel Repinski, Associate Professor, Psychology

Caroline Schwartz, First Assistant Chief, Geneseo First Response

Paul Simmons, Director, Workout Center

Please feel free to discuss your concerns or suggestions with any member of the committee. If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, please email the Administrative Director at