Student and Campus Life Department Directors

Dr. Robert A. Bonfiglio

Vice President for Student and Campus Life

Office: Doty Hall 314

Phone: (585) 245.5618

Fax: (585) 245.5628


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Dr. Leonard Sancilio

Leonard Sancilio

Director of the Center for Community and 
Dean of Students

Office: MacVittie College Union 354

Phone: (585) 245.5706

Fax: (585) 245.5729


Department Website:

Ms. Melinda Dubois, M.S.W.

Administrative Director of 
Student Health and Counseling

Office: Lauderdale Health Center

Phone: (585) 245.5736

Fax: (585) 245.5744


Department Website:

Dr. Celia Easton

Dean of Residential Living

Office: Sturges Hall 211

Phone: (585) 245.5726

Fax: (585) 245.5710


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Mr. Charles (Chip) Matthews

Chip Matthews

Director of Student Life

Office: MacVittie College Union 305

Phone: (585) 245.5851

Fax: (585) 245.5400


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Mr. Michael Mooney

Michael Mooney

Director of Intercollegiate Atheltics and Recreation

Office: Merritt Athletics Center

Phone: (585) 245.5343

Fax: (585) 245.5347


Department Website:

Dr. Thomas Kilcullen

Thomas Kilcullen

Interim Chief of the
University Police Department

Office: Schrader Building 19

Phone: (585) 245.5651

Fax: (585) 245.5653


Department Website:

Ms. Stacey Wiley

Stacey Wiley

Director of Career Development

Office: Erwin Hall 116

Phone: (585) 245.5721

Fax: (585) 245.5800


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