Our Role on Campus

Learning is at the heart of the Geneseo experience.  The Student and Campus Life staff is charged with collaborating with students, faculty, and staff to create and sustain an optimal student learning environment.  Toward this end, the Student and Campus Life staff has a diverse and complex set of responsibilities related to advocating for the common good while championing the rights of the individual.  The extent to which the College is able to function effectively is in many ways related to our community’s ability to balance these forces both during and after their time at Geneseo.

We approach our responsibilities by:

  • shaping the myriad opportunities for student learning that take place in a dynamic campus community
  • challenging students to explore new experiences and examine new perspectives that lead to personal growth and development
  • expecting mutual respect and care for each and every campus community member
  • encouraging and modeling individual investment and active engagement in the stewardship of our community as a whole.


The Student and Campus Life staff is committed to assisting all of the members of the Geneseo community, but especially our students, as they seek to learn and grow at Geneseo.[1]

[1] A Perspective on Student Affairs, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, 1987.  Retrieved from http://www.naspa.org/pubs/files/StudAff_1987.pdf, December 28, 2010