archaeology field school in ohio program costs

The following table lists the costs of this program for summer 2012.  The total given is only for payments made to Geneseo.  Additional expenses not covered by the program fee or tuition are listed under the table.  All costs are subject to change.  Please note that tuition for the course is payable to the Student Accounts Office and can be paid online.  All other payments are made to the Study Abroad Office.  The Study Abroad Office is not accepting credit cards at this point in time.


PaymentPayment toAmountDescriptionDue in FullChecks Payable toCredit Card/Online Payment Available
Application FeeStudy Abroad Office$20.00Application processing fee.With application'CAS Study Abroad'No; check, cash, or money order only
Course TuitionStudent Accounts Office$735.00 NYS Residents; $1914.00 Out-of-State ResidentsTuition for 3 credit hours over the summer.Upon Billing'SUNY Geneseo'Yes, via your Student Account
Program FeeStudy Abroad Office$350 Program fee covers camping, transportation, and equipment costs.Upon Acceptance'CAS Study Abroad'No; check, cash, or money order only


Total Costs Payable to SUNY Geneseo: $1030 - $1080 NYS Residents; $2161 - $2211 Out-of-State Residents


In addition, each student is required to supply the following list of personal equipment/supplies for the course:



Anti-bug juice

Light boots

A mechanical pencil with an eraser

A composition notebook (with grid blocks instead of lines)



The following items are recommended:



Light pants


Drawing compass