archaeology field school in ohio

In this course we will learn basic field methods in archaeology and embark on a field trip to visit important Middle Woodland sites in Ohio.

Fast Facts:


Program Type:Faculty-led, Study Away
Term/Duration:Summer, 4-weeks
Summer 2015 Dates:May 18 - June 12



Course Description

ANTH 320, Archaeological Field School: This course is an introduction to basic field methods in archaeology.  The course is primarily designed for anthropology student and/or those students interested in pursuing archaeological fieldwork as either a career or life experience.  It emphasizes hands-on learning, and teaches basic excavation and surveying techniques, stratigraphic analysis, record keeping, data processing, horizontal and vertical mapping techniques, local and regional culture history, and implementation of excavation research designs.  Field sites will be in Ohio, and students will be camping for the duration of the field visit.  There is a program fee to cover transportation, camping, and equipment.