Masters of Spanish Adolescence Education in Córdoba, Argentina


CordobaA unique opportunity for Spanish educators to complete a Master's degree in as little as one summer at Geneseo plus two semesters in Argentina.

The Program

This program is a collaboration of SUNY Geneseo's Department of Languages and Literatures, Geneseo's School of Education and UNC's Facultad de Lenguas.  The curriculum includes courses offered in Spanish at both Geneseo and UNC, and Education courses in English, and has elective options and separate options for final experience.

The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) is one of the first established universities in the Americas and Argentina's oldest.  Founded in the 1600s, the university's administrative buildings are located in the Manzana de las Luces (Block of Lights), a UNESCO World Heritage site.



Program Components and Curriculum

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Q & A

Where is Córdoba, Argentina?

This historical city is Argentina's second largest, and the urban and cultural heart of the country's central region.  Córdoba is situated in a valley surrounded by sierras and experiences a mild temperature year-round.  The city is a blend of Spanish colonial and modern architecture, accented with pedestrian promenades, rivers, streams, and green areas like Sarmiento Park.  Public transportation is accessible and economical.

Cordoba 2


What does the Culminating Experience entail?

There are two options for completing the required culminating experience:

Comp Exams Option

The standard, most expedient option:

Fall Semester:

  • Study for the Cultural Identifications component of the Comp Exams;
  • Late November: Take Cultural Identifications exam and SOE Comps Exam at SUNY Geneseo;
  • December: Prepare two written essays selected from a list of supplied topics.

End of January:

  • Oral Presentation and completion of M.S.Ed. degree.


Master's Exam Option

The Master's thesis is an option recommended only to students whose performance in the program substantiates their ability to complete the thesis in an expedient and efficient manner. Only pre-approved thesis proposals endorsed by the Department will be approved.  The thesis will take shape as part of a distance-learning, directed study course under the guidance of a Geneseo faculty:

  • Late Summer: Student submits proposal.
  • Fall: Student conducts research in Argentina.
  • Spring: Student prepares thesis and gives oral presentation.


Cost Information

Download the Calendar Year 2015 Cost Sheet.

For the Geneseo tuition component of the program, please refer to the Graduate Tution and Fees information on the Student Accounts website:  All costs are subject to change.


For further information and application details:

Please contact Dr. Rose McEwen
Department of Languages and Literatures
(585) 245-5247