Biodiversity of Belize BIOL 314

This course will look at the biodiversity of Belize and look at both the physical and biotic factors that affect this diversity. We wil examine a variety of organisms, focusing on those that are most easily observable (common vertebrates, insects, and plants). Students will learn about specific organisms and understand how their structure, physiology, and behavior affect their distribution and diversity within each region. We will take advantage of different ecosystems found in this region, namely wet, tropical forest and various marine environments (including mangrove swamps and coral reef systems).

Program Type:Faculty-led
Term/Duration:Intersession, 2 weeks
Dates Winter 2014/2015January 2 - January 15, 2014
Application Deadline:August 15

Learning Outcomes:

Through observations, group discussions, group and individual assignments, students will:

1. Develop an appreciation for diversity of life and the intricate interactions of different organisms in different ecosystems.

2. Develop an understanding of the factors controlling biodiversity and human influences on biodiversity of a region.

3. Summarize the results of published studies of tropical ecology, judge the study's merits and guide classmates in a discussion of the study.

4. Participate in development and execution of experiments in small groups and with the whole class.

Program Highlights:

-Hiking in the rainforest

-Cave swim

-River tubing/canoeing

-Visitng Mayan ruins

-Snorkeling in the world's second largest barrier reef